The Young and the Restless Spoilers Update: Thursday, August 13 – George Breaks Adam’s Bubble – Jack SOS Call – Sharon Surprise

The Young and the Restless Spoilers Update: Thursday, August 13 – George Breaks Adam's Bubble - Jack SOS Call – Sharon Surprise

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers update for Thursday, August 13, teases that we’ll see some surprises and big decisions. At home, Sharon Newman (Sharon Case) awakens from a nap. She admits she’s sore and frets over talking in her sleep.

Rey Rosales (Jordi Vilasuso) insists it was nothing to worry about, but a curious Sharon pushes Faith Newman (Alyvia Alyn Lind) to spill.

Faith admits Sharon was saying a word she taught them not to say. She laughs at how Sharon was saying “bleep cancer” over and over. Sharon does some exercises and talks to Faith about her schoolwork.

Faith admits she has to read Little Women, so Sharon lies that it was her favorite book and suggests she’ll reread it so they can discuss it.

After Faith skips off happily, a suspicious Rey questions Sharon about her so-called favorite book. Sharon confesses she’s never read it, but she wants to help. When Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) arrives, Rey subtly tries to get rid of her. Sharon argues that she wants to see Victoria, so Rey takes off.

Sharon admits to Victoria that Rey’s driving her a bit crazy and thanks her for the gift basket. Victoria reflects on Sharon helping her after she was injured, so she points out she’s a good listener and wants to return the favor.

Sharon brings Victoria up to speed on the latest cancer details and stays optimistic. She admits to using foul language in her sleep, but Victoria thinks she deserves that.

Sharon swears she’s not holding back any deep, dark emotions. She wants to hear about Victoria, who admits she’s in the “big chair again” at Newman Enterprises. Victoria thinks Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) has his own worries now.

At Crimson Lights, Adam acknowledges that George the caretaker’s flight should be arriving soon. Chelsea Lawson (Melissa Claire Egan) thinks she should go instead and tell George that something came up. Chelsea just wants to go back to their lives, so she begs Adam to let her send George home.

However, Adam wants answers and needs Chelsea to trust him. As soon as George tells them the truth, everything will change. Chelsea seems worried as she admits she knows.

At Society, Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) contacts George and leaves a message. Victor wants George to give him a ring before he speaks with Adam. Meanwhile, Summer Newman (Hunter King) and Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) are also there conducting some business.

Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) greets Jabot’s newest powercouple and gets reassurance that they’re handling things.

In Thursday’s Y&R episode, Jack confesses to having a few extra things on his plate – like trying to be a good son. He’s dealing with a tricky time and wants to get it right. Kyle mentions Dina Mergeron (Marla Adams) and decides to go visit her, so Summer opts to tag along.

Jack moves over to the bar and wonders what Adam’s done now, which leads to Victor trashing Kyle a bit. The fact that Victor went there tells Jack this is indeed about Adam. Jack thinks maybe it’s time for Victor and Adam to just give up on a father-son relationship.

Victor brings up Jack using Adam against him in the past. Jack’s always trying to take something from him according to Victor. Jack realizes he’s struck a nerve and doesn’t think Adam has the same tools that Kyle has to maintain a true relationship with Victor.

The more time Adam spends with Victor, the more dangerous it is for him. It’s in Adam’s DNA – and in Victor’s.

At the Abbott mansion, Kyle’s bummed about not being able to get through to Dina. Summer thinks maybe the key is listening, so Kyle pulls up a song Dina likes. Afterward, Dina’s upset over the end of the song, so Kyle ponders the strange vibe.

He feels like Dina had something she wanted to tell them and didn’t know how.

Jack gets an SOS call, but he offers parting words of wisdom to Victor. If Adam’s toxic, Jack thinks Victor should walk away. Victor tells Jack to please refrain from giving him further advice.

Back at the Abbott mansion, Jack talks to Kyle and Summer after calming Dina down. Dina mentioned the name “Bixley,” which clearly means something to her.

At the Chancellor mansion, Chloe Mitchell (Elizabeth Hendrickson) texts Kevin Fisher (Greg Rikaart) from upstairs. Chloe has some things that she needs Kevin to bring up, including strawberries and antacid for her heartburn.

Suddenly, Esther Valentine (Kate Linder) appears in a panic and begs Kevin to come help her NOW.

Afterward, Kevin complains to Esther about the giant deluxe pirate ship playset that four men in eyepatches are putting together. He gripes about Esther going overboard when the kid hasn’t even been born yet.

Esther’s overcompensating for the past with Chloe, but Kevin feels like she gave Chloe everything she needs. Esther admits she didn’t give Chloe a father.

Kevin reflects on his own violent, terrifying father and how that affected him. He’s concerned about being a dad to a boy, but Esther gushes about what a wonderful man he is. Kevin and Esther manage to help each other feel better about their situations.

In Thursday’s Young and the Restless episode, Adam and Chelsea welcome George to their home. They make small talk about good memories on the farm, but Adam quickly shifts the conversation to Alyssa Montalvo and asks if George remembers her.

Adam mentions Alyssa growing up without a father, so that leads to questions about AJ Montalvo and how he died. George wonders why they’re talking about this, so Adam suggests Alyssa never got the whole truth.

Adam tells the official story, but George brings up Victor and wonders when he’ll get there. He notes that Victor left him a message of his cell phone, but Adam insists Victor isn’t coming.

Adam argues that what happened to AJ wasn’t accidental and thinks it’s crazy that Victor’s blaming him. He needs to hear the truth from George, so George finally gets that he’s being pumped for information. Adam knows George could never lie to his mother; he doesn’t think George can lie to him either.

George wants no part of this and pushes Adam to take him back to the airport. He’ll call a cab if Adam won’t take him. George grows increasingly agitated as Adam pushes him to answer questions. “I said NO!” George shouts. Adam takes a call from Connor Newman (Judah Mackey), who’s upset about not being picked by the other kids for soccer.

George is touched by how Adam handles the dilemma. “A father’s love is a special thing,” George admits. George reflects on a different little boy being upset about someone trying to hurt his mother.

He mentions Victor wanting to protect Adam back then – only what happened was so much worse. George agreed to keep the secret since it was too much for a little boy to handle.

Adam’s still in denial, but George assures him it’s true, though he wishes it weren’t. While George is washing up, Adam gazes out the window. He tells Chelsea that Victor must’ve gotten to George, but Chelsea feels like George sounded sincere.

Adam insists it wasn’t him – or at least it won’t be until he understands this. He reflects on when he was Spider from Vegas and couldn’t wrap his head around things until he got his memories back. It was unnerving, but it was nothing like this.

Adam doesn’t understand why Victor never used this secret before, but he starts to accept that he killed a man and locked the door on it. He wants to unlock that door and wishes he knew how.

Later, Adam bangs on Sharon’s door until she says to come in. Sharon asks what he’s doing there, so Adam insists he needs Sharon’s help – and it can’t wait.

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