General Hospital Spoilers: Julian’s Suffered Enough – Has Nelle’s Miserable Husband Paid for His Mistakes?

General Hospital Spoilers: Julian's Suffered Enough – Has Nelle’s Miserable Husband Paid for His Mistakes?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers reveal that Julian Jerome (William deVry) is paying a steep price for the mess Brad Cooper (Parry Shen) dragged him into. GH viewers will recall that Brad let Nelle Benson Jerome (Chloe Lanier) talk him into swapping babies that fateful night. Nelle is certainly to blame here, but that doesn’t excuse Brad not having the common sense to turn Nelle down.

Later, Brad revealed the baby switch to Julian, who naturally didn’t want to break Lucas Jones’ (Ryan Carnes) heart. Julian helped Brad keep the secret until their arrangement took a dark turn.

After Julian tampered with Brad’s car, it was Lucas who wound up in a coma. Now Nelle has blackmailed Julian into marriage, so the hits just keep coming!

Do you think we should cut Julian a break here? Do you feel sorry for Julian now that he’s got Nelle as the old ball and chain? Some General Hospital fans feel like having Nelle as a wife is punishment enough!

Julian also has to live with the knowledge that he almost killed his son inadvertently. Lucas thankfully pulled through and made a full recovery, but Julian was a wreck over what he did.

It wasn’t right for Julian to plot Brad’s murder, but Brad’s no saint! Maybe Brad should’ve thought about the consequences before he stole Sonny Corinthos’ (Maurice Benard) grandson.

Speaking of Sonny, he’s no saint either. It seems unfair in some ways for Julian to be treated like he’s so terrible when Sonny’s still a mob boss. Julian’s at least tried to put is criminal past behind him.

That doesn’t mean Julian’s been perfect – like in the cases of keeping the baby swap under wraps and trying to kill Brad. However, perfect Port Charles residents are no fun anyway! Julian’s a little rough around the edges, which gives him some depth and makes him entertaining.

Do you think Julian deserves a fresh start after this forced marriage? Would you like to see Julian find some happiness after this Nelle nightmare? It’s tough to imagine GH letting Julian keep his secrets under wraps, so the truth about his involvement in the baby switch cover-up will likely come to light.

The same goes for Julian accidentally causing the crash that left Lucas comatose.

Of course, Lucas and Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) have already turned against Julian over this Nelle marriage. There’s not enough evidence to send Julian to prison, so all Julian has to do is stay alive if Sonny finds out!

If Julian can do that, maybe he can move on whether Sam and Lucas forgive him or not. Julian at least deserves a chance to divorce Nelle and seek true love down the road.

We’ll give you updates as other GH news rolls in. Do you think Nelle’s miserable husband has paid enough for his mistakes? Would you like to see Julian head down a better path?

General Hospital spoilers say some bombshells are brewing in PC, so stay tuned. Be sure to drop by CDL again soon for more General Hospital spoilers, news and updates.