General Hospital Spoilers: Friday, May 29 – Liz Wants Jake, Won’t Spill Jason Truth – Duke Plans Jordan’s Murder

General Hospital Spoilers: Friday, May 29 – Liz Wants Jake, Won’t Spill Jason Truth – Duke Plans Jordan’s Murder

General Hospital (GH) spoilers for Friday, May 29, tease that some Nurses Ball shockers are coming up. This GH classic first aired on May 5, 2015 – and it’s certainly an exciting episode! General Hospital spoilers say there’s a lot of action to cover, so here’s what’s going down on Friday.

First, Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) looks nervously at Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco), who’s enjoying Patrick Drake’s (Jason Thompson) performance with Emma Scorpio-Drake (Brooklyn Rae Silzer).

Once their act is over, Lucy’s about to introduce the next one when Liz rushes on stage to make an announcement about Jason Morgan (Steve Burton).

Nikolas Cassadine (Tyler Christopher) joins everyone in the ballroom as Elizabeth hesitates. After Liz looks at Jake Doe (Billy Miller), she flashes back to Nikolas telling her Jake is actually Jason Morgan (Steve Burton).

Liz ultimately decides to shift gears and shares a touching story. She praises Jason and Robin Scorpio (Kimberly McCullough) as two of the bravest people she’s ever met.

Liz wishes she shared that same courage and makes her apologies before dashing off stage. It isn’t long until Nikolas takes off after Elizabeth. Back with Jake, he tells Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) that he finally understands Jason and who he was.

Nikolas finds Liz crying and gives her his handkerchief. Liz insists she was about to divulge the truth until she saw Jason next to Carly. Now that Liz knows the truth, it’s changed the way she looks at Jake. Liz only sees Jason now, so she has no intention of sharing the “Jake is Jason” news.

Although Elizabeth doesn’t see Jason having a place for her in his life, she believes she has a shot with Jake. Nikolas tries to convince Liz that maybe the truth should come out. This doesn’t just affect Carly and Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard). Sam is Jason’s wife, so this affects her, too.

Elizabeth argues that Sam’s happy with Patrick, but Nikolas feels like it goes against Liz’s nature for her to keep this secret. Liz is fed up with doing the right thing while the rest of Port Charles engages in horrible behavior without consequences.

Jason can’t remember his friends and family anyway, so Liz views is as sparing them in a way. If Nikolas ever really loved her, Liz thinks he’ll stay quiet, too. Nikolas is still uneasy, but he agrees to keep his mouth shut and embraces Liz.

At Wyndemere, Courtney Matthews’ (Alicia Leigh Willis) spirit appears to Spencer Cassadine (Nicolas Bechtel). Although Courtney died shortly after giving birth, she feels she has a special connection with Spencer.

After Spencer admits he feels it as well, Courtney expresses disappointment over Spencer’s Nurses Ball stunt. She felt it was time for Spencer to hear her voice instead of just feel her love.

Courtney pushes Spencer to open up about his insecurities, so he admits to feeling hideous because of his scars. Once Courtney invites Spencer to look in the mirror, he sees that his face doesn’t look so bad after all. Courtney’s visit with Spencer winds down, but she promises she’ll always be watching over him.

Once Nikolas comes home, he notices Spencer isn’t wearing his mask anymore. Spencer alludes to getting guidance from someone before Nik settles in next to him. When Courtney reappears behind them, she places a hand on Nikolas’ shoulder along with one on Spencer’s.

Carly’s emotional following Elizabeth’s speech about Jason, but she urges Jake to go after Liz. Soon after, Carly talks to Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) about how much of Jason she sees in him. Carly always wanted Michael to be his own man and do what he felt was right no matter what anyone else thought, even Carly.

Back with Jake, he’s stopped by Kyle Sloane (Rob Derringer). They debate whether Jordan Ashford (Vinessa Antoine) was the intended hit target. Jake isn’t so sure, but Kyle believes the Jeromes wanted Jordan dead. Kyle also suspects Carlos Rivera (Jeffrey Vincent Parise) was in Jake’s hotel room to frame him – just in case something went wrong.

In the backstage area, Carly tells Sabrina Santiago (Teresa Castillo) she’s grateful that Sabrina believed in Michael when everybody else rushed to judgement. Sabrina reflects on how good Michael’s been to her and points out that she wanted to be good to him in return.

Over with Duke Lavery (Ian Buchanan), he tells Bruce to move ahead on killing Jordan. After getting some encouragement from Kyle, Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) decides to talk to Duke. She walks over during Duke’s discussion about the hit.

Meanwhile, Ellie Trout (Emily Wilson) goes along with Nathan West’s (Ryan Paevey) plan to stir up more jealousy. Ellie laughs and cozies up to Nathan, which leaves Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) and Damian Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) looking unamused.

During Spinelli’s number on stage, he tries to sing to Maxie and keeps looking at Ellie instead. Maxie and Nathan steal their fair share of glances at each other, too. As the Nurses Ball wraps up, Jake sees Liz in the corridor and decides to join her.

Another fantastic classic episode’s in store, so don’t miss it! We’ll fill you in as other GH updates roll in. General Hospital spoilers say this Nurses Ball theme will pack in many more fun moments. CDL’s where you want to be for hot General Hospital spoilers, updates and news.