General Hospital Spoilers: Tuesday, August 25 – Nelle’s Big Setback – Taggert & Jason Risky Situation – Sonny’s Wiley Mission

General Hospital Spoilers: Tuesday, August 25 – Nelle’s Big Setback – Taggert & Jason Risky Situation – Sonny’s Wiley Mission

General Hospital (GH) spoilers for Tuesday, August 25, tease that Ned Quartermaine (Wally Kurth) and Olivia Quartermaine (Lisa LoCicero) will await more updates from Portia Robinson (Brook Kerr). Brook Lynn Quartermaine’s (Briana Lane) condition is critical, so Ned’s worried her last memory of him will be a door slamming in her face.

Ned’s desperate for a chance to remind Brook Lynn of his love, so he’ll hope Portia has some good news.

Brook Lynn isn’t going to die, but her injuries were quite serious. Portia may end up telling Ned about vocal cord damage or any other long-term consequences of the slashing.

However, the important thing is Brook Lynn survived. It won’t be long until Ned’s crying by Brook Lynn’s bedside as he waits for his daughter to wake up.

Meanwhile, Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) and Elizabeth Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst) will seemingly be on better terms. “Why won’t you just believe me?” Liz asks in Tuesday’s GH preview video, but her tone seems far lighter than it’s been lately.

Franco smiles in response, so they may feel a bit foolish for letting Ava Cassadine (Maura West) and Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma) deceive them.

Elizabeth may want Franco to believe that she has no romantic feelings for Nikolas. “Friz” needs to get past all their doubts and concerns to become a strong couple again, so they may take the first steps.

As for Nikolas and Ava, they may find themselves on the receiving end of manipulation soon enough. Liz and Franco may opt to make Nikolas and Ava pay the price for trying to mess with their marriage.

Until then, Nikolas will take a call from Spencer Cassadine (Nicolas Bechtel). General Hospital spoilers say Nikolas will have to admit their latest scheme fell apart. Nevertheless, Nikolas won’t want to give up. He’ll tell Spencer that he has a plan to get Ava out of their lives for good!

At Charlie’s Pub, Ava will visit Julian Jerome (William deVry) and grill him about the trouble Nelle Benson Jerome (Chloe Lanier) caused. “What did Nelle want you to do this time?”

Ava wonders in Tuesday’s GH preview clip. Will Julian admit the role he played in Nelle making a quick getaway with Wiley Quartermaine-Corinthos (Erik and Theo Olson)?

Julian chloroformed Monica Quartermaine (Leslie Charleson) and kidnapped Wiley before meeting up with Nelle at the pier.

Although Julian changed his mind and pulled a gun on Nelle, Marcus Taggert’s (Real Andrews) surprise attack stopped Julian from shooting her. Now Nelle’s on the run with Wiley and Taggert’s injured from the struggle, so Julian’s really made a mess of things!

Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) just found Taggert, who may refuse medical treatment since he’s supposed to be a dead man.

Since Taggert didn’t leave town after Jordan Ashford (Briana Nicole Henry) told him to, he may want to team up with Jason and Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard). A collaboration might be the only way they’re going to sink Cyrus once and for all.

Elsewhere, Cyrus will seem agitated as he asks someone if they’re going to have a problem. This could involve another threat to Jordan or perhaps it’ll be related to Cyrus serving as the chairman of the hospital board. Either way, Cyrus will make it clear that he’s a man who gets what he wants!

At the Quartermaine mansion, Sonny will offer reassurance to Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell), Willow Corinthos (Katelyn MacMullen) and Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright).

Sonny will insist there’s nowhere Nelle can go that he can’t find her. Nelle’s currently speeding off in a pre-owned car that she’s convinced Sonny can’t trace, but she’ll run into another huge snag soon.

General Hospital spoilers say Nelle’s about to face a setback, so stay tuned to see how she handles her next crisis. CDL’s your hotspot for terrific General Hospital spoilers, updates and news posts, so be sure to check back regularly.