The Voice Finale Recap 05/18/20: Season 18 Episode 16 “Finale Part 1”

Tonight on NBC’s Emmy Award-winning musical competition The Voice airs with an all-new Tuesday, May 18, 2020, season 18 episode 16 “Finale Part 1s,” and we have your The Voice recap right below. On tonight’s The Voice season 18 episode 16 “Finale Part 1” as per the NBC synopsis, “In the final phase of the competition, the final artists perform in front of coaches Kelly Clarkson, Nick Jonas, John Legend and Blake Shelton to compete for the title of The Voice.

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The Five Finalists performed tonight! Unfortunately, the judges and the contestants weren’t in the studio. They normally would have worked together on their performances and this pandemic has changed that as well as a lot of things. The pandemic even changed how the finalists reached their audience. The contestants were all working from home and so were the judges. They working remotely in order to stop the spread of the coronavirus. They were also working to put together a still incredibly final and so it was on with the show. The first vocalist tonight was CammWess from Team John.

CammWess has had quite a journey on this season of the “The Voice”. He has been shuffled around and he’s now with the man who believed in him first. He was with John. John still worked with him. Together they decided on the song “Purple Rain” for CammWess. This was a gamble for CammWess because everyone knows this song and so he had to do it justice. He had to honor the original artist i.e. the late Prince and he also had to make the song his own. CammWess rearranged the song with John’s help. They slowed it down and turned into more of a melody. CammWess did really great with the song. He even wore a purple suit to go with it and his confidence carry the performance.

Another thing that had been great was the production value. There was a fog machine and special lighting. CammWess really turned the whole thing into a performance people would pay to see. It was just that good and so his performance came to be the one to top. Up next was Todd Tilghman. He was on Team Blake and he was a country musician. He later performed “I Can Only Imagine” because his coach had thought the song would be a great fit for him. Todd has this raspy voice that was great with any song, but Blake chose this one because he knew Todd as a pastor would be able to emotionally connect to the song and he wanted America to see that side to Todd.

Todd ended up having fun with this song. He performed from his church and he got really into it. He started dancing. He was smiling. He was just overcome with emotion and that made the performance. Todd received a standing ovation from Blake. He also received praise from the judges. He made Kelly cry and she said she couldn’t wait to go to his church because she feels he’d be an amazing pastor. Todd told her she was invited anytime she would like. She can always come down there and so Todd has himself a fan in Kelly. He also had John on his side. John had enjoyed the performance as well. He liked what he saw and he couldn’t wait for the original song.

The contestants got to perform an original song. NBC was the parent company to shows like “Songland” and so the contestants got their picks of original songs they could choose. Micah Iverson was the first to perform an original song. He performed the song “Butterflies”. He chose it because it had sounded like a pop hit to him and he gave a strong performance. Micah was great to work with. He was on Team Kelly and she thought this song would definitely be on the radio. Micah had been right to choose it. It had sounded great and it was a song many could connect with because it was about falling in love.

Thunderstorm Artis was the next artist with an original song. He performed “Sedona” which was written by Ryan Tedder and not only was a member of OneRepublic, but he was also on “Songland” and so Thunderstorm received a great amount of help. He had Ryan and his coach Nick. Thunderstorm was Team Nick and Nick coached him through his performance for tonight. Thunderstorm accompanied himself on the guitar. It was a beautiful song that highlighted his guitar skills and his beautiful voice. He was an amazing artist. The judges all noticed it and they congratulated him on the growth he’s shown so far.

Toneisha Harris went next. She was the only female in the finale and she was on Team Blake. Blake was also the only coach with more than one artist in finale. His odds this year of taking the title was higher than everyone else and he had Toneisha to thank. She almost came on the show years ago. She had planned on it when sadly her son became sick and she had to stay home to take care of him. Her son is now grown up. He gets to watch her perform and she performed the song “Forever Yours, Faithfully”. It was a great song selection for her. She showed off that wonderful voice and she also got to thank the people in her life who’ve helped her here.

Todd had his second go-around next. This time he performed an original song titled “Long Way Home”. It reminded Todd of when he was first beginning in the competition and how he would get intimidated by looking at the other artists. He saw how great everyone else is. It made him doubt himself and he was only now just realizing how talented he was. Todd has a great voice. It helped him get to the Final Five and so he just needed to believe in himself more. Todd’s original song captured those feelings. It got to tell his story with this song and his fans will be downloading it from iTunes as soon as possible.

All the songs are going to be available to download. Everyone should take advantage of it and get the music while they can. The original songs have been absolutely great this year. CammWess was the next one to perform with an original song and he sang “Save It For Tomorrow”. The song was perfect for his voice. His coach thought it was radio-worthy because of how catchy it is and so this could be another hit for CammWess. He had a pretty good night overall. He hit it out of the park with both performances and so there’s a serious possibility he could be the winner this year. And if so, good for him.

Micah went next. He’s already performed his original song and so this second performance was his cover of the hit song “Chasing Cars”. It was pretty good. Micah was surrounded by his family and they could be seen in the background. Micah took comfort in their presence. He was confident with this song. He showed it off very well and the judges liked it. There was a little sound problem with Nick’s mike. He was speaking, but no one could hear him and so the other judges had to say how proud they were and they spoke for Nick.

Toneisha was the last one with an original song. She performed her new hit “My Superhero” and she looked so good. Toneisha dressed up for the performance. She put on this beautiful gold dress and whoever did her makeup was amazing. Toneisha was dressed to the nines and giving a concert. Her voice was also good tonight. Her original song was the perfect selection for her voice and so she really got to show her range.

Thunderstorm was the last of the night. He performed “What A Wonderful World” and it was such a great song. Its what the world needed at the moment. Thunderstorm was as always at its best and it helped that he dedicated this performance to his partner in life.

Thunderstorm gave a perfect ending to a night filled with talent.


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