Married At First Sight Australia Recap 08/13/20: Season 7 Episode 25

Tonight on Lifetime their hit series Married At First Sight  Australia airs with an all-new Thursday, August 13, 2020, season 7 episodes 25 and we have your Married At First Sight Australia recap below. On tonight’s Married At First Sight Australia season 7 episode 25 as per the Lifetime synopsis, “In an emotional commitment ceremony, one of the relationships comes to a sad end.”

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Ivan pushed the guys into doing all of this. He pushed the guys and now they wanted Ivan to speak up for himself. Ivan was supposed to have their back. He was supposed to agree with what they said and instead he tried to claim both of the guys were mistaken. He said he never brought up Aleks with them. He tried to deny everything. Only Aleks accused him of lying as well. Aleks thought Ivan was lying about her behind her back and she walked off. Ivan had to go after her. Ivan went after her because he still wanted her back. He still has feelings for her and he hasn’t quite given those feelings up just yet. Ivan did his best to repair the damage from the dinner.

He told Aleks that he was on her side. He said he never tried to manipulate her by bringing others into the relationship and so she didn’t know what to believe anymore. Aleks questioned if Ivan set her up. She felt like Ivan was using his friends to tear into her without doing himself because he wanted to look like the good guy and so she wasn’t sure if she trusts him. Aleks pushed Ivan away. She and Ivan later slept in different apartments. They were no longer on speaking terms and it looks like their relationship is on the brink of collapsing. If they continue in the same fashion, there might not even be a friendship anymore.

Ivan and Aleks didn’t bother to wait for the ceremony tonight. They knew they were leaving and so they left the experiment before they were asked to sit on the couch. The former couple took the cowards way out. They hadn’t wanted to be asked about their fractured relationship or why things hadn’t worked out. They chose to make their escape early and that left everyone frustrated with them. Everyone thought Ivan and Aleks should at least have shown for the ceremony. The fact they didn’t was a mark against them and so now no one is on their side. They all believed Ivan manipulated his friends and that Aleks was most likely cheating on him with someone else.

Moving on, the ceremony tackled the biggest problems in each couple’s relationship. Connie and Jonethen had a great week and they thought that it meant their relationship improved. Connie assumed that Jonethen was feeling the same as she was. She wrote Stay and he wrote Leave. Jonethen apparently wasn’t feeling what she was feeling. He didn’t see himself in a relationship with her and he gave her no sign of his answer before now. Jonethen wrote Leave. He wrote that and still, he went on to say that he was glad she wrote Stay. He said he wanted to go on the homestay with her.

Jonethen wanted to see Connie’s home. He wanted to meet her friends and family again. So, he was giving Connie mixed messages with what he says and what he does. Jonethen was even called out by everyone. They all thought he was being really unfair to Connie. Connie admitted to him that she has feelings for him and that she wants a future with him. It was Jonethen that didn’t know what he wants. He says he wasn’t having the same feelings for her that she had for him and then he would add these few things here and there that would give Connie hope. She was being dragged along during the experiment and it wasn’t fair to her.

Another couple that struggled on the couch were KC and Drew. Drew keeps telling KC that she wasn’t his type and she had no idea what that meant. Did it mean he didn’t want to be with her? Did he mean that he was willing to take a chance on her? KC was so confused that she brought it up to the experts. She said that Drew told her that he never saw himself with an Instagram girl and that he was surprised he was paired up with her because she was not his type. He also implies that KC is vain and materialistic and he’s so judgmental of her that it doesn’t feel like she can be loved for herself.

Drew told her tonight that he was attracted to her. He didn’t mean to offend her when he said they had different values and he apologized for what he said. She in turn apologized for crossing a line with him. She tried to throw his things away when he was out of the house and she realized now that she shouldn’t have done that. Both Drew and KC were apologetic. They also both wrote Stay. The couple decided to work on their problems and they were a lot better off than Josh and Cathy. The married couple once more rehashed old drama that stood in the way of them getting back together.

There was nothing Josh could say that could fix it and there was nothing Cathy could have done to fix it either. They were both at fault for the failure of their relationship. They didn’t throw around accusations because they knew it wouldn’t get them anywhere and so they amicably wrote Leave. They were the second couple to be leaving the experiment tonight.

And they ended things on a good note.


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