Teen Mom Recap 04/14/20: Season 8 Episode 17 “This Has All Been Hell”

Teen Mom Recap 04/14/20: Season 8 Episode 17 "This Has All Been Hell"

Tonight on MTV Teen Mom OG returns with an all-new Tuesday, April 14, 2020, episode and we have your Teen Mom recap below. On tonight’s Teen Mom Season 8 episode 17 as per the MTV synopsis, “Cheyenne questions the longevity of her and Matt’s relationship; to Maci’s surprise, Ryan shows up to Bentley’s birthday party; Amber accepts a plea deal and avoids serving jail time.”

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Amber has fainted. The ambulance is there. Gary waits in his truck, nervous. After the paramedics took her over, Gary takes her home. They talk about her next psych appointment. He is happy she is going.

Ryan’s parents talk about how he explodes every time they discuss Maci. They really don’t know how to help. At Maci’s, they talk about if Ryan is coming to the birthday party. Maci has done all she can. The whole thing is awkward.

Corey and Ryder are spending some time together. Cheyenne is visiting with her sister and nephew. She shares how she and her boyfriend have been fighting. They got into a fight over asparagus just last week. She doesn’t know if he is going to come to Thailand on her trip.

At Mackenzie’s, she is now spending time with her mom now that she and Josh are in a better place. Her mom is battling cancer. They sit and talk about how she wants to get back into the cheer industry.

Catelynn is with the kids getting them ready for the day while Tyler is with their friend who they bailed out of jail. She is still trying to get her life back together. They have both been trying to help her.

Cheyenne meets with her friend Remy. The two of them plan to build an event planning business together. Meanwhile, Matt tells his feeling while sharing a meal that he and Cheyenne have been arguing.

The next day, Maci and the family meet Ryan’s parents at the zoo for her child’s birthday. A little later, Ryan and his girlfriend show up. Things are instantly awkward.

At breakfast, Tyler and his friend Ashley call Catelynn to tell her that Ashley got a year in jail. She cannot believe it. They laugh on speaker, she only received 6 months. Meanwhile, Amber is at her rental house. She just wants all of this behind her.

The next day, Amber leaves court. She took a plea deal. Gary and his wife talk about how Amber still seemed upset. They just hope she doesn’t break any rules because she will have to go to jail for 5 years.

Josh is taking the kids fishing while Mackenzie and her daughter go to meet a coach at the gym. This is a good opportunity for her. She is also going to teach cheer.

Maci and Taylor try to give Ryan and Mackenzie space at the zoo to respect the order of protection.

The next day, Maci is concerned because Ryan seemed off to her. She feels like he might relapse and wishes someone would help him.

Catelynn and Tyler plan to help Ashley. She is going to stay with them and help them as she saves money and tries to get ahead.

Matt comes to see Cheyenne. She leaves tomorrow. She doesn’t know if she wants him to come or not. Their conversation doesn’t go well. He leaves.

Mackenzie and Josh talk about her job. He is good at helping her and making it work.

Amber and Gary talk. She has to start probation, go to therapy and attend parenting classes. She isn’t allowed to talk much more about it and that makes her angry.