The Good Doctor Recap 01/20/20: Season 3 Episode 12 “Mutations”

The Good Doctor Recap 01/20/20: Season 3 Episode 12 "Mutations"

Tonight on NBC their new medical drama “The Good Doctor” airs with an all-new Monday, January 20, 2020, episode and we have your The Good Doctor recap below. On tonight’s The Good Doctor season 3 episode 12 called, “Mutations” as per the ABC synopsis, “Dr. Audrey Lim, Dr. Shaun Murphy and Dr. Morgan Reznick treat a 25-year-old runner suffering from severe swelling; but when things take a turn for the worse, Dr. Murphy enlists the help of Dr. Carly Lever.

Meanwhile, Dr. Alex Park, Dr. Claire Browne and Dr. Neil Melendez treat two 16-year-old cancer patients who are dating; and Dr. Murphy and Dr. Lever work toward intimacy.

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The Good Doctor begins tonight with Dr. Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore) helping Lea Dilallo (Paige Spara) move out of the apartment. He says he loves Dr. Carly Lever (Jasika Nicole), and this will bring them back together; so Lea has to move out, although she disagrees and feels him and Carly could simply need space.

Meanwhile, the patient, Ryan (David Iacono) wants to know if Dr. Alex Park (Will Yun Lee) and Dr, Claire Browne (Antonia Thomas) will be able to remove the tumor and spare his kidney. In walks in Angie (Alyssa Jirrels) who Claire knows from doing her chemo report. Ryan reveals they did chemo together; she jokes that she lost a tumor and gained a boyfriend.

Dr. Morgan Reznick (Fiona Gubelmann), Shaun, Dr. Audrey Lim (Christina Chang) speak to patient James McDougal (Thomas Cadrot) who has extremely swollen legs. His usual medication doesn’t work as Morgan questions his health. He insists that only running is what saves his health, his marriage, and his life. Lim starts him on a broad spec antibiotic.

Dr. Aaron Glassman (Richard Schiff) is visited by Morgan who insists his therapy for her is working. She admits being queasy and suggests getting a medication that doesn’t irritate her stomach. He is persistent that he enjoys working in the clinic and sends her off to work.

Claire meets with Dr. Neil Melendez (Nicholas Gonzalez), as she gently wants to bring up Ryan’s determination to bring his girlfriend to prom should not be a factor there. Neil learns about the two lovebirds and calls them “Idiots”. They review the scans and find that Ryan’s tumor is gone, saying the chemo worked better than they expected and give him discharge forms. He hugs Angie closely, but when they spin around Angie falls to the ground having a seizure.

Shaun deals with James McDougal, asking them to page Morgan in the meantime; but she is busy in the washroom vomiting.

Imaging has confirmed the recurrence of Angie’s brain tumor, stage 3. The best approach is surgery followed by radiation and chemo, approximately 8 months of it. Her mother encourages her but she finds out they need a few days to figure out the best approach. She says she needs to go to the prom with Ryan like a normal kid, but Alex tells her that her immune system is down and she is at risk for seizures. Her mom suggests they can get all dressed up after she is recovered and go to the Grand View.

Alex tells his colleagues how much prom sucked, getting so drunk and not even making it to the dance. Neil, of course, was the Prom King and his date was Queen. Claire says she had the dress, the dates and the moms who got arrested and spent the night while she was there; barfing while she as there. Neil books the surgery for Friday with the best surgeons ever.

Dr. Marcus Andrews (Hill Harper) is doing surgery with Audrey but Shaun does not feel this is not cancer at all. Meanwhile, Dr. Glassman meets with Neil and Claire, giving them their options for Angie’s surgery options. Neil wants Glassman to scrub in as it would be a huge value to have him there; he promises to consider it.

Shaun barges into the lab, giving Carly some work to do and informs her that Lea moved out this morning. He really wants to talk things through; she says they are okay but tonight she has plans with a friend who just got fired but would love to see him tomorrow night. She kisses him before he leaves.

Morgan gets a jump on things with Andrews, suggesting writing a paper with him, over breakfast. Angie’s mom puts space between Ryan and Angie, suggesting his immune system is weak and it would be too easy for him to pick up a bug; something Claire overhears. Claire suggests that Ryan wears a mask but her mother insists and changes the status to “no visitors’ on her chart.

Carly brings up James McDougal’s chart and it turns out that he has a genetic mutation that will cause him to drown from the inside; and soon! Carly presents the condition to the medical team and what type of treatment they could give him, but there are too many side effects. She offers good luck but Audrey wants her to stay and help; which she agrees.

Alex and Claire on doing Angie’s scans when Angie is depressed that Ryan bailed on her since she got sick. Claire is about to tell her the truth, but Alex stops her; so he lies saying Ryan was probably busy catching up at school. She says they made a pact that cancer wouldn’t break them but it did! Claire leaves to confront Angie’s mother, saying the depression could have a negative effect on her surgical outcome. She brushes off Claire’s concerns.

The team works hard on various treatments for James, trying to find the one with the least amount of side effects. Shaun feels it is exciting that they are working together but Carly admits she prefers working with slides and paperwork. He promises her she will be fine.

Marjorie McDougal (Caitlin Stryker) wants to know how James is reacting to treatment and Morgan sees improvement, but his potassium is a little low asking Carly to give it to him before she runs off to the bathroom again, confusing Carly.

Alex, Neil, and Claire are reviewing Angie’s case; Claire worried about what she is facing after the surgery, as what she wants is so simple. Neil wants to know if there is a way of doing this without antagonizing mother and suggests Claire does it.

Shaun and Carly are thoroughly enjoying alone time at the apartment; finally reaching spots he has never been before and he is very okay with it. She suddenly rolls off of him, as he asks if he did something wrong but she tells him it was her. She thought they were okay and isn’t mad, but then his alarm goes off and it is Morgan; their patient James has an upper GI bleed.

Back at the hospital, they are trying to locate the source of the bleed as the team reassembles. Carly comes in, suggesting they do a transgenetic zebrafish mutation for James; if they can make all these embryos they could have answers for the medications by tomorrow afternoon. Audrey tells Carly and Shaun to get working on it together in the lab. In the lab, Shaun wants to know how to make things okay between them but Carly doesn’t have an answer, which frustrates him and confuses her.

Morgan gets caught drinking a special drink at the hospital and Glassman is onto her vomiting. He feels they should try another medication, reminding her she could throw up into her next patient; but her solution is not eating any solid food. Richard is very concerned.

In the lab, they have 40 fish tanks as Shaun acknowledges Claire is going to be able to throw a party. She asks how Shaun is doing since his father passed away but he says he doesn’t think of her very much; sharing how often she thinks of her recently deceased mom. He reminds her it is okay not to love her as they didn’t make them who they are.

Claire comes to see Angie, after finding out that her mother has gone home she says there is one more thing they need to do. Angie is fed up with tests and wants to be depressed in bed but a nurse comes in with two prom dresses; making her thoroughly smile when she learns her date will be there soon.

All the medications are in all the fish tanks, as Shaun says it is hard to be patient. Carly reminds him that how the fish’ bodies respond to the medications, that is how she felt last night with him. She was thought she was ready to be together but her body had a different response. She admits their mutation was him going to Wyoming with Lea but does think they can find their right medication; giving him hope.

Everyone stands in the halls as Angie emerges from her room, Ryan has on his corsage, telling her that she looks amazing. She chose the pink dress, but before he can come to her Neil gives him a face mask. The teen lovebirds walk into a room, made just for their prom with beautiful balloons and sparkling lights, dancing to Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect”. Neil asks Claire to dace with the Prom King and they join in the festivities.

James stops talking and they have no time, there is too much fluid around his heart; they are running out of time; the procedure needs to be done right there.

Claire runs into Angie’s mother, telling her that it is prom and Ryan has been wearing his mask all night. Her mother, nods, giving her Angie’s teddybear and asking her not to let her stay up too late. Shaun is struggling that James is not doing well as they continue to cross off fish with tumors.

Angie is brought into surgery, hugging her mom before she heads into the OR. Angie asks what if she wakes up and doesn’t remember Ryan at all. Claire tells her then she will have the chance to fall in love with him all over again.

Audrey comes in and makes Shaun and Carly choose one, together they pick jebetnip; which doesn’t mean it is the safe one nor right one but it is their safest choice. They give James the medication and hope for the best as Carly watches anxiously from the hallway. Shaun looks back but she is gone.

Angie’s surgery is immobile, Neil feels if he keeps going he is going to kill her. Glassman stares for a few moments as Neil informs them to tell ICU Angie is coming sooner than they planned; Richard does nothing.

Angie’s mom is told there is nothing left as her cancer is unlikely to respond to anything. She feels Angie would want to try but she begins seizing. In the meantime, Shaun finds Carly crying in the lab. She admits she found James on Facebook and learns all about their life together. He isn’t a slide but a person and he might die; this is why she likes to stay in the lab. Shaun feels that it is a dumb thing to say because had she stayed in the lab James would probably be dead already. Her plan gave him a chance; a beautiful, perfect idea from a beautiful almost perfect person. Then he tells her that her ear lobes are loped sided. Carly leans into Shaun to hug her.

Neil and Claire apologize for not being able to save Angie, just as Ryan and his father walk in. Ryan rushes to hug her as she sobs over the death of her daughter. Claire excuses herself, as does Neil.

Morgan tells Carly and Shaun it was a nice call on the zebrafish and both can see that James is alert and talking to his wife Marjorie. Together they take hands and walk off smiling.

Marcus wants to meet weekly with Morgan about their paper, lunch every Tuesday in the cafeteria. Morgan returns to see Glassman, admitting he is right about another medication as she needs solid food.

Neil chases after Claire, who says she is just tired. He reminds her of the loving thing she just did. Claire is angry, shouting she can’t be angry at someone for dying. He reminds her that isn’t true and she lets out her frustrations on how she was sick and trying to get better. Neil knows this is about her mother. Claire hates feeling this way and doesn’t know how to stop feeling this way. He feels therapy and time will help and there is one other thing that has helped him.

Shaun and Carly are home and she agrees they fixed their mutation as Neil and Claire take off on a jog through the part, competing against each other. Shaun smiles widely as he lays beside a sleeping Carly.