The Family Chantel Premiere Recap 10/12/20: Season 2 Episode 1 “Like Sister, Like Brother”

The Family Chantel Premiere Recap 10/12/20: Season 2 Episode 1 "Like Sister, Like Brother"

Tonight on TLC their reality show The Family Chantel premieres with an all-new Monday, October 12, 2020, episode and have your The Family Chantel recap below.  On tonight’s The Family Chantel season 2 episode 1 premiere as per the TLC synopsis, “Chantel’s older brother returns to Atlanta with his foreign bride and the family welcomes her with open arms, but their speedy marriage sparks Chantel’s suspicion.”

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It all began with Chantel. Chantel met and fell in love with Pedro. Pedro was from the Dominican Republic. It was assumed that he used Chantel, who is an American, to get to the United States and that assumption was coming from Chantel’s family. They were always mistrustful of Pedro. They doubted his every action and they forced Chantel to be in the middle. She was constantly caught up in fights between her husband and her family. There was also Pedro’s family to contend with. Pedro’s family took his side and they were horrible to Chantel. His sister has even recorded him being flirtatious with another woman because she wanted to use the video to drive between her brother and Chantel.

Both of their families were horrible. Chantel and Pedro tried to bring everyone together and it never worked out. The couple has now given up on this dream of uniting everyone. They were instead taking a breather from each other’s families and so far it’s working for them. They were living their life when Chantel’s brother Royal moved back to Atlanta. Royal was studying in Texas for years and he’s been away since the beginning of Chantel’s marriage to Pedro. The couple has been married for four years now. Pedro doesn’t know Royal all that well and what he does know was angering him.

Pedro knew that Royal was also married to an immigrant. Royal was married to Agenette who was from the Philippines and Agenette was welcomed by Royal’s family. His family treated Agenette so much better than they treated Pedro. Pedro thought that was unfair. His wife Chantel agrees with him and she thinks her family reacts differently to her husband because she was the middle daughter while Royal was the oldest son. Royal gets away with more than she does and again that’s not fair. Chantel visited the D.R. several times to get to know Pedro in person. Royal met his spouse online and he married her the first week she was in the United States.

Chantel thinks Royal didn’t give himself enough time to get to know Agenette. She doesn’t think the family has gotten to know Agenette very well and while she was happy for her brother she also had several questions to ask his wife. Royal and Agenette were back in town. They moved back and so they were going to be here for good. It was also Royal’s birthday coming up. His parents wanted to put together a birthday party for him and so everyone was invited. Even Pedro received an invitation. He like Chantel had questions about why Agenette was more accepted by everyone than he was and they started asking those questions from before the party.

Chantel asked her mother what’s the difference between Agenette and Pedro? Karen said that Royal and Agenette were honest about their relationship. They didn’t introduce Agenette to his family under false pretenses. Like, say Chantel did with Pedro. Chantel and Pedro made a bad first impression when they started off by lying. They’ve apologized for that and still, her family couldn’t let it go. They disliked Pedro. They liked Agenette. Agenette reached out to Royal online and the two of them were dating long-distance for a year. They don’t send money back to her family. Royal also said that if they did do that then it wouldn’t be anyone else’s business and so he didn’t enjoy that question.

The question came from Pedro by the way. Pedro wanted to show the family how much he and Agenette’s situation were alike and they weren’t. Her family wasn’t a problem. His family hated Chantel and tried to break them up. His sister was still making racist comments about the texture of Chantel’s hair compared to Spanish hair. His sister Nicole loved to put Chantel down even if she wasn’t there and so it’s good she finally got a man of her own. She was dating an American. She said she was in love of him and she’s already said there was a secret that she’s been keeping to herself. She didn’t reveal what the secret was. She just said it wasn’t going to get in the way of her happiness.

With Nicole busy, Chantel should have been able to live her life. She instead chose to make drama with her sister-in-law Agenette because she and Pedro were still mad that Agenette was so easily welcomed into the family. Chantel even found a reason to mistrust Agenette for being quiet. She said she mistrusts people who are more observant and not active in a conversation. Chantel and her sister Winter took Agenette out to a club. They were going dancing and Chantel noticed that her brother could be somewhat controlling with Agenette. He told Agenette he didn’t want her drinking too much.

Chantel thought Royal should but out. She wanted to get to know Agenette and Agenette said she wasn’t really much of a partier. She did seem to enjoy herself at one point at the club. Chantel took that to mean like maybe Agenette was not being truthful about being a partier and everyone was just dancing when out of nowhere Royal showed up. He came to pick up Agenette.  Agenette didn’t call him. She didn’t tell others she was ready to go home and so once again Chantel thought her brother was going too far. She confronted him outside of the club. She asked him why he showed up like he did and he said he wanted to check on Agenette. Agenette was slightly drunk. She had one drink and it was strong. And so Royal took her home.

Royal also told his wife when it was just the two of them that classy women didn’t party. Agenette asked him if Chantel was classy and he said his sister wasn’t. He didn’t like seeing his sister wear short outfits or dancing for everyone to see. He also didn’t want his wife to be like that and them leaving the club together reminded Chantel of what Royal once said to her. He said Agenette was speaking to several other American dudes online. Chantel believes was looking for an American man to date her and that marrying Royal was her master plan. And so this year, Chantel is being just as judgmental as her family.