Dynasty Recap 02/07/20: Season 3 Episode 12 “Battle Lines”

Tonight on the CW Dynasty the reboot of the 1980 series that followed the Carrington family airs with an all-new Friday, February 7, 2020, episode and we have your Dynasty recap below.  In tonight’s Dynasty season 3 episode 12 “Battle Lines,” as per the CW synopsis, “Blake finds himself all alone in the mansion, while Fallon’s search for her new abode brings out her competitive side.

Sam hosts a Valentine’s Day event at the La Mirage, and Adam attends hoping to find his Secret Admirer. Having returned to town, Dominique quickly entwines herself in a few questionable situations.”

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Anders sets out a beach spread for Blake, who is sitting alone. He shares that he is ready to take back his life. He invites Anders to sit with him. Anders is extra uncomfortable.

Fallon and Adam are together in her hotel room now that Blake and she are on the outs. He offers to have her stay with him but she refuses. She is buying a house! Meanwhile, Jeff is at his therapist’s. Jeff’s faux wife Alexis wants to help him in any way she can. He reminds her that it is just a business arrangement. His mother arrives. She is back in town.

Adam arrives to find Fallon taking virtual tours of open houses. She spots a house she used to drive by as a kid. She is ready to buy it. Her realtor Jackson tells it will be on the market tomorrow. She and Adam head to see it.

Sam is at work feeling a little touchy about Valentine’s Day. Kirby stops by. She shares that she has a thing for Adam. Sam warns her to steer clear. Michael is having a drink at the bar when Jeff and Vanessa’s mother comes in. He isn’t thrilled to see her. They talk about how Vanessa is moving on and he isn’t.

Fallon and Adam arrive at her new dream home. She literally has cash in hand. Jackson meets her at the door to warn her of some serious competition.

Blake visits Alexis. He wants to broker a deal. She just wants to tell him how he alienated everyone including his family. He warns her she paired with the wrong guy. Jeff always loses, especially to the Carringtons.

Fallon works the open house buy spreading vicious rumors and stories about the house. She sees the owner hugging a family of four. Fallon doesn’t care if they have kids. “All is fair in Realestate,” she tells Adam.

Adam gets a secret invite to dinner from Kirby. He doesn’t know for sure it is from her but he is pretty sure, he tells his mother.

Michael and Jeff’s mother Dominique have had too many drinks, sparking a sudden friendship between them that turns sexual within minutes.

Adam has to talk Fallon out of sending oil paintings and more to the owner of the house. He suggests something simple like a nice card. Jackson has bad news. The seller is only into selling to a family.

Dominique shows up to see Blake who has summoned her. He wants to get into Jeff’s house. She agrees but it will cost him and she doesn’t want money.

Fallon breaks the news to Adam that she sent the seller a letter. They are expected to meet the seller tonight with their children. Adam cannot believe she would do this. She shares with him how important the house is to her. Adam wants her to tell the seller the truth.

Dominique and Blake get past second and into Jeff’s house. Blake goes through Jeff’s office. Ander’s calls. He is watching Jeff and Alexis from the parking lot of a pharmaceutical company. He isn’t sure why they are there.

Adam arrives at the Valentine’s Day party. He thinks Nadia his nurse invited him, he tells Kirby. Meanwhile, Fallon has rented a couple of kids and a minivan. Kirby and Adam dance.

Vanessa shows up to see Michael. She has missed him. He thought she was doing great and had booked a bunch of gigs. She doesn’t know what he is talking about.

Sam is miserable at the V-Day dance. He sees Adam and warns him not to hurt Kirby. It isn’t until Sam threatens him that he realized Kirby sent him the invite. She comes to see them both. Adam is mad. Why didn’t she just tell him? He was a fool searching for Nadia all night.

Alexis and Jeff get an invite to dinner from Blake to celebrate. They are confused until Jeff’s lawyer calls. Back at the seller’s house, Adam shares in anger that he doesn’t want kids. Fallon is surprised because she does.

Sam shares that he doesn’t want Kirby to get hurt as he did. Fletcher is married and lied to him, he shares. Kirby is sorry but she is following her hurt.

Alexis and Jeff show up at Blake’s who bought the Pharma company Jeff wanted. He knows Jeff is sick and he will give him the company for C.A. Jeff doesn’t care.

Adam and Fallon fight in front of the seller. The kids out here. They all fight. The seller calls Fallon crazy and tells her to get out.

Dominque wishes Michael the best with Vanessa. He heads out. She calls Vanessa, after watching a video she took of her and Michael on her phone.

Emotional about Nadia, Adam, and Kirby talk and end up kissing. Fallon and Adam talk and decide to slow things down. Crystal arrives home. Blake is thrilled! She wants to know what is going on. He has to talk to her. Before he can finish, Dominque shows up. She is moving in. Crystal is stunned.


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