General Hospital Spoilers: Curtis Takes Bullet for Taggert – Trina’s Bio Dad’s Heroic Move Brings True Father Exposure?

General Hospital Spoilers: Curtis Takes Bullet for Taggert - Trina’s Bio Dad's Heroic Move Brings True Father Exposure?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that Trina Robinson’s (Sydney Mikayla) father could be in grave danger – just not the father she’s thinking about! GH fans know Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober) revealed Marcus Taggert’s (Real Andrews) survival to Trina with a goal in mind.

Cyrus is hoping that Trina will draw Taggert out of hiding – giving Cyrus a clear shot at killing Taggert all over again.

Of course, it’s doubtful GH writers would go to the trouble of faking Taggert’s death just to kill him for real in his comeback story. They’re probably headed somewhere else with this story.

Furthermore, we already saw Taggert get shot during that showdown with Julian Jerome (William deVry) on the pier. There’s really no need for Taggert to take another hit and face another deadly situation.

Instead, there may be someone else who lands in the path of some speeding bullets. Cyrus has alluded to Curtis having much more at stake than he realizes. We also know there’s an ancestry website hit for Trina that’s unaccounted for.

Trina also has a complicated relationship with Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner), which has brought a lot of outbursts directed at him.

General Hospital has certainly laid the groundwork for Curtis to be Trina’s biological father. Portia Robinson (Brook Kerr) denied it, but she’s lied before! The math checks out, so there’s a good chance GH writers will reveal this father-daughter connection eventually.

This is the perfect storyline to bring the revelation to light.

Will Trina’s bio dad be the one fighting for his life this time? If Trina gets in over her head, it may be Curtis who saves her. Curtis may even step up and save Taggert – especially since Portia still cares about her ex.

General Hospital spoilers suggest Curtis may be poised to become Trina and Portia’s hero. It’d be a great way to inch Curtis, Portia and Trina in the direction of forming a family. Some of Cyrus’ comments suggest he knows about Curtis and Trina’s true connection, so he may expose that link down the road.

Whatever the case, Curtis just might get in Cyrus’ way and take a bullet for Taggert. Will Curtis be the one who nearly gets killed? We’ll provide updates as other GH news becomes available.

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