Prodigal Son Recap 02/03/20: Season 1 Episode 13 “Wait & Hope”

Prodigal Son Recap 02/03/20: Season 1 Episode 13 "Wait & Hope"

Tonight on FOX their new crime franchise Prodigal Son airs with an all-new Monday, February 3, 2020, episode and we have your Prodigal Son recap below.  On tonight’s Prodigal Son season 1 episode 13 called, “Wait & Hope,” as per the FOX synopsis, “Malcolm takes a detour from his mandated vacation time when he finds out a killer on the loose is mimicking homicides from one his favorite children’s books, “The Count of Monte Cristo.”

With added help from a very excited Martin Whitly, the NYPD trace the case back to a high society family planning one of the biggest weddings of the season, so Malcolm and Dani get dressed up to attend the event and track down their culprit.

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Prodigal Son begins tonight with Malcolm Bright (Tom Payne) meeting with his father, Dr. Martin Whitly (Michael Sheen). Martin talks about how everyone was his best friend until they found out he was a serial killer and then he was moved to the psychiatric facility. Malcolm is the only one who kept returning to him, like a boomerang, even though he probably shouldn’t. Malcolm insists his father has no idea what he has done to him, saying he has destroyed him and Martin is nothing but a crazy old man. A sick lunatic and they never had a relationship and none of this is real. He never loved him and he will never see him again; suddenly Martin shakes himself awake from the nightmare. Mr. David arrives with news that Mr. Sudan has a good prognosis, thanks to his consultation and his privileges are being reinstated. He admits to feeling isolated lately and hasn’t spoken to his boy in weeks.

Meanwhile, Malcolm is doing meditation and yoga but keeps having bad visions, ending his session promptly. He turns on the TV to see his sister Ainsley Whitley (Halston Sage) on the news, discussing a celebrity wedding coming up. His mother Jessica Whitley (Bellamy Young) barges in with a suit, saying she is thrilled that he is finally going on vacation and brought him a gift. He tries on the white suit, something she says he looks wonderful in, but he isn’t so sure. She reminds him how important this trip is after he has been so consumed with murder and his father. He prefers to stay in New York but she has arranged for his ride and forces him to go.

Outside, Gil Arroyo (Lou Diamond Phillips) is there to escort him to the airport, also thrilled that he is going to a resort; wanting him to be happy. They receive a call and Malcolm wants to go to the crime scene, asking him to take him quickly for an in and out before the airport. Gil says he will only because he wants everyone to see him in that suit!

Once at the scene, Dani Powell (Aurora Perrineau) and JT Tarmel (Frank Harts) joke about calling him “Miami Vice” before they walk into the crime scene. The former district attorney is laying dead on the floor, revealing the murderer had the flare for the dramatic as the weapon was from the 1930s. Dr. Edrisa Tanaka (Keiko Agena) makes fun of Malcolm’s suit, saying she loves the Colonel’s chicken. Gil is glad he brought him, but she says he cannot leave until he sees that there is writing on the victim’s arms.

It is the name of one of the main characters in the Count of Monte Cristo, one of his favorite books growing up. He recalls his father reading the book to him as a child. He recounts the book to the crew, saying they could be looking for a revenge killer who is looking for poetic justice. Gil reminds him that they have the case but he is going on vacation; but when Edrisa moves the sheet, she triggers a black widow land mine. Malcolm places his hand on top of it as Gil orders, everyone, to clear the room, explaining what the black widow is. Malcolm suddenly realizes the mine is not stable as they all hear the spring has shifted. He insists he has a plan and tells his team he has a plan but his phone rings and it is the psychiatric facility; he picks it up and it is his father announcing he is back.

He explains his dilemma and that he has no idea why he picked up the phone. He tells his father that he needs to go. Martin tells Mr. David that the call went well but wonders if he should have said “I love you!” as Malcolm uses a gun to trigger the mine and jumps out the window falling out the window onto Gil’s car outside. He is able to look at Gil, JT, and Dani, saying he thinks he is going to miss this flight.

Martin is welcomed back to the group after his solitary confinement, admitting he was in a pretty bad place feeling that his son was dead and was even able to help his son deal with something explosive at work today. He worries that he doesn’t have the tools to help his son and wants to do some role-playing, and is given Hector (Armando Acevedo) to play Malcolm. Martin feels he is a changed man and wants to help, but Hector calls him a “dick” and a murderer. Martin tells him that he loves him, something he hasn’t said before. Hector refuses to say it even though it is important to Martin, who demands him to say it. Hector looks at him and says it with some hesitation.

Gil looks out the window as his car is towed away; the team trying to comfort him, saying it is only a car. Malcolm speaks to them about the story of Monte Cristo when Martin calls for Gil. Malcolm reveals he answered the phone when he was in the middle of the crime scene and offers to speak to him in private but Gil insists that he answer the phone with the entire team but isn’t sure about the whole thing. Martin feels the bomb was meant for the police and it could have to do with something the police did to help cover for Conor, the DA. Martin and Malcolm talk about the case and feel they will catch the killer by focusing on the details. Once Martin realizes there is a “lady cop” on the team, Malcolm hangs up the phone. Dani says that Martin seems nice and Malcolm reminds her that he isn’t.

Ainsley is busy with her mother, who is trying to find a dress for the Taylor wedding, which is practically American royalty. Ainsley is asked to cover it for the network. It is a big deal for Jessica to do as she has been socially exiled since Martin was identified as a serial killer.

In the meantime, Gil and the team arrive to find their next victim who is in a sword trap; if he moves in any way all the swords will come down and kill him. Malcolm slides under the wires, ordering JT and Dani to go up to the balcony. He wants them to cut each line individually as they have no one else to call. They manage to cut 3 lines and he catches one of the swords. Malcolm asks William for information, who says he didn’t see the person’s face. He knows it was his gun that killed Conor, but he knows it wasn’t Conor who did this, but Malcolm is certain he knows who this is. He blurts out that it was Kyle Taylor, one of his clients. It has to do with a boat crash, where a daughter drowned at sea; they hope to talk about it after they catch the last of the swords. JT catches the final sword just before it hits William in the face and Malcolm asks if it is okay for them to talk now.

William reveals Connor and him worked for the Taylors and handled the whole Isabella (Andrea Morales) situation. She was the cook’s daughter, she didn’t steal the boat alone as Kyle Taylor was with her and they were an item. He was drunk and high and she was underage. Kyle was able to swim to shore after and Isabella wasn’t so lucky. It is Kyle’s wedding tonight. Malcolm recalls his father calling these killings “romantic” and this count would agree. It would seem that this Count is going to kill Kyle at his own wedding. It would appear to be someone who was close to Isabella. The cook was sent back to Ecuador. Gil advises William to call his lawyer as they are not done with him. They learn Ernesto Cora (Gary Perez), the cook, re-entered the country 5 days ago and this could not be a coincidence.

The team arrives at the wedding venue when Jessica calls Malcolm, saying she tracked his flight and is sure he is on vacation, asking how the beach is. He lies saying he is enjoying himself. She says she can hear it in his voice as he admits he is doing what he loves. He cuts the call short, pointing to Kyle. They approach him, saying they have questions about Isabella. They see a crossbow, but before they can ask him anything his father walks in and ask if this can wait as his son is a bunch of nerves. He says his attorney has called, insisting that his son is safe there. They ask about Ernesto, but he tells them it is not the time nor the place as Malcolm reminds him about the murder 10 years ago. Mr. Taylor is told that 2 men have been attacked already but he is persistent that they are standing in the Taylor estate, which has the security of Fort Knox.

Malcolm reminds him that his family gained their money from bootlegging but he is told that the Police Commissioner is going to be there for the wedding and if need be, he could come in earlier. Malcolm is not fazed and tells him Ernesto worked there for years and knows the place in and out; they may have all the doors covered but what about all the hidden doorways?

Malcolm and Gil search the grounds and Malcolm finds something, going into the tunnel searching. He jokes about the wedding menu and thinking of something Ecuadorian. He finds Ernesto who shoves him out of the way, attempting to make a getaway; Malcolm gives chase onto the grounds but Gil punches him and knocks him to the ground and arrests him.

Back at the precinct, Gil reveals Ernesto hasn’t confessed, causing Malcolm to question his motive as it doesn’t fit his profile. Gil pushes him to the door saying he pulled some strings and got him on the next flight out and even a ride to the airport. He needs him to handle himself as Dani tries to drive him. Malcolm just can’t take a break. He confesses to Dani that he is afraid of himself that the more relaxed things are out there the more time he has to think about things inside. He reveals he is trapped inside so Dani asks where they are going and he admits he has a terrible idea.

The two of them go to see Martin at the hospital, who is delighted to see him and a guest. Malcolm tells Martin what happened with John and what John revealed to him. Martin admits to Dani that if he really wanted to kill his son on the camping trip, he would have done it. Dani steers the conversation to the case, as Malcolm reveals everything about the case to his father. Meanwhile, JT and Gil interrogate Ernesto about the death of his daughter, Isabella. He swears he did not kill anyone. Martin doesn’t like Ernesto for the killer either. He insists killing people isn’t easy and there is no passion nor drama there. Martin reminds them about George and Kyle Taylor – the father is forcing his son into a life he doesn’t want. The son has a motive and has the military expertise for the landmine. They suddenly realize that he will kill his father in the most public display as possible. Dani and Malcolm rush out of the hospital and Malcolm calls Gil, asking since there are a ton of cops attending the wedding are there any that could let them in. Gil knows a guy as Dani comes out in a beautiful dress and Malcolm tells her she looks “amazing.”

They arrive at the wedding where Jessica spots them, furious that she knew he would never join a conga line. She begs for them that whatever they are going to do, that they do not embarrass her. They find the groom, going into a private room. Kyle reveals that night was the worse night of his life. He loved Isabella. He tried to call the Coast Guard but his father stopped him. His father didn’t want him to ever be with Isabella and knew he was high. They could have saved her that night, but his dad said his life was worth more than hers. Malcolm pulls Dani over, saying George always made Isabella know her position in their lives. Suddenly realizing that Isabella may still be alive since they never found her body, and their count may be a countess. Ernesto may have come back to stop his daughter. He looks over and spots that the pistol is missing from the case that he saw earlier in the morning.

Jessica is being questioned by guests about Martin being a serial killer. Dani shows the last known photos of Isabella as they figure out that Isabella would go after George when he does his toast. Malcolm grabs the microphone saying he would like to say a few things about dads as that is what people do. Dani scours the crowd as Jessica denies knowing Malcolm, who gives a hideous speech about fathers. Isabella puts down the camera a picks up the antique pistol. Malcolm talks about the accident that they covered up and how it didn’t have to be so tragic. Isabella walks towards the bridal table and Malcolm tells her it isn’t worth it as she can find peace without killing.

She thanks Malcolm for his words but pulls out the gun anyways and shoots. Jessica rushes towards her son as Dani arrests Isabella. George thanks Malcolm for saving his life but he is told he should be in handcuffs too. Malcolm is hailed a hero and he admits he is Jessica’s son. Jessica says she is underwhelmed but the social scene and asks him to escort her out. She is simply happy that he looks happy in his element. Outside he sees Ainsley who jokes that murder does follow him everywhere. He reminds her that she is doing a good thing as the camera is ready for Ainsley to reveal the story. Mr. David and Martin watch the news as Martin feels that was one heck of a show, asking what they should watch next!