Law & Order SVU Finale Recap 04/23/20: Season 21 Episode 20 “The Things We Have To Lose”

Law & Order SVU Finale Recap 04/23/20: Season 21 Episode 20 "The Things We Have To Lose"

Tonight on NBC Law & Order SVU returns with an all-new Thursday, April 23, 2020 finale episode and we have your Law & Order SVU recap below.  On tonight’s Law & Order SVU season 21 episode 20 “The Things We Have To Lose,” as per the NBC synopsis, “As Carisi begins the long-anticipated trial of Sir Toby Moore, the SVU faces setbacks in several other cases.”

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Disgraced media mogul Sir Toby Moore is having his day in court. His lawyer has dragged out the process as much as humanly possible and now its time to get this done. He was finally facing the music. It was now up to Carisi to put him away. Carisi was the ADA assigned to the case. He’s the one that’s taking the lead and his bosses set it up this way because they didn’t want to take the blame if it all went wrong. They wanted Carisi to be the face of their office on this. They told him he couldn’t fail and he’s doing his best not to. He prepped the witnesses. He went over their testimony with them and he did his best to reassure them.

These women were scared. They wanted to move on with their lives and they couldn’t because of how long Moore dragged this out. Also, some of the women haven’t been entirely truthful with Carisi or Benson. The two of them were helping one of the witnesses when she revealed she had had an affair with their agent. This normally would have been her own business. The only reason it’s not is that things come out during court. Moore’s lawyer was doing her best to paint the witnesses as loose women and not victims and so an affair helps her prove her case. Carisi had to change tactics because of this and Benson was left wondering what else she missed.

SVU had several cases they were following upon. Young Ivy Bucci was only sixteen and she was out of control because of everything that happened. She had been raped by a rich man. He later killed himself and her own father went to jail partly because of what happened to her. Ivy was, therefore, a mess. She blames herself for everything that happened and she fell into drugs. She’s taking them all the time now. She ran away from home and by time Rollins found her – Ivy has been distributing drugs to others. She was later arrested because of the drugs. Rollins felt that was the only way to get through to Ivy and so she used potential charges into scaring Ivy straight.

Ivy promised not to do anything like that again. She said she would stop and so Rollins had to let her go. She didn’t really have much to hold her on anyways. The detectives also had their hands full. A guy they put away had just gotten out. Leon Fuller raped his wife Joelle and his son Andre was a witness. The detectives put him away for a year and he got out in six months. Leon has been writing to his son and sending his gifts. He also makes sure his son sends certain messages to his ex-wife. Leon couldn’t do himself because there was a protection order in place. Finn had gone to see Leon when he got out. He warned the other man that he should stay away from the ex-wife and so naturally Leon ignored him.

Leon surprised his son and ex-wife by showing up at the park one day. He bought his son an ice cream cone and he acted like nothing was wrong. He knew he was scaring Joelle. Yet, he showed up anyway because he wanted to prove to her that he could get to her at any time. Joelle later called Finn to report Leon’s actions and that’s when she found out Finn had already talked to him. This upset Joelle. She said that’s why Leon was acting out now. She also told the detective that he should leave her family alone. She’s handled Leon for ten years and she still believes she can keep herself safe.

Then there was also this assault over by the Piers. This latest case reminded Tamin eerily of what happened to a young prostitute named Lakira and Lakira was in fact a friend of this latest victim. The victim was beaten up and raped. The viciousness of it was like Lakira’s case. She was also beaten up and raped. She believed the man that attacked her had assaulted her friend. She believes Paul Davies was back in the city and he was. He moved to Chelsea after his wife threw him out. He was in the area and he had been seen by two witnesses. Lakira was sure it was him. She had been too afraid to testify against him last time and so she blames herself for what happened to her friend.

Lakira convinced Tamin to look into Davies. The detective did so and she found evidence against him. She also wasn’t just going after him for the rape and assault. Lakira’s friend Dakota died from her injuries. Her death had turned into a murder case and so Tamin went after him for that. She found DNA on the victim. The DNA matches Paul Davies. They also found a suit of his that he tossed and so Tamin arrested him for murder. Finn had been with her when he got a call from Andre. Andre called because Leon showed up and he pulled a knife on Joelle. He was threatening to kill her when he suddenly tactics after Finn arrived.

Leon grabbed his son. He kept saying that no one was going to take his son from him and he put a knife to the boy’s throat when Finn took the shot. He shot and killed Leon. He did it in front of Andre and Joelle who both began to cry over Leon’s body. Despite what he did to them, they still loved him. They were going to mourn for him now and they may even blame Finn for what he. He protected them, but they’re not going to remember it that way and so it was a rough day on the job for Finn. He was dealing with the fallout of that when Rollins got a call about Ivy. Ivy was again arrested over drugs. Rollins let her spend the night in jail and later she talked a judge into giving Ivy rehab.

Carisi had everything lined up. He was ready to take on Moore when Moore claimed to have had an episode and the trial was once again postponed.

Finn was at the courthouse when this happened. He had also just been served because Joelle was suing him for wrongful death.