The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart Premiere Recap 04/13/20: Season 1 Episode 1

The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart Premiere Recap 04/13/20: Season 1 Episode 1

The Bachelor Listen To Your Heart airs on ABC this evening with an all-new Monday, April 13, 2020, season 1 episode 1 and we have your The Bachelor Listen To your Heart recap below. On tonight’s The Bachelor Listen To Your Heart season 1 episode 1 premiere as per the ABC synopsis, “The next chapter in Bachelor Franchise history begins with the arrival of 20 hot, single musicians – 12 men and eight women – from across the country looking for love and musical chemistry. Who will find their musical soul mate and a lasting partnership? And who will leave as a solo act?

We will be blogging tonight’s episode of The Bachelor Listen To your Heart and you just know there are going to be tons of drama, catfights, and tears. So come back tonight between 8 PM – 10 PM for our live The Bachelor Listen To your Heart recap. While you wait for our recap make sure to check out all our The Bachelor photos, spoilers, news & more, right here!

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Tonight 20 singles arrive in the mansion to find love and they all share a passion for music. Romantic dates bring couples together while the drama pushes them apart.

Bandon Mills, 34, Private Security Detail, spent four years in Iraq as a sniper and that is when he began writing, he thinks this is what kept him alive and now he is looking for the one.

Bri Stauss, 28, Waitress, from Utah, she is very fortunate that she spends a lot of time with her nieces and nephews. She was engaged a year and a half ago, she thinks he was scared and she returned his ring.

Sheridan Reed, 27, Musician from Austin, Texas. His car is named Sheila and it is his one true love, he is looking for a co-pilot.

Bekah Purifoy, 25, Executive Assistant from Washington, DC., she doesn’t exist without musical theatre. She is looking for her soul mate.

Gabe Baker, 28, Community Organizer, from Houston, Texas. He is a big sports guy and loves music. His faith in God is the foundation of his life and he is ready to get married.

Savannah McKinley, 25, Yoga Instructor from Nashville, TN. She is a bit of a wildflower, she is looking to connect with someone emotionally.

Trevor Holmes, 29, Social Media Marketing from Thousand Oaks, CA. He is looking for someone who is loyal and is a romantic guy. A few years ago he was on American Idol.

Jamie Gabrielle, 32, Hostess from Nashville, TN. She has been on a hundred dates and ever guy she has dated cheated on her.

Chris is at the entrance to the mansion and Jamie is the first one to arrive, he welcomes her. Being the first person to arrives feels incredibly wonderful. Ryan Neal, 28, an Ophthalmic Technician from Dearborn, MI is the next person to arrive, he loves Jamie’s smile. Matt Renaudo, 32, Musician from Milford, CT arrives and barely knows Chris’ first name, let alone his last name. He has never seen any of the episodes of the Bachelor franchise. Savannah arrives next and she is full of confidence, she is not there to play games. Mel Taevin, 27, Waitress, from Brooklyn, NY arrives and feels like she is on punked. Gabe Baker, 28 from Houston, Texas is there now too.

Ryan and Jamie make an instant connection, they sit down, away from everyone else and share information on their childhood and their lives in general. Jamie feels butterflies with him and hopes no girls come in that interest him. Rudi, 24, Studio Vocalist from Nashville, TN and she is so ready. She has worked her whole life to sing for a living. Trevor walks in and Jamie has her eye on him, he thinks she is beautiful and charming.

Other people notice how Jamie dumped Ryan the moment Trevor walked in. Rudi starts to make the rounds and chat with some of the men, she really likes Matt. Meanwhile, Jamie and Trevor are really hitting it off. Michael Todd, 31, Personal Trainor from Atwater, CA walks in and he is kind of a player. Hour one and Savannah has to dodge a kiss from Michael. Russel Johnson and Chris Watson are some of the last ones to walk in. The very last one to walk in is Brandon.

Chris walks into the mansion and welcomes everyone. He tells them each week will be romantic dates, they will find out when the date cards arrive. There are twelve men and eight women, the men better get moving because there will also be a Rose Ceremony. Chris tells them to go find their rooms and see where they are staying.

The men are all feeling the pressure, some of the guys could be their competition and they don’t even know it. Brandon was awestruck by Savannah, but he is really attracted to Julia, but he is not the only one. Julia had an amazing conversation with Sheridan and would like to get to know him better. This is exactly why he is here and he can’t wait to see where this goes. Next, Brandon moves in to spend time with Brandon.

Savannah feels really lucky to be here. Julia can’t believe how many options she has had, Brandon kisses her and she goes for it. Michael tried to kiss Savannah but she wouldn’t go for it. Reality is, four men, will be going home and Matt knows it is heightened, he is happy he feels like he has a connection with Rudi. The two head in the hot tub together and he thinks it’s inevitable that they will attack each other with kisses. He asks her if she judges a person on how they kiss, she says yes she does and genuinely, he is the only connection she has in the house right now. She tells him they should wait because they will look crazy. He is confused.

Jamie is talking to Trevor and Ryan, she is hoping to make a connection with one of them. Ryan tells her that he is into her, he kisses her and she kisses him back. Next, she sits with Trevor and they have so much in common, it is insane. Jamie and Trevor go in the hot tub, he asks if he can kiss her, she says yes, and she kisses him.

Trevor had an amazing night, he woke up thinking about Jamie. He is a little nervous because there is a Rose Ceremony and who knows what will happen.

A date card arrives, “Ryan, choose someone who makes your heart sing.” He invites Jamie on an incredible adventure. Trevor wishes it was him and knows that this gives Ryan the chance to form a bond with her.

Ryan and Jamie head to Capital records where John, a Grammy-nominated producer is there to work on one of John Mayer’s songs, “Gravity.” They are going to work as a team to make a good version of the song. Meanwhile, Trevor still can’t get over that he didn’t get the date with Jamie.

Rudi is regretting not kissing Matt, she wishes she would have. Another date card arrives, “Matt, choose a woman who could be your jam.” He chooses to go speak to Mel, then Rudi. He needs to choose between the two of them. Matt chooses Mel to go on the date with him.

Ryan and Jamie are back, they tell everyone that they recorded, “Gravity.” Trevor is jealous, he can see that they are closer emotionally. Rudi is pissed that Matt tells her he would love to go on a date with her, and then he takes Mel.

Matt and Mel walk into a backyard where there is a private concert and Plain White Dudes are singing. Matt is super psyched about his date. What Matt did to Rudi has been weighing on her all day, it’s not fun to have to deal with rejection.

Time for the Cocktail Party, Chris tells everyone that he really feels the gravity in the room. The ladies are handing out the roses, there are eight of them, four men are going home. Sheridan walks outside and finds Julia and Josh making out, he interrupts. When he is alone with Julia, he plays a song for her that he wrote just for her. Julia leans in and kisses Anderson, thanks to him for the song. Matt didn’t really have a spark with Mel, now she is moving on to Gabe and he is worried. Now Matt circles back to Rudi so he can get a rose. She reminds him of their last conversation where he said he wanted to take her on the date, he says no at the time he was still trying to figure it out.

She says that is what he said, he tells her that she misinterpreted it. He says it feels like a lot, she says she doesn’t care. She says he made her feel like a dumb ass in front of everyone, she just really chopped him up. Matt hopes Rudi doesn’t bad mouth him to every other girl in the house; that is exactly what she is going. Michael and Rudi start making a connection and Bri is giving them a look, so he is confident he is going to get a rose from somebody. Ryan sits down with Jamie and tells her that the date was super dope.

He just wants to shout it to the rooftop how excited he is to spend time with her. Trevor no longer feels that he has a connection with Jamie, so he knows he needs to step up his game. Trevor sits down with Jamie and tells her that he is not trying to add pressure on her to give him a rose, he just wants to hang out with her. She says she feels very comfortable with him. Trevor pulls out a guitar and sings a song for her. She loved it, he says he was scared to play for her. Then, he kisses her, and she kisses him. Now Jamie is confused, she doesn’t trust herself at all to make the right decision.

Time to give out roses. The women will go up one at a time, if the man they choose accepts, they will leave the room together. Savannah is first, she chooses Brandon. Mel chooses Gabe. Bekah chooses Danny, Bri chooses Chris, Cheyenne chooses Matt, Julia chooses Sheridan, Jamie chooses Trevor, Rudi chooses Ryan.

Jack, Josh, Michael, and Russell are going home.