The Voice Finale Recap 05/19/20: Season 18 Episode 17 “Winner Announced”

Tonight on NBC’s Emmy Award-winning musical competition The Voice airs with an all-new Tuesday, May 19, 2020, season 18 episode 17 “Finale Part 2 – Winner Announced,” and we have your The Voice recap right below. On tonight’s The Voice season 18 episode 17 “Finale” as per the NBC synopsis, “The star-studded finale will unveil incredible new performances and reveal who America has chosen to be the winner.

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The Season 18 Finale was one for the books! The judges came together with celebrity guests to perform Pete Townshend’s “Let My Love Open the Door” as their opener and it was great to see current and former judges together again. Three out of the four judges were also seated in red chairs. The only one that didn’t have the iconic chair was Blake. His chair came to him in the form of a doll’s chair and so it was pretty funny to see him excluded. Blake blamed Nick. Nick laughed it up and it was in the middle of all this laughter that the judges welcomed their newest coach. This was Nick’s first season after all. He thought he was just going to be participating in the show and it turns out this season was met with so much adversity.

The show was operating remotely because of the current pandemic. John didn’t want the coronavirus to stop him from celebrating and so he performed the song from the hit show “Cheers”. He changed a few words to match the time we’re living in and it had been a great way to welcome Nick. Nick performed again later on with his brothers. They played their newest song and they had rocked it out. The Jonas Brothers can always be counted on to rock it out. Its what they’re known for and they never disappoint. Blake got to perform as well. He later had a duet with one of his protégés. He sang with Todd Tilghman. They performed “Authority Song”.

“Authority Song” was three parts of rock and one part country. Or at least that’s how sounded when Blake was performing and so he had fun with his performance. He and Todd’s duet worked out. They both got to shine and they made the song into their own. The show also connected Todd with friends and family who lived far away and so he still had his fanbase supporting him in spite of their current situation. Speaking of the situation, the show dedicated their next performance from John to the essential workers. The nurses and the doctors that were putting their lives on risk were honored with a special performance. They even received an encore because John couldn’t help himself.

The show also thanked several foundations for donating to the St. Francis Medical Center. It was a great time to give back because the hospital like St. Francis and many others needed all the help they could get. The show also carried on with more performances. Lady Antebellum called in to perform. They were all in different locations and yet they were still a much-beloved group when they started singing. A lot can be done remotely. People hadn’t really believed in it at first and now everything was being done at home. It turns out its just as good as having them in the studio. It’s a lot safer and that’s what counts.

Thunderstorm Artis also got to perform with his coach. Their duet was based on the song “You’ll Be In My Heart” by Phil Collins. It was originally on the Tarzan soundtrack. Which was one a great movie and two an amazing soundtrack? Nick and Thunderstorm chose the song because again it offers hope during these dark days. They had rearranged it to their tastes and while it sounded okay – it sort of lost the appeal of the original song. The original song was so sweet and heartbreaking at the same time. The duet’s rendition didn’t encapture that. It was lacking and was one of the few performances tonight that didn’t hit the mark.

It also wasn’t just hospitals that were being recognized. Food Banks were given their due as well and Blake performed in honor of them with his girlfriend Gwen. They performed “Nobody But You”. They sounded great together. It was clear they performed with each other before and so their duets were a great highlight. The show had dug some old performances from the judges. They showed off former judges and people got to see how much “the Voice” has changed over its 18 seasons. There were performances with Adam, Christina, Alicia, and even CeeLo. The show went into their vaults to get these performances. And it was great going down memory lane.

Also, did you know NBC was supposed to broadcast the Olympics this summer? It was sadly postponed, but the judges still got in the spirit of the competition and they all partook in one Olympic level game. Blake did curling, John did swimming, Nick did Ping-Pong, and Kelly tried to get horseshoe throwing considered as an Olympic level event. They all got to play around. They also listened in as CammWess finally got to perform his duet with his coach John. They performed “Rocket Man” by Elton John. They sang beautifully together and their duet was one of the strongest. They really did sound lovely.

Kelly then performed. Her performance was another tribute to essential workers. She performed in several languages and so her message was one of inclusion. She did her best to reach out to everyone. There was another performance with Blake. He performed his duet with Toneisha Harris. They did the song “Don’t Stop”. It was fun and lighthearted. They clearly enjoyed themselves as they danced to it. They also got the rest of the judges dancing as well. The duets continued. Kelly went next with her contestant Micah Iverson. They performed “I Run To You” and there was both a Pop flare and a country mix to it. Perhaps because of Kelly’s voice which sometimes goes country because she is from Texas.

The performances wen on. There was a children’s choir at one point and Nick even sang his latest song. The proceeds from the song would go on to feed many Americans that need it and so hopefully the song does well online. Bon Jovi also played. There was an interesting performance from them and so the night was full of celebrities.

All night there’s been a celebration. They were all celebrating an unforgettable season and soon it came time to reveal the winners. But first the contestants all thanked their coaches. Their coaches were the reason they’ve made it this far and so they all had finals words right before the big reveal.

Now for the big reveal…

Micah Iverson came in fifth place.

CammWess came in fourth place.

& the winner of the Voice turned out to be Todd Tilghman!

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