General Hospital Spoilers: Franco Wakes Up From Brain Surgery with Drew Cain’s Memories – Bad News for Peter?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers reveal that Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) could indeed wake up a different man following his brain surgery – just not the man he’s thinking!

GH fans know Franco injured his head during the explosion drama at The Floating Rib, which led to some brain bleeding. Franco was wary about undergoing brain surgery, which may require taking out a small portion of his tumor.

Of course, Franco’s concerned about the doctor messing with things and potentially causing “Bad Franco” to emerge. As Franco pointed out, he’d rather die than become that guy again.

However, Elizabeth Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst) insisted she couldn’t lose Franco. She’s determined to help Franco keep fighting for their future together.

What’s all this building to? General Hospital spoilers say Franco’s medical crisis will be the key to unlocking a major mystery in Port Charles. It sounds like Franco may remember something important upon awakening from his brain surgery.

Could that mean Franco will wake up as Drew Cain (Billy Miller) – or at least a hybrid of Franco and Drew? Peter August (Wes Ramsey) once considered killing Franco when he feared he might remember more Afghanistan details.

He was relieved when Franco woke up as himself, but there’s the potential for more trouble now that Franco’s undergoing this brain surgery.

General Hospital spoilers say Franco will solve a puzzle of some sort in the weeks ahead, so it’s possible that’ll require Drew’s memories. Could this tie in with Peter’s takedown? It’d be interesting if the procedure brought Drew’s memories to the surface and allowed Franco to keep his own memories, too.

Anything is possible when you’re dealing with brain surgery and this risky tumor situation. Once a surgeon goes in and start cutting around, it could change everything.

Regardless, General Hospital spoilers point to a hopeful outcome for Franco. Perhaps this procedure will also reveal that the tumor wasn’t as inoperable as Terry Randolph (Cassandra James) previously thought.

As other GH updates become available, we’ll pass along the latest news. General Hospital fans won’t want to miss the shockers that are coming up in Franco’s storyline. CDL’s your one-stop source for terrific General Hospital spoilers, updates and news, so don’t forget to pop back in soon.

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