The Bachelorette Finale Recap 12/22/20: Season 16 Episode 13 “Winner Chosen”

The Bachelorette Finale Recap 12/22/20: Season 16 Episode 13 "Winner Chosen"

The Bachelorette airs on ABC this evening with an all-new Tuesday, December 22, 2020, episode, and we have your weekly The Bachelorette recap below. In tonight’s season 16 episode 13 as per the ABC synopsis, “After a shocking rose ceremony, Tayshia is excited to introduce the remaining bachelors to her family.

Her father voices concerns that she might make a big mistake. When proposal day arrives, Tayshia is so overcome with emotion that not even Chris Harrison can read her tears.

We will be liveblogging tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette 2020 and you just know there are going to be tons of drama, catfights, and tears. So come back tonight at 8 PM for our live two-hour The Bachelorette recap of tonight’s episode. While you wait for the recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for this season of The Bachelorette?

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Tayshia is in her room speaking to Ben. He should be long gone, but there is a connection and he can see it in her eyes. He is really nervous, she has a rose ceremony in an hour, but he couldn’t try one last time. Tayshia returns to the room, she tells him that she is still very shocked that he is there right now. He says he is sorry, he should have told her that he was in love with, she makes him feel different than anyone else in his life.

He was scared, it was intense, he was so confident that he would get a rose and progress to the next week and tell her how he feels. He says he even told Chris H. that he was in love with her before the rose ceremony. She asks him, if they are together, is he going to run away every time it gets hard. She says she missed him, but she has a rose ceremony tonight. He says he understands that but he couldn’t be without telling her.

She tells him that he can go to the rose ceremony. She has a lot to decide, and she will decide by then. He tells her again that he is in love with her. She sees him out, he asks if he can hug her, she hugs him, he tells her that he will see her later in the evening. And then, he leans in for a passionate kiss. He kisses her hand and leaves.

Ben showing up tonight affects everything for Tayshia. She is asking herself why she kissed him. Meanwhile, Ben can’t believe that she kissed him, he just blacked out after and he is 100% confident that he is going to get a rose.

Time for the rose ceremony. Ivan and Zac see Ben, he tells them that he was invited there. Zac can’t believe that Ben is back, this could mean that he is going home. Ivan just says, “wow.” Tayshia walks in the room and says hi to all the men. She says that fantasy suites are a pivotal moment, and it was exactly that. Then she brings up Brendan, and tells that that it just didn’t work out. But we have Ben, and she is trying to figure that out. She tells them that she cares about all of them. She asks Ivan if they can talk for a moment.

They sit together. She tells him that from the beginning they have been really strong and there is trust. But they talked about important subjects and there are things that posed concerns. At the end of the day, religion is her morals and part of her belief. He says he knows that is the roadblock for the two of them. He says he gets it, she says she is sorry. He says it sucks, but he meant every word that he was falling in love with her and he is sad that it cannot work out.

Tayshia walks Ivan out, then she tells Ben and Zac that she sent home because there was something they didn’t align on. She says this week is a big deal, because they are going to meet her family. She gives Zac a rose. And, she gives Ben a rose.

Tayshia is with her family, she tells them about Ben and how he came back after she sent him home. Her father, Demons, knew that he had to have an open mind about this whole situation. He says that Ben coming back speaks about his character. Ben says he more nervous than he has ever been in his whole life. They all toast to second chances.

Tayshia sits alone with her father, she tells him that she has liked him since day one and he was someone who she could see herself with in the end. Desmond says that he likes his background, but she doesn’t want her to have to work hard to get someone on the same page as her. Meanwhile, Ben is sitting with her mother and wants to know if it is a forever thing, he says yes. Next he sits down with Desmond and tells him that he loves her. Desmond says he looks sincere and he believes that he has good qualities.

They shake hands and Desmond feels good about Ben’s intentions. He would definitely give him a chance. Next, the family goes out and plays on scooters. Tayshia loved the day and is happy that they got to know Ben. In the end, if her father approves of Ben, that means everything. And, she swears she is falling in love with him all over again. His telling her that he love her, those are the words that she wanted to hear.

It is time for Zac to meet Tayshia’s family. Zac can see how important family is to Tayshia and wants to make sure they know how much he loves her. Zac walks into the house with Tayshia, he brings flowers and wine. Zac tells the family that the first time Tayshia lit up the room is when she was talking about them. Tayshia sits down with her dad, she tells him that Zac is a good guy, he makes her happy. Desmond asks on a scale of 1 to 10. She says 8.95, because she wants to see how they mesh. He tells her there is no rush to get engaged.

Zac is sitting with Tayshia’s mother, she tells him that she has been hurt before and they will do anything to protect her. Then she asks if he loves her, he says yes, and she told him that she loves him as well. She asks where he sees himself in five years. He says he says he says them married, happy, and still in love with each other and starting a family. Next, Zac sits down with Desmond. Zac tells him that he has been married before, he was young and partying, and not ready for it.

Desmond tells him that he doesn’t him being with Tayshia to be a test, like they are just winging it, to see if it works. He says that the other night she talked about him, how he put her through private school and he did that for her. The expectations are high, but he is not scared, he is excited and looking forward to the challenge. Desmond likes Zac, that he loves Tayshia and wants to care for her. Tayshia couldn’t ask for the day to go any better. Now, it is up to heart to decide who she wants to be with. Tayshia says her goodbye to Zac.

Tayshia has a knock at the door, it is her father. He tells her that he likes Zac and he thinks Ben is good guy, but he can’t see her hurt again; they can’t go down that path again. He tells her that he doesn’t want her to make the biggest mistake of her life. He hasn’t been able to stop thinking about her family time with Zac and Ben. Desmond means well, but Tayshia is really overwhelmed. She never wants to experience the heartache that she experience in her last marriage. Tayshia is so confused, and finds this is too much.

Tayshia meets with Zac, she is really confident where they are. But, after she spoke to her dad, she is not sure if she wants to get married again. She tells him that yesterday was fun and she can’t believe that he met her mom and dad. She asks him if he is nervous, for what the rest of this journey might look like. He says he is ready, very ready. But, he can feel the heaviness from her and it is concerning. She can have moments of doubt, but he wants her to know that he is going nowhere.

They walk into a dance room where is a couple of dance instructors who are going to show them how to dance. She tried really hard to enjoy the day, but she was really stressed with having so much going on. Zac can tell that Tayshia is nervous and just hopes that he can be her support for now and always. They did it, they aced the dance. Later the two spend time together alone, and both agree they had a great day. She says she was feeling funky before they spent the day together, but she is feeling better. The two talk and feel like they are getting closer together. She tells him that the day was really special and she feels like she is in a dream.

Ben is excited for his date, his gut tells him that he is going to propose to her and she is going to say yes. Meanwhile, Tayshia is nervous, she knows what her heart wants and it is not Ben. She sits with Ben and tells him right out that her heart is not with him. He says he was hopeful and he does love her, that does not change. He says he loves her and he wants her to be happy.

They hug each other. He tells her that he is happy for her, she walks him out. He kisses her hand again and tells her goodbye. He put all of himself into this, he looks like a broken man. He thought he was going to be her husband, he is so in love with her, he doesn’t know what to do know. Ben lost a really good thing, everything he say in her, their life would have been so good, she was perfect for him.

With one man left, today is the day. She can say wholeheartedly that Zac is her person. But there is still is a fear that when they leave there things could change. Zac loves Tayshia, and he is going to propose to the woman of his dreams. Celebrating nine years sober and being in love with this beautiful woman, means everything to Zac. She is everything that he has ever wanted in a woman.

Tayshia knows she loves Zac, but it is till scary and she wonders if it is too much too soon. Tayshia meet Chris H., she tells him it’s a big day. He says he can’t tell what is going on by looking at her. She says she loves him so much, but to be honest, she has questioned that she has never been in true love until now. She looks like she is going to break down, but she says she is just excited. She is crying and Chris H. looks worried about her, he tells her good luck.

Zac has arrives, he greets Chris H., and tells him that he feels like he is exactly where he is supposed to be. Zac makes his way to Tayshia. He has done everything in his power to get here, and if she says yes he is going to be the happiest guy in the world. He tells Tayshia that he loves her, for many reasons; he loves everything about her. And, he promises to be loyal to her. She says when she first met him she thought he was different and kind. There was one point in her life she thought she would never get marries again because she hit rock bottom.

And, she knows she told him that she loved him, but its more than that. It is this wild love that she had tried to find so many reasons that it is not real, but it is. She tells him that she loves him and will do absolutely anything to keep that huge smile on his face. He says he can’t picture another day, another moment without her in his life. He gets down on one knee, and pulls out the ring. She says yes. There’s one more thing, she gives him the final rose.