How to Get Away With Murder Series Finale Recap 05/14/20: Season 6 Episode 15 “Stay”

Tonight on ABC their hit drama How To Get Away With Murder (HTGAWM)  airs with an all-new Thursday, May 14, 2020, episode and we have you How To Get Away With Murder recap below!  On tonight’s HTGAWM season 6 episode 15 “Stay,” as per the ABC synopsis, “TAnalise finds out about a surprise witness that threatens her case. Meanwhile, Connor attempts to persuade the K3 to go along with another plan.

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How to Get Away With Murder (HTGAWM) series finale begins tonight with several gunshots and people running everywhere. Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) is outside with the reporters as her mother panics inside the courtroom.

3 Days Earlier – Annalise is furious with Bonnie Winterbottom (Liza Weil), frustrated that she revealed the truth to Frank Delfino (Charlie Weber) that he was actually Sam’s son. Tegan Price (Amirah Vann) insists it was Governor Lynne Birkhead (Laura Innes) who did it, trying to reason through this. Annalise feels there is no way she is going to win her court case now that Hannah is dead. She orders Bonnie to find Frank, but he is busy holding a gun to someone’s head, demanding to talk about his mother.

Bonnie comes to see Laurel Castillo (Karla Souza) who insists to her that Frank is not with her; Bonnie barges in, checking out the hotel suite, informing her that she screwed up. Laurel hopes Bonnie and Frank would end up together, something Bonnie scoffs at so she wouldn’t feel guilty about abandoning him. Bonnie discusses how hard it is to be with Frank, as Laurel reminds her that it was Bonnie who kept everyone together, not Annalise. Bonnie admits she only wanted a family, so does Laurel.

Mr. Jorge Castillo (Esai Morales) describes his relationship with his daughter while on the stand, saying it was troubling as he caught Laurel being a liar. They question him about the Governor, him insisting he never spoke to Birkhead, nor plotted against Annalise. He swears Birkhead didn’t kill his son, but he has a long list of people who would want to kill his son. He swears he is in jail under false accusations from Tegan and Annalise, saying they are conspiring against him; the jury is ordered to disregard the comments and calls the DA to her chambers.

Michaela Pratt (Aja Naomi King) is with Oliver Hampton (Conrad Ricamora) and Laurel, discussing how Laurel’s father is a sociopath. Connor Walsh (Jack Falahee) feels they should just tell the truth, everyone disagreeing. He calls Michaela a sociopath, as Connor retracts his statement, leaving them to take a nap.

Back at the courthouse, Tegan reveals Lennox has a surprise witness; still defending Bonnie, Frank and her for always standing behind Annalise. Tegan knows it is stressful as Annalise believes the witness is Wes Gibbins (Alfred Enoch) as Tegan promises to find out who it is. The shooting outside the courthouse, Laurel is able to quickly escape with the baby as Tegan begins to freak out.

At the house, Michaela sits with Connor saying if he wants to testify just to get back at her, Solomon made her deal iron clad. Connor feels she will not be able to live with herself as she admits she has already gone to prison – her childhood, beginning to describe how she was abused but stops saying she worked hard to forget and get out so she is choosing not to suffer if she doesn’t have to as she has enough.

Frank sits with Floyd Bishop (Marc Grapey) who reveals everything he has, but when he lets it slip that he knows who Frank is, Frank puts his gun under his chin, saying then he would have paperwork revealing he is Sam and Hannah’s kid and he will make his wife and kid pay for his lying. He pleads with Frank.

Governor Birkhead is now on the witness stand, denying she had any connection with the Castillo family. She swears she did a criminal free election as she wanted to win by convincing the public that she was the best person for the job. She says the violent murders are more of something Annalise Keating would commit; the Judge reprimands her.

Annalise meets with Frank, knowing he didn’t kill Hannah. Frank says Annalise is “it” for her and all he wants to do now is make her happy. He knows it was Sam’s job to do that, but he used it against Frank, making him think that he was sick. Annalise says it was Sam that was sick. He hands her a flash drive, telling her this is how she is going to win.

Back in court, Annalise questions the Governor, again denying she didn’t know Xavier Castillo. She denies knowing Hannah Keating as well but Annalise plays a phone call between Xavier and Hannah, revealing that the governor killed Nate Lahey Sr. Judge allows the phone call since Hannah is dead. Nate Lahey (Billy Brown) is really intrigued by the questioning of his father’s untimely and mysterious death in prison. She denies having Xavier and Hannah killed as Annalise tells the court she is done with this witness; Nate glares at the governor.

Nate meets with the FBI, who is now offering a settlement on his father’s wrongful death suit, claiming this is the right thing but he tells them the right thing is prosecuting the Governor. They encourage him to look at the offer before he says now. Annalise is furious that Nate was just offered $20M, Tegan reminding her that she needs to remain cool. Annalise spots Wes as Tegan, Annalise saying he is a dead witness as soon as she gets her hands on him. Laurel tries to speak to Tegan, who doesn’t want to help her. Laurel says her father left her property that is worth millions and it is something that will help both of them.

Annalise records all the questions on a recorder, stopping as she names off all the men who have hurt her in different ways. Bonnie comes home and catches Frank who doesn’t know what to do now that he knows who is within him. He insists she knew not to tell him the truth. She wants to simply be there for him, but he says a bullet in his head would have been nicer than what she did. She begs him to stay, he says he will forgive her, but not right now. He kisses her as she sobs. Frank walks out of the house.

Frank arrives at Wes’ place, giving him $87 grand as long as he doesn’t take the stand against Annalise. Frank knows he is hung up on his dad as Frank reveals that Sam killed Lila. Frank knows because Sam had him kill a pregnant Lila, the baby was Wes’ sibling. He encourages him to take the money, or Sam will destroy his life like he did everyone else.

Oliver snuck into the law library, saying it is his job to take the wheel because his husband is under too much stress. Connor feels this is best for him as Oliver demands him to fight to get the same deal Michaela got. He feels Connor owes him this, or he will divorce him right now. Connor relents. Special Agent Lanford (William R. Moses) calls Connor and he heads in to see them. They are improving the terms to his plea deal, saying he will have no years and probation feeling he needs to the same deal as Miss Pratt.

Nate takes the stand as they discuss why he was almost charged in the murder of Sam Keating. He reveals he was the boyfriend and was framed. He thought originally it was Annalise, knowing later it was not her. He says it was Hannah Keating who did it and he knows she used the Castillos and the governor to do it. He says it was the offer the FBI offered him that changed his testimony, so he wouldn’t reveal an FBI agent working for the Castillos killed his father.

Annalise confronts Nate on not taking the offer. He said he will still get the money. He used to hate Annalise for a long time but he also hated himself as he was the one who made the first move that night, but if he is going to really move on, he needs to own his side of the road. He tells her to try taking responsibility for how she got there. He hands her a paper and kisses her “goodbye” as tears stream down her face.

Oliver makes drinks for him and Connor, as he apologizes for blowing up earlier. Connor knows Oliver was not at the library but had gone to see Lanford to surprise and testify against Annalise as long as Connor got a new deal. Meanwhile, Annalise burns the papers Nate gave her. There is a knock at her door and it is Annalise’s mother and sister to support her. Oliver admits to Connor what he is going to say in court. Connor refused the deal and plans to go to prison, handing Oliver divorce papers. Connor worries that he turned Oliver into a criminal, death, murder, and trauma will always follow them if they stay together. Oliver cries, knowing Connor still loves him but he insists they are done. He begs him to tells him he doesn’t love him, but Connor devastates him, saying, “I don’t love you!”

Annalise sits with her mother who says her daughter is going to win and she won’t bring shame to the family. Annalise questions that it is easy to want to win when it is right, but this and her… She has done a lot of bad things if only people knew. She wonders if she deserves to lose but Annalise knows it is the jury’s decision to make. Her mother chastises her, saying it is God’s decision and all she needs to do is “Show up.”

Court continues, as they say, Annalise loves to play the victim and she is good at it but the real victims are Asher Millstone (Matthew McGorry), DA Ronald Miller, ADA Emily Sinclair, Rebecca Sutter, and Sam Keating. It all started with Sam.

Frank goes to the grave to see Baby Sam’s gravestone and begins to cry, touching the headstone. He apologizes. In court, they say Annalise is not a victim as it starts there and she is a murderer. Annalise admits to the courts she is no victim, but that is the only thing truthfully told about her. She reveals her life, saying she has worn a mask every day of her life; explaining how she evolved into becoming a Keating, all to make a version of herself that the world would accept. She has her mask off now and is telling the God’s honest truth.

She has done many a bad thing, coerced witnesses, got clients to lie on the stand, bullied students to tears, manipulated jurors like them; but she is being tried for murder and she is no killer; but rather a survivor. She shares her traumas and every grief she endured up to this trial and they need to decide she is a bad person. She admits being bad but she never masterminded several violent murders. She confesses she is ambitious, black, and bisexual. She is angry, sad, strong, sensitive, scared, fierce, talented, and exhausted. She throws herself on their mercy.

Tegan admits she didn’t know Annalise was going to say all that but blurts out that she thinks she is in love with Annalise. She tried to fight it but she is taking her mask off too and can not have Annalise in her life because she loves her. Annalise asks her what she really wants and Tegan says all she wants is love and she can give that back to Annalise and she can make her happy. Annalise says she can’t guarantee that so it is not the same and it is just not her. Bonnie interrupts them, revealing there is a verdict.

The jurors return and the Judge addresses them. Tegan is broken from Annalise just told her as Annalise is ordered to stand. The Judge reveals the jury finds Annalise NOT GUILTY on all the murder charges. As the judge continues to read off all the not guilties, Annalise rushes to her mother, her aunt, Bonnie and Tegan.

Outside, Annalise addresses the media as Wes takes the bag of money and leaves. Connor and Oliver hug outside, crying as it is time for Connor to head to prison. Michaela cries as Oliver won’t take Connor’s wedding ring. He refuses to sign the papers as Connor thanks him as he now knows how to love. Connor is escorted away as Oliver is broken-hearted when Michaela attempts to comfort him he feels it should have been her that was going to prison. Michaela attempts to call Laurel, but her phone number has been disconnected, leaving her devastated and alone.

Laurel is loading Christopher into the car, promising him safety and happiness with no more boogeyman. Her father, in the meantime, gets stabbed to death in the prison yard. Tegan smiles as Annalise continues the conference. Suddenly gunshots ring out and Laurel looks back shocked.

There is a funeral for Annalise Keating, Laurel and Wes’ son, Christopher is a grown man and is at the funeral. Flashbacks to the press conference as Bonnie watches a very solemn Frank walk among the reporters. His face is stonecold, filled with rage. Bonnie begins to follow where Frank is walking, shoving her way through the crowd. She screams for Frank to stop as he raises his gun and shoots several times at the Governor. Laurel watches in horror and demands her driver to leave immediately. She holds Frank who has been shot, Bonnie pleads for him to stay with her.

At the funeral, they are saying someone who has known her for a long time and a dear friend wants to speak about her. Christopher stops by a woman who is a lot older Laurel and asks if she would like to say something, it appears to be Laurel, who says he should. Eve, Annalise’s first love is the speaker.

Bonnie pleads with Frank who asks her to tell Annalise, but he dies before anything. Annalise falls beside them, holding Bonnie who was also shot. Bonnie dies in Annalise’s arms.

Eve talks about Annalise’s long life full of struggles. Eve admits she loved Annalise forever, even when Annalise didn’t need her. Annalise is screaming for Bonnie to stay with her, crying on the court steps. Eve says everyone seeks someone like Annalise, someone who shows it is possible to survive anything that is thrown at you. Memories of her mother’s funeral as Nate celebrates building The Lahey Justice Center.

Eve says Annalise was easy to love, forgiving her for everything and that is why so many people are there to remember her and forgive her. Laurel looks back and sees Connor in the crowd, the two smiles and Oliver is standing beside him, both with their wedding rings. She explains to Christopher that they are her old friends. Michaela is sworn in, keeping her judicial job. Eve says when the sun shines on you, you’re a fool to turn away as Annalise appears to be walking on a beach into the light.

Christopher is riding his bike, arriving at Middleton Law School. He is the professor of the course, copying Annalise’s analogy; calling the course “How to Get Away With Murder.” He smiles as he catches a glimpse of Annalise’s ghost.


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