General Hospital Spoilers: 4 Major Characters Lost – Which Cast Cuts Were Mistakes and Which Ones Were the Right Call?

General Hospital Spoilers: 4 Major Characters Lost – Which Cast Cuts Were Mistakes and Which Ones Were the Right Call?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers reveal that it’s a good time to reflect on the latest departures at the ABC soap – as well as the ones still to come! So far, four major exits have happened or are coming up soon.

Dev Cerci aka “Dev Corbin” became the first fatality following the explosion at The Floating Rib. That death was followed by the demise of Dustin Phillips (Mark Lawson), who didn’t make it at the hospital.

Now Lulu Spencer (Emme Rylan) is comatose due to her own brain injury, which should take her off canvas for quite some time. There’s no guarantee Lulu will ever awaken, but she’s at least looking at a long recovery if she ever does.

Julian Jerome (William deVry) will ultimately take his final GH bow, so that’ll be another key player who departs General Hospital soon.

Were any of these exits the right call? Which ones might’ve been a mistake? Let’s talk about these four departures and see if what General Hospital got right along with what they got wrong.

For starters, there’s Dev. General Hospital had slowly been pushing Dev aside in recent months, so it was no surprise when Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy) lost interest in him.

GH turned Dev into a mean manipulator toward the end, so it was hard to get behind that version of him. Dev was ultimately remorseful, but this was a cast cut that arguably made sense.

There are certainly some Dev fans out there, but the writing for the character was messy and lacked direction from the moment he hit town.

Dev’s death isn’t a huge loss for the show, but it matters to Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) a great deal. That’s a winning combination when it comes to driving the drama forward, so killing off Dev may have been the right move.

What about Dustin’s death? Was that the right move, too? Sadly, Dustin wasn’t a very developed character either. He was a sweet guy who loved Lulu Spencer (Emme Rylan), but his story was so completely tied to her that there was nothing left for him without Lulu around.

Dustin had no real flaws or backstory to speak of, so it’s easy to see why GH chose to cut him. There was nothing noteworthy that made this nice guy unique, so Dustin’s demise was probably for the best. General Hospital raised the explosion stakes without affecting the canvas too much.

However, Lulu’s coma exit is another story entirely. This departure decision has riled fans up since Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) just got home! What was the point of bringing Dante back if he won’t be able to reclaim his life with Lulu and rebuild their family?

That was the natural story to tell, so many GH viewers feel robbed. Lulu’s exit seems like a bad call under the circumstances.

As for Julian, this is a tricky one. William deVry is a stellar actor – and Julian was a stellar character once upon a time. Unfortunately, General Hospital lost their way when it came to the writing for Julian. He’s spent months facing blackmail threat after blackmail threat.

Julian needed to find some gumption and be the bad boss we know he’s capable of being. Instead, Julian’s been spinning his wheels and sinking in all kinds of dark holes. It really feels like Julian’s been written into a corner he can’t get out of. Death or a Port Charles escape are his only options now.

Since GH writers chose to take Julian down this path, his exit is understandable. Although some fans will miss deVry and the man Julian could’ve been, most won’t miss this cowardly version of Julian who blames everyone else for his problems.

How do you feel about all the exits lately? Which ones do you approve of and which ones are you disappointed by? We’ll keep you in the loop as other GH news and updates emerge.

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