Married to Medicine Los Angeles Finale Recap 07/12/20: Season 2 Episode 10 “Christmas in Beverly Hills”

Tonight the Bravo series Married to Medicine Los Angeles airs with an all-new Sunday, July 12, 2020, season 2 episode 10 and we have your Married to Medicine Los Angeles recap below. In tonight’s finale episode titled, “Christmas in Beverly Hills,” as per the Bravo synopsis, “The ladies return to L.A. from Palm Springs.

Shanique meets with realtor Josh Altman, who gives her a dose of true tea; Kendra tells Hobart that she is going back to work full time; Britten and Mack attempt to kick Minie out of their bedroom.

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Jazmin and Shanique are great friends. They hang out all the time. They talk their problems out with each other and Shanique was the first person Jazmin told that she was throwing a holiday party. She wanted to celebrate the season. She was throwing one of her infamous parties and she was inviting everyone to it. Her own husband might even show up. Jazmin’s husband has been absent for a lot of her events and it just didn’t seem fair to her. She had to watch as the other husbands came out to support their wives, but her own husband was never there and the other wives were beginning to ask why he didn’t show up.

They asked Jazmin about it on their trip to Palm Springs. Jazmin told them that her husband was very private. She also expressed some frustration with his disappearance act because she wishes he was there more for her and so everyone later wondered if he would be at this holiday party. Jazmin said he might be. She told Shanique he might show up and so that alone has garnered interest in her upcoming party. Jazmin and Shanique also talked about Shanique’s career. Shanique wanted to be a luxury realtor and so Jazmin set up a meeting for her. Jazmin got her good friend who is already in luxury reality to agree to a meeting with Shanique.

Shanique later met with this man. Josh was very nice to her. He told her that property management was nothing like reality and he asked her some hard questions. He asked her if she ever sold a house. She hasn’t. He even told her that there were thousands of realtors in LA and that it was going to be hard carving out a corner out for herself. Shanique was told the brutal truth about reality. It’s now up to her to decide if she still wants to pursue it and, if she does, she’ll have support. Shanique received a lot of support when the ladies were on their trip. Palm Springs had been good for everyone.

Britten got something from it too. Her trip and eventual conversations with her friends had helped her realize that she needed to kick her son out of her bedroom. Her son is growing up. He needs to be independent and it also wasn’t fair to Britten’s husband. He needs to feel wanted as well. Britten corrected her behavior when she got home. It took a few tries, but she finally got her son back into his own bed and her husband was able to come back to their room. Britten can now work on her intimacy with her husband. It’s good that she doesn’t have to worry about being interrupted and that they finally are husband and wife again. And so Britten’s friends really put her on the right path.

Kendra had talked to her friends as well. They told her that she wasn’t going about things too well with her husband. She went on a job interview without telling him and she was going to take a job without running it past him first. Neither of which was going to help bring him onboard. Her husband had needed to be convinced that it was okay for her to return to work and thankfully he spoke to the guys about it. The guys told him that every woman was different. Some needed to go back to work and one of those women happens to be Kendra. Kendra needs to return to work. She’ll feel better about herself if she does and so Hobart ultimately agreed it’s a good thing she’s going back.

Hobart now supports her decision. He saw that she would be happier with a job and so he agreed to make things easier for her rather than harder. Kendra is now happy. Her friends are happy and it was with this great mood that they all later went to Jazmin’s party. Jazmin’s party was held at her house. Her house is beautiful and sure its garnered interest in the past. Her friends had all thought the house was too expensive for a doctor to afford. They had questioned if the husband was a doctor or a drug dealer and so there had been some drama surrounding the house. The house was a little too grand.

It was also clearly expensive. Jazmin doesn’t allow anyone upstairs to her second floor and she actually had a security guard there tonight to stop anyone from going up there. It made the ladies all the more curious about what’s upstairs. They would try and enjoy the party. They would get into one of those giant bubbles. They would all laugh and have a great time, but everyone kept wondering about Mr. Jazmin. They couldn’t help it. Their husbands showed. Hobart had worked early in the night and still came by later on to show his face. And so Kendra decided to be brave by going upstairs.

Kendra tried to go upstairs. The security guard stopped her and it again made the ladies wondered about the current excuse for why Jazmin’s husband couldn’t be there. Her husband was apparently “asleep”. He was sleeping through a whole party in his house and no one really bought that story. They thought Jazmin was lying. They thought her husband knew they were all downstairs and he hadn’t wanted to come down. The ladies conspired to get his attention. Lia tried to call him downstairs. She made noise up to the second room and nothing worked. Jazmin’s husband would not come down no matter how much noise they made.

There was even a choir at the party. The choir got everyone in a festive mood and so there is truly no way Jazmin’s husband could have slept through that.

Yet, he remains a mystery.


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