Married to Medicine Los Angeles Recap 5/17/20: Season 2 Episode 3 “Housewarming Home Wreckers”

Tonight the Bravo series Married to Medicine Los Angeles airs with an all-new Sunday, May 17, 2020, season 2 episode 3 and we have your Married to Medicine Los Angeles recap below. In tonight’s episode titled, “Housewarming Home Wreckers” as per the Bravo synopsis, “Britten & Kendra bond over their biracial backgrounds.

Shanique blindsides Robert with her desire for a life change. Jazmin struggles to forgive Imani for their beef last year, while Imani confronts rumors about her husband. Kendra is excited to show off her new home but isn’t prepared for a messy showdown.

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Dr. Kendra picks up Dr. Britten, says she is living out of boxes, and barely sleeping – she thought babies sleep. At work she is a doctor, at work with her child, she is an intern, brings her to her knees. With all things that she has going on, she is throwing a house warming party. They head to a home furnishings store. They both talk about being from mix-racial families. Nick, the furniture assistant comes in to help Dr. Britton pick out a floral arrangement for $591.00.

Shanique is home, her son is home too and she is excited to see him. She is rushing trying to get dinner done. Robert is there to help her, and he keeps throwing the Jamaican spices in the dish. She tells him that she had a little situation at the property site with a couple that is having some domestic issues. He asks her if she is happy, she says she is neutral. It was a little tough coming home and thinking about everything she has to do.

She has told her kids that she might quit her job, but she hasn’t told Robert yet. At dinner, her son asks her if she had another annoying day. Robert says out of the mouth of babes, and they laugh.

At Dr. Kendra’s house, her dogs, Rose and Shakur are just adorable. Her mother arrives and the two dogs are happy to see her. She shows her mom around the house. They sit down at the table, she tells her mother that people are coming over on Saturday and she would love if she could maybe make a few Vietnamese dishes. Her mother takes about her going back to work and tells her that she has to stop breastfeeding. She doesn’t believe it and says it with conviction.

Dr. Imani is at a sushi restaurant for lunch, she meets up with her friend, Lia. She knows Lia for about a year, she knows her from her husband who works with her. They start talking about Dr. Britten’s birthday party. Lia asks if she and Jazmin are ok now.

Back to Dr. Kendra’s house, they are preparing food for the party. Her mother is there, and putting herself right in the middle of the kitchen.

Dr. Imani is getting dressed for the party. Dr. Britten and her husband, Mack, arrive. They all have a glass of water. Dr. Britten asks Dr. Imani if she is going to confront Jazmin and Shanique for talking about Phil. Dr. Imani says she doesn’t know if she would call it to confront and if either of them had a question, they could have just called her.

At Dr. Kendra’s house, the food is all put out and looks amazing. Dr. Britten, her husband, and Dr. Imani are on their way to the party. Dr. Hobart, Dr. Kendra’s husband, works in internal medicine and is wearing a mask, he says he doesn’t want to hear Kendra’s guests sick. Everything looks great, more people are arriving. Shanique and Jazmin arrive, Dr. Imani gives them both a hug.

Clem, Kendra’s father arrives, she is gone upstairs to breastfeed the baby. Afterward, Kendra introduces her parents to everyone. Dr. Britten gives Dr. Kendra a gift, it is a photo of her.

Jazmin tells Shanique that Dr. Imani’s hug felt fake. The other women join them, including Dr. Imani. Kendra tells Imani that she wants to clear the air, when she apologized, she didn’t feel like it was not genuine. Dr. Imani has found out that there is all this concern that her husband is gone. She says her husband is opening up a cannabis dispensary and he didn’t want anyone to know until a certain article came out later that month. Jazmin gets upset and walks away. Dr. Hobart has a mic, he takes it out and starts talking to everyone.

He tells Kendra that he is making a terrible speech. Kendra tells the women that they are all strong women, and are going to have a difference of opinion. The women all start arguing, the men go outside for some fresh air. Kendra tells all the women to be quit. Shanique and Jazmin get up and thanks to Kendra and her husband, then leave. At the door, Robert asks her why they can’t all get along.

At Shanique’s house, Robert is saying prayers with their son. Shanique is tired, she says she is trying to find something to give her balance, she doesn’t feel fulfilled from a career standpoint. What she wanted to do was get into luxury real estate.

He hears her, but the way they have things right now, there is a certain order. He tells her that she is going to have to work hard to make a name for herself, and she will have less time for the children, and he has no more time to give to them. She feels like he is not supporting her, even though he thinks he is.


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