The Young and the Restless Spoilers Update: Wednesday, August 26 – Sharon Finds Adam After Murder Memory – Theo & Lola Steamy Step

The Young and the Restless Spoilers Update: Wednesday, August 26 – Sharon Finds Adam After Murder Memory – Theo & Lola Steamy Step

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers update for Wednesday, August 26, teases that some shocking moments are on the way. At Sharon Newman’s (Sharon Case) place, she’s there with Rey Rosales (Jordi Vilasuso) when Chelsea Lawson (Melissa Claire Egan) arrives in a panic.

Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) didn’t come home last night. Chelsea doesn’t know where Adam is – and this time, she fears he might be gone for good.

Sharon doesn’t believe Adam would leave without saying anything, but Chelsea insists Adam took some of his clothes and an overnight bag. Chelsea thinks Adam put Sharon in this emotional state, but Rey argues that Chelsea doesn’t get to blame Sharon for a grown man’s choices. Sharon’s dealing with enough as it is.

Chelsea’s apologetic and insists she just wants answers. She reflects on the last time Adam left town, so Rey mentions that Adam went to Vegas. Chelsea wonders if that’s where Adam is. She starts spinning out a bit and worries about what she’ll tell Connor Newman (Judah Mackey).

Sharon doesn’t think Chelsea should tell Connor anything until there’s something to tell and adds that Adam probably just needed some time to himself. Once Chelsea’s gone, Sharon asks Rey to pack some of her things. Rey’s stunned by the idea of Sharon dashing off to Vegas to look for “that guy,” but Sharon says she’s going to Kansas instead.

Sharon also gets on the phone with Victor Newman (Eric Braeden). “I need you jet – and I need it right now,” Sharon insists. After Sharon hangs up, Rey wonders why she’s so sure Adam’s in Kansas. Sharon thinks that’s the only place where Adam can fill in the missing pieces.

Rey feels like Sharon should’ve just told Chelsea and let her handle this. Sharon thinks Adam needs professional help – and not from a stranger. It has to be Sharon or else it could cause a setback.

“If I lose you because of him…” Rey says. “You won’t! I’m yours!” Sharon replies. She convinces Rey that she’s the only person who can get through to Adam. Rey contends that Sharon’s going anywhere until she gets approval from her doctor. Sharon phones the doc and gets the approval she needs.

Rey would die if anything happened to Sharon just because she has a “misplaced sense of obligation” when it comes to Adam. Rey recalls how Sharon tried to help Adam remember who he was after he came back from Vegas.

It led to them temporarily breaking up, but Sharon insists that won’t happen again. She doesn’t want Rey to argue with her about helping Adam because he’s not going to win.

Rey surprises Sharon by pushing her to let him come along on this trip. Sharon would like that, but they don’t have a lot of time. Rey rushes upstairs to pack for two. At the ranch, Chelsea wants Victor’s help to find Adam in Vegas. Victor insists Adam’s in Kansas based on Sharon’s hunch – and he let her take the jet there.

“I should be on that jet, not Sharon,” Chelsea snarls. She wants Victor to call up the pilot and have the jet turned around. Victor refuses and feels like Sharon wants to help Adam, but Chelsea thinks Sharon just wants to keep her away from him.

Victor argues Adam needs professional help for the “storm that’s about to be unleashed in his head.” Chelsea rants about how it took forever for Adam to come back into their lives and she won’t lose him now. “Not for anyone or anything,” Chelsea declares in Wednesday’s Young and the Restless episode.

In Kansas, Adam enters the farmhouse and looks around. Adam looks a bit unnerved as he approaches the table he once cowered under as a boy. After rummaging around, Adam finds the tablecloth he remembered during his session with Sharon.

Once Adam drapes the tablecloth across the table, he gets underneath it – recreating his experience from when he was younger.

Adam’s mind takes him back to that night. As AJ Montalvo was leaving, Adam jumped out and warned him to leave his mother alone. “What are ya gonna do about it, kid?” AJ asks in the flashback.

Young Adam’s rage explodes as he lunges toward AJ – leaving him on the floor with a pool of blood around his head. Adult Adam’s in distress as Sharon arrives. “What have I done?” Adam says in horror.

Back in Genoa City, Theo Vanderway (Tyler Johnson) compliments Lola Rosales (Sasha Calle) on her look for their “no razzle dazzle” date. Lola wants a hint about what Theo has in store, so he admits he’s planned something that’s “very near and dear” to her heart.

At Crimson Lights, Kyle Abbott’s (Michael Mealor) pleased by the work Summer Newman (Hunter King) did in Chicago. Summer suggests replacing Theo won’t be as complicated or take as long as they thought. Kyle goes on and on about Jabot’s acquisition of Newman’s media division, but Summer admits she has plans that include Kyle. Jabot will have to wait!

In the park, Summer’s got a picnic set up. Kyle enjoys fun banter with Summer, but he wonders what the reason for this picnic is. Summer wants to make up for the time apart. She’s realized she wants to spend more nights and perfect days like this one with Kyle.

Summer and Kyle enjoy watching the clouds, including one that looks like an elephant and one that looks like Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow). Kyle mentions his “man-to-man chitchat” with Nick. “Oh no,” Summer says. “Did you talk about me?” Summer doesn’t want to know what her “obsessively protective” father said in his ambush, but Kyle updates Summer anyway.

Summer finds out about Kyle’s open relationship joke and wonders if he’s crazy. Kyle thinks it worked out in the end. Both Kyle and Nick want what’s best for Summer. They almost ended up “hugging it out” according to Kyle.

Summer suggests she’d say couldn’t be happier, but she could indeed be happier. Kyle’s perplexed by that news and wonders how. Summer says it’s time to get into the real reason why she brought Kyle there. She reflects on how their lives are woven together; nothing can keep them apart.

Kyle knows they’ve made mistakes along the way, so Summer brings up their marriage. After Kyle accepts responsibility for that, Summer points out that it wasn’t all bad since they saved Lola. Talk turns to how Summer doesn’t believe in fairytales or want any of that happily ever after stuff.

Summer just wants everything authentic and equal between them – just building a life with each other. “Let’s move in together,” Summer suggests. Kyle hesitates to accept, so Summer thinks he must have reservations. She doesn’t care what anybody thinks and wants to come home to Kyle.

This is a huge step, but Summer wants this and hopes Kyle does, too. Kyle makes Summer wait for his answer, but eventually gives her a “yes, absolutely” and suggests they go try cohabitating. In their suite, Kyle starts stripping down with Summer as they agree living together feels right.

Back with Lola, she talks about how much she enjoyed her food truck date. Theo’s glad, but he intends to keep his promise of taking her on that Manhattan adventure. Lola thinks that sounds extravagant and preferred their “totally casual” date today.

Later, Theo wishes their date didn’t have to end, so Lola contends it doesn’t have to. They talk about how it’d be a buzzkill if Lola took Theo up to her apartment since that’s where she made a home with Kyle. Lola hints about going to Theo’s place instead.

Theo starts making excuses, so Lola wonders what the problem is. Theo wakes up too late for his housekeepers to do their job, so Lola realizes he thinks the “cleanliness level” isn’t up to her standards. Since Lola grew up with older brothers, it’s no big deal to her.

After scrambling to clean up, Theo lets Lola come in his suite and suggests watching TV. Theo rambles about trying to find the remote, so Lola pushes him to admit why he’s so nervous. Theo denies it and argues that he just wants everything to be perfect. If they “do this,” it changes everything and there’s no going back.

In Wednesday’s Y&R episode, Lola makes it clear that she isn’t on the rebound or trying to prove she’s over Kyle. She assures Theo that she wants to be there with him. Jazzy music plays as Lola struts over to shut the door – and the “do not disturb” sign swings on the knob.

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