Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Friday, June 26 Recap – Kristen Shows Up On Lani’s Doorstep – Gabi Catches Jake & Gwen Kissing

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Friday, June 26 Recap - Kristen Shows Up On Lani’s Doorstep - Gabi Catches Jake & Gwen Kissing

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers recap for Friday, June 26, reveal that Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson) and Ciara Brady (Victoria Konefal) canoodled at the Salem Inn, but Ciara killed the mood when she revealed that she and Ben were going to go meet with Claire Brady (Olivia Rose Keegan) for wedding planning. Ben balked at Claire being Ciara’s maid of honor, while Ciara said that this was all about second chances.

In town square, Claire had breakfast with Gwen (Emily O’Brien), lamenting that the café wouldn’t rehire her as a waitress. Claire revealed that she was going to meet with Ciara, and Gwen wondered if Claire was really sincere about making amends. Claire seemed offended. Ben and Ciara walked up, and Gwen quickly took off.

Ben and Claire immediately started clashing, with Ben making it perfectly clear that he’s unhappy with Claire being Ciara’s maid of honor. Claire fired back that Ben had mental problems but got help, too, so he should be understanding. Ciara got frustrated as Ben and Claire continued to bicker. Ciara then got a work call and stepped away.

Ben and Claire continued their arguing, and Ben said that he was going to watch Claire like a hawk. Ciara returned, and eventually Ben left, but he wasn’t happy with the situation. Ciara and Claire stayed at the café to discuss wedding dresses.

Over at Lani Price (Sal Stowers) and Eli Grant’s (Lamon Archey) apartment, Lani got flowers from Eli, then she called Eli, who had spent the night at Rafe Hernandez’s (Galen Gering) house. As Lani and Eli talked, someone lurked outside the apartment door. After a while, Lani was about to go shower when someone started coming in the front door.

Lani drew her weapon and Valerie Grant (Vanessa Williams) came in and shouted, “Don’t shoot!” Lani apologized, as did Valerie, who explained that Julie Williams (Susan Seaforth Hayes) had given her the key in case Lani wasn’t home. Valerie wanted to fix breakfast for Lani, and Lani was touched. As Valerie and Lani discussed how perfect the wedding would be, someone continued to ominously lurk outside the apartment.

At the Hernandez house, Eli thanked Rafe for letting him crash there last night. After some discussion of Gabi DiMera’s trial, which Eli testified at, Eli asked Rafe to iron his shirt for the wedding. Rafe obliged, and the men had a nice conversation about how the wedding would be the perfect day. Rafe gave Eli some cufflinks as a present, and it was established that Rafe wouldn’t be at the wedding, which was to be a family only event.

At the DiMera mansion, Gabi dreamed that Jake Lambert (Brandon Barash) woke her up with breakfast in bed, saying that the DNA tests were in and he was really Stefan DiMera (Brandon Barash). Gabi then woke up to find Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn) standing over her bed with a breakfast tray.

Chad wanted Gabi to have one final meal before she went back to prison. Chad and Gabi griped at each other and rehashed how someone drugged Abigail DiMera (Kate Mansi) and how Gabi thinks that Wilhelm Rolf (William Utay) set her up.

After Chad left, Gabi called the hospital to check on the DNA test results, which still weren’t completed yet. Gabi looked at her wedding ring from her marriage to Stefan and said to herself, “I know you’re Stefan. I just have to find a way to prove it.”

Down in the living room, Chad walked in to find Jack Deveraux (Matthew Ashford) and Thomas DiMera (Cary Christopher) playing. Thomas was upset because Chad had to go back to Florida to see Abigail, but Chad talked gently to Thomas, saying that he needed to be with Mommy right now. Jack and Thomas headed upstairs, and Rafe came in saying that the jury in Gabi’s case had just reached a verdict.

Back at the Hernandez house, Valerie met up with Eli, saying that she had been at Lani’s and that Lani had the feeling that someone was watching her. Over with Lani, she was getting ready for the wedding when someone knocked on the door. Thinking it was Valerie again, Lani opened the door, then gasped to see that it was Kristen DiMera (Stacy Haiduk) wearing a nun’s habit. Lani and Kristen embraced happily.

At Jake’s garage, Luca the mob guy (James Black) walked in to see Jake. Turns out, Luca walked on the charges against him and convinced the DA that it was all a big misunderstanding. Jake gave Luca the book back, saying that their business was done. Luca said that they’ll see about that, then he left, leaving Jake unnerved. Gwen walked in next, all worried because she saw Luca drive away.

Gwen wanted to get back together with Jake, who balked at the idea. Gwen grumped about how this was all about “that woman who thinks she’s your wife.” Jake denied it, but he said that he needed to think about getting back together. Gwen said that they didn’t need to think, they needed to feel, and she proceeded to embrace and kiss Jake. Just then, Gabi walked in, saying, “Get your nasty paws off my husband!” Gwen looked at Gabi, stunned.

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