General Hospital Spoilers: Friday, July 3 – Maxie Proposes to Nathan – Sonny Stops Morgan’s Rooftop Jump – Kiki Shooting Aftermath

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, July 3, tease that some tense moments are ahead in this classic, which originally aired on February 26, 2016. GH fans can expect Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) to step up for Morgan Corinthos (Bryan Craig) in his darkest hour. General Hospital spoilers say this encore will build to a shocking and heartfelt conclusion, so here’s what’s in store.

At GH, Liesl Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) and Nina Reeves (Michelle Stafford) insist that Nathan West (Ryan Paevey) must stay in bed and recover. Nina offers to pay for a guard to make sure Nathan doesn’t leave, so Liesl goes off with her to arrange it. Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) teases Nathan about manipulating Liesl and Nina so they’d work together.

After Maxie cozies up to Nathan in his hospital bed, she eventually blurts out a marriage proposal. Nathan reminds Maxie that she was previously against marriage, but Maxie protests that her feelings have changed.

Since Nathan doesn’t think Maxie’s ready, he turns down the proposal. Maxie admits she’d rather get engaged under happier circumstances and make a better memory.

Nathan’s drowsy on painkillers, so his speech starts to slur. After Maxie tells Nathan to rest and assures him of her love, Nathan says he loves her, too – but he calls her Claudette.

At the PCPD, Paul Hornsby (Richard Burgi) gives a press conference about a major arms trafficking ring being broken up. Jordan Ashford (Vinessa Antoine) corners Paul afterward to complain about how things were handled.

Jordan thinks Paul’s trying to make himself look like a hero and suggests the least he could do is arrest Ava Jerome (Maura West). Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) backs Jordan up on that, but Paul insists he’ll deal with Ava in his own way.

Jordan argues that she can go over Paul’s head to get the warrant for Ava’s arrest. Paul doesn’t think that’s possible since this case is bigger than the PCPD, but Jordan implies that she’s going to make this arrest happen. Once they’re alone, Anna acknowledges to Jordan that certain things don’t add up when it comes to Paul.

Jordan wants to arrest Paul based on the assistance he gave Carlos Rivera (Jeffrey Vincent Parise), but Anna shuts down that idea. Paul has info he could use against Anna, so she wants Jordan to hold off and let her capture Carlos first. Jordan relents and gives Anna a few more weeks to finish her mission.

Back at GH, Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen) has news about Kiki Jerome (Haley Erin), who had a bullet removed without any additional damage to her spine. Ava Jerome (Maura West) and Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) get updates on Kiki’s prognosis, which is uncertain at this point. Griffin warns about Kiki potentially having limited mobility, but he wants Ava to have faith in her daughter.

Later, Paul tells Ava he’s sorry about Kiki and faces her fury. Ava gives Paul a fierce shove and yells that she’s going to kill him! Paul eventually convinces Ava to listen to him, so they step aside to discuss Jordan and how she wants to arrest Ava. Ava contends that Paul needs to deal with this because she has no intention of going down alone.

Paul meets back up with Jordan, who’s secured the warrant for Ava’s arrest. Jordan is taken aback when Paul takes it from her and rips it up. Paul then hands over a document that offers Ava full immunity.

Over with Andre Maddox (Anthony Montgomery), he talks to Sonny and Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) about Morgan. Andre insists Morgan knows his behavior was irrational, but Carly isn’t so sure.

Carly points out the danger Morgan caused and wonders if her son was aware of anything at all. Andre assures Sonny and Carly that Morgan’s going to get the help he needs. They discuss a plan to have Morgan tested regularly to ensure he’s taking his meds.

After Andre exits, Carly opens up to Sonny about her fear and anger. She’s upset over gun violence, but Sonny protests that he wasn’t behind the arms shipment. Even so, Carly’s seeing how costly Sonny’s lifestyle can be.

Next, Carly washes Kiki’s blood off her hands and seems rattles as the horror replays in her mind. Griffin walks in and wants to know if Carly’s OK, so she decides to be honest and tells him no. Griffin ultimately gives Carly some encouragement. When Griffin looks at Carly, he sees someone who’s fighting to do the right thing despite her husband’s dangerous line of work.

Back with Ava, she snuggles up next to Kiki in the ICU and sings to her daughter. Elsewhere, Andre rages at the nurse to let Morgan sneak out of his room. Liesl mentions someone fooling around on the rooftop, so Andre’s immediately concerned.

Meanwhile, Morgan’s on the ledge and thinks everyone would be better off without him. He hallucinates Kiki, who’s all bloody and reveals a bullet she’s been clutching.

Kiki eventually extends her hand to Morgan and offers to help him end it by jumping together. Morgan insists he’s ready before Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) appears and argues that Kiki isn’t really there.

Andre joins Michael as they try to talk Morgan out of jumping, but Morgan beats himself up over Kiki getting shot. When Sonny arrives, he reflects on facing the same struggles as Morgan.

Since Morgan refuses to come down, Sonny gets on the ledge with him and vows to jump if his son does. Morgan doesn’t want that since Sonny has other kids to stick around for, but Sonny can’t lose Morgan.

After a little more talking, Sonny gets Morgan to come down with him. General Hospital spoilers say this memorable GH episode brings some can’t-miss scenes, so stay tuned! CDL will have other sizzling General Hospital spoilers, updates and news to pass along, so don’t forget to check back regularly.

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