Devils Premiere Recap 10/07/20: Season 1 Episode 1

Tonight on the CW their new Internation thriller Devils premiere with an all-new Wednesday, October 7, 2020, episode and we have our Devils recap below! On tonights Devils season 1 episode 1 as per the CW synopsis, “Massimo Ruggero makes his bank millions by speculating on the Greek crisis in the hope of getting the vice-CEO position; however, CEO Dominic Morgan denies him the promotion because of a scandal involving his past.”

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Devils series premiere begins tonight in February 2011, Dominic Morgan (Patrick Dempsey) is talking to his employees at New York London Investment Bank, citing a story from David Foster Wallace. In the meantime, a man has jumped to his death from the building, people screaming. He explains how they have an advantage and a great responsibility; they may be the fish in the sea but Massimo Ruggero (Alessandro Borghi) is the shark.

1 Month Earlier – Massimo is manning the floor, telling employees when to sell and buy. Everyone congratulates him on being the fastest and deadliest shark in the sea. Outside people are starting to gather around the body. Dominic looks, smirking at Massimo as they are reminded the devil’s greatest trick was making people believe he didn’t exist, but he is as real as the faces in the room they are in. Massimo suddenly sees only him and Dominic in the room, saying he has looked into his eyes and seen the terrifying darkness of his own soul, reflected in his. Dominic orders everyone to get back to work, so they don’t lose money. Several banks needed to file for bankruptcy so the remaining banks needed to be on top of it; not allowed to fail; suddenly the business for the big banks was better than ever.

Back on the floor, Massimo notices Dominic speaking to a gentleman, and it doesn’t look like a good conversation. Massimo walks upstairs as everyone leaves the floor for the day. Dominic asks for a word with him, saying he is very proud of him and deserves the success after he sacrifices everything, but Massimo disagrees. Dominic feels that Massimo hates money but he has every intention of giving him the promotion but he is competing with Ed, who may be a bit of a racist but he has great qualifications. Massimo says he is loyal to him but won’t tell Dominic whether he will stay. He questions how Massimo knows to cut to Greece. He doesn’t tell him.

At the bar, Massimo is questioned about the promotion, both people feeling that they will take Paul McGuinnan (Harry Michell) out of the running. Massimo is handed a note that tells him to come to room 609 and it is urgent; no one knows where it came from. He excuses himself, but before he can get on the elevator he is stopped by Sofia Flores (Laia Costa), a reporter/blogger. She wants to interview him about being a foreigner trying to make it in the financial world. He dismisses her, proceeding to drink as he opens the door to 609.

Massimo rattles the ice in his drink as there is another note, telling him to sit down. He then sees a woman come out with a mask and lingerie on. She removes her shoes and begins to dance for him; he notices a tattoo on her shoulder, recognizing it. She stumbles as she removes her mask. He begs for Carrie Price (Sallie Harmsen) to stop as she rushes out of the room and down the stairs. He spots her leaving the lobby. Massimo informs his coworkers that Carrie is back and she went through a lot for him to see her. They all feel it won’t be a good story that his ex-wife is now an escort. Massimo feels someone is doing this to him and they need to look through his portfolio.

7:05 AM Massimo places a call needing a favor. He needs some of his bright young students to do some forensic work but done off the books. Massimo tells him that everything is not all right and hangs up. Massimo leaves his car, buzzing an apartment in the run-down part of town, looking for his wife. He is let into the building but tells Massimo the last he hears she is in the States. They comment on her art, and how talented she was, even though it was a bit dark. Massimo reminisces about old times, informing him that he saw Carrie last night in London and is now a call girl. He is told it isn’t his job to look after her anymore, but he is concerned they are using Carrie to destroy him and needs his help.

School of Economics – Students are in the middle of an exam, Oliver Harris (Malachi Kirby) finishes the exam with more than an hour to go, but he is satisfied with his work. Oliver sells the answers to the exam to another student, caught by Professor Wade (Ken Stott), and is reminded that this is not his first offense against the school. He is told he is smart and one of the brightest he has taught. He shouldn’t give some privileged kid to pass through on the back of his work. He offers Oliver a job.

Massimo returns to his car, visualizing Carrie there, and places a call to his coworkers. They believe they have found a plan to get back at Stuart, but they have to move quickly. He is about to finance something for 50 million dollars; if it fails that is a lot of money for them to lose. Massimo is certain that if Ed Stuart messes up, Dominic will not keep him around and definitely won’t promote him. They want to know what to do, as Massimo is their boss, not Dominic.

Oliver attends a presentation for an investment opportunity at Davenport. Ed is busy talking to someone in the back of the room. He sends a message to the speaker, who is confronted about stock sorting and how people will believe their stock will fall short. Ed reminds him that they both have a lot riding on this. The speaker is offended that Ed would even dare to suggest he would sink his investors. Meanwhile, Oliver records the entire conversation.

Massimo arrives at the NYL building, where Ed joins him in the elevator. He taunts Ed about being stressed but he doesn’t want anything from Massimo. He accuses Massimo of being the reason banking is corrupt. Ed says banking has been in his family for generations and it used to be a noble profession. Massimo scoffs, saying he was born low, so the only way was up; unfortunately for Ed, the only way for him is down. Massimo enters the parking garage, as Sofia approaches him again; but he says it is not a good time. She informs him that she knows he was a poor boy born in a fishing village. He is impressed with her persistence and agrees to dinner at his place at 11; the entire exchange is caught on camera.

Oliver meets with Massimo for drinks, revealing everything he found out at the presentation. Oliver wants to know why he is spying on Mr. Stuart, one of his colleagues. He evades answering learning that Carrie returned about 6 weeks ago, but she is living off the books. Massimo asks him to continue with it and he thanks him for the opportunity; quickly leaving the restaurant.

Massimo is watching the news when Sofia arrives. He is surprised that Sofia knows so much about him as she comments on how beautiful his ex-wife is. They speak about the fish he is cooking and he wants to know how she knew he was born in a fishing village. She says nothing is really wiped from the internet, especially if you know what you’re looking for. She questions him about the financial crisis in Greece. He says he only trades in the market, not predict them; but she says the way to predict the markets is to cause them. He asks if she thinks his bank is causing Greece to fail? She believes someone is; he feels one interview is enough and escorts her out of his place; leaving him thinking.

Massimo stares at the photos of him and Carrie, not realizing there is a camera recording his every move. He sits down and dreams about him and Carrie, discussing their promising future, but he wakes up alone, staring at the ceiling.

Monday, February 7, 2011
Massimo reviews the camera footage of Sofia in his place, it seems she spotted the camera too. Massimo calls Kalim Chowdrey (Paul Chowdhry), telling him to check their system as they may have been hacked. In the meantime, Dominic speaks at a memorial for John, who was in the military and they are acknowledging his sacrifice; forsaking his privilege to protect his country. Lena is upset that Dominic didn’t stop John, who would rather die than give his dad the satisfaction of working for him. Massimo informs her that he was with Dominic got the news and he was shattered. She is frustrated with how her husband is when it comes to their child dying.

Massimo watches Ed, who is frantically speaking to various people, giving him pause. Dominic finds Massimo who offers his condolences at John’s death. Dominic tells Massimo that Ed is paranoid, thinking that Massimo is plotting against him; something they both feel doesn’t need to be done. Dominic asks if he heard from Carrie lately, Massimo lies and says no. Massimo excuses himself, saying he cannot stay for lunch and leaves to meet Oliver. Oliver gives him a file and says he booked them a table right next to Ed and the investors. Oliver turns on the Bluetooth but no devices are found, leaving him to his own devices. He notices how the men are acting. Massimo feels Oliver got nothing but he informs him that he noticed something about Davenport. He is seeing a neurologist, thinking his involuntary movements could be a health issue. Massimo tells Oliver he asked for a friend’s help to find his wife and needs Oliver to make sure.

Kalim and two coworkers come to talk to Massimo, who says Davenport failed a medical exam for life insurances. Kalim feels if they share the news discreetly, it will rock people’s confidence in his product. On the news, there is a live and exclusive interview with Daniel Duval (Lars Mikkelsen), talking about the Architects and he would love to meet him.

Massimo calls Sofia, saying they need to meet at his place. She agrees. She asks if something is wrong when she arrives. He confronts her, saying she is not a blogger but someone who is working with an anarchy group called Subterranea, the same group Daniel Duval is in. She sits down saying lying is not a crime or him and his friends would have been in prison a long time ago. He reveals that her planting a bug in his place is a crime and her group is on the list for Interpol. Sofia stands up, demanding to know what he wants. He knows the group shares information and he wants to make sure some goes global, revealing it is on Davenport.

The following morning, Ed Stuart picks up a newspaper at work and the big headline is Davenport Biotech Bullish on Expansion. He smirks as he enters the building and in the same elevator as Massimo. Ed is furious on the phone as Mark tells him they want to pull the investors. He doesn’t think they are in trouble until he spots another headline telling him that John Davenport is in poor health. Davenport is hitting rock bottom as Ed stares at Massimo and his colleague. Oliver calls Massimo, saying he found his wife and is texting him an address. Massimo rushes over and finds Carrie strung out on drugs, laying on a mattress in a trap house. Massimo races to the hospital, but doesn’t know what she has taken. The emergency staff tells Massimo to wait there as they rush off with Carrie.

John Davenport has a press conference, telling them he was diagnosed with Huntington’s disease 6 months prior and saw his illness as a personal issue; regretting that his family had to find out the truth from the media. Kalim says he just cost the bank 50 million pounds. Massimo is informed that Dominic wants to see him and he goes to his office.

Dominic says the news is an embarrassment to them and costly, but Massimo feels Ed should have done his homework. Dominic says Massimo should have told him about Carrie so he could have protected him, but now the board is not going to make him CEO. Dominic shouts at him that he doesn’t know how few mistakes he can make sitting in that chair and as far as they can see Massimo is still married to Carrie who is a drug addict and bipolar. He feels it is a setup; both screaming at each other. Dominic continues to ask him if he is loyal as he wants to know who told him about Carrie. Massimo leaves spotting Claire Stuart (Jemma Powell) in the lobby looking for her husband.

Massimo goes up in the elevator punching the wall as he spots Claire going down in the other elevator and in the lobby. She begins screaming hysterically when her husband falls from the high floor onto the lobby floor dead. Police arrive to investigate as Massimo and all his coworkers look on; something the police take notice of.

Massimo says he hears the devil in his ear and his drug is Massimo’s ego. Dominic escorts Claire out of the lobby and away from the death scene. The devil’s greatest trick is not making people think he doesn’t exist, it’s flattering them so they can’t see. The Devil is us!!


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