General Hospital Spoilers: New Julian Exit Details, Week of December 14 Final Airdate – William deVry’s Character Killed?

General Hospital Spoilers: New Julian Exit Details, Week of December 14 Final Airdate – William deVry’s Character Killed?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that Julian Jerome (William deVry) will continue to make terrible decisions, which could spell serious trouble for him. GH fans know Julian blackmailed Martin Gray (Michael E. Knight) into handing over money and now has a chance to make his getaway.

Julian really needs to get going! What the heck is Julian waiting on and why will he even still be in town during the week of December 14-18? Julian has to be one of the worst criminals of all time.

You’d think someone trying to save his own life would be a little more motivated to bolt immediately, but he’ll apparently remain in Port Charles a bit longer. General Hospital spoilers indicate that the week of December 14, either December 17 or December 18, should be Julian Jerome’s final airdate.

This is a problem since the longer Julian sticks around, the greater the chance he’ll be a dead man by the end of his run. Will GH writers really just let Julian chill in hiding for a bit and then have him happily skip off into the sunset with Martin’s money? What kind of exit would that be after all these twists and turns?

There has to be a reason General Hospital is keeping Julian in PC for more episodes and more opportunities for his enemies to find him. Will Julian get caught by Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) and Jason Morgan (Steve Burton)? What about Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober)?

Even Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma) could be a possibility now that he knows about Julian planting the bomb. Julian has plenty of threats to avoid, so he’ll be desperate to make his escape from PC on December 16. That same day, Jason will recruit Brick (Stephen A. Smith) for help with something.

Maybe Brick can offer some surveillance footage that’ll point to where Julian is. On December 17, Jason will create a clear path for Sonny. Does that mean a clear path to kill Julian?

December 17 will also bring another desperate move since Julian will turn to a stranger for help. Julian might end up trusting the wrong person since Martin will make a shocking discovery that day as well.

Could Martin find Julian’s dead body? Will Julian’s run end thanks to Sonny’s gun – or could this turn into a murder mystery? Those are good options to consider based on all the puzzle pieces.

Of course, it’s also possible Julian will fake his death or make a last-minute escape after all, but a truly fatal outcome is a real possibility, too.

As other GH news rolls in, we’ll keep bringing you updates. General Hospital spoilers say some bombshells are brewing for Julian, so don’t miss what’s ahead as Julian’s arc winds down. CDL will have all the hottest General Hospital spoilers, updates and news you need, so make us your go-to source.

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