TLC 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days Recap 04/19/20: Season 4 Episode 9 “Should’ve Known Better”

TLC 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days Recap 04/19/20: Season 4 Episode 9 "Should've Known Better"

Tonight on TLC their popular reality show 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days airs with an all-new Sunday, April 19, 2020 episode and we have your 90 Day Fiancé Before the 90 days recap below for you. On tonight’s 90 Day Fiancé Before the 90 Days season 4 episode 9 “Should’ve Known Better,” as per the TLC Synopsis “Lisa and Usman plead their case to get married. Stephanie meets Erika’s friends. Avery questions Ash’s professional relationships. David prepares to meet Lana. Yolanda updates Karra on Williams. Geoffrey opens up to Varya’s mom. Darcey gets focused.

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Geoffrey came clean. He was an ex-con. He spent thirty months in federal prison for dealing drugs as a kid and he confessed as much to Varya. It was now up to Varya to decide what she wanted to do with the information. She had already introduced him to her mom. She believed they were in deep and so she felt she should have been told earlier. Varya would have felt differently if she knew he was an ex-con. She wasn’t someone to get into trouble. She tried to do her best in everything she did even if it meant in life or work and so she was truly stumbling with the idea Geoffrey has been to prison.

He’s changed since the incident. He went to college. He has several degrees and he’s a successful man. Geoffrey told Varya he wouldn’t make the same mistakes again. She’s willing to move past what he told her and to continue with their relationship. Only she didn’t know how to tell her family. She felt her family deserved to know and so Geoffrey offered to tell them. He said he’d tell her mom so that she didn’t have to. He was willing to take the hit and both knew her mother’s reaction was going to be crucial to the relationship. Varya wants her mother’s approval. She didn’t know how to proceed without it.

Stephanie meanwhile found it easier to be in a relationship with Erika via the internet. The real-world version just wasn’t for her. Stephanie doesn’t trust Erika or want to be touched by Erika and so she’s done everything possible to push her away. She’s given Erika no reason to stay. Not that Erika has let a little thing like that stop her. Erika came back and she tried talking to Stephanie about what was wrong. Stephanie said she doesn’t have a trusting nature. She’s had bad luck in the past with other relationships and there were a few things she took issue with. Stephanie doesn’t like how Erika has slept with some of the people in her inner circle.

Erika has had relationships with some of her friends in the past. She has never hidden it from Stephanie. Stephanie has known this coming in and so it was a bit irrational to suddenly take issue with it now that she’s looking for problems. Does Stephanie want to be in a relationship? She doesn’t act that way and this thing with Erika’s friends seemed like a reach. Like maybe she latched on this idea because it would explain why she’s not interested in pursuing a real and physical relationship with Erika. Erika keeps on trying to make things better with Stephanie and nothing works.

Lisa and Usman turned to his brother for help. They needed someone to run interference between them and Usman’s mother and his brother seemed like the best option. The brother later met with them. He talked to them about the problems with their mom and the brother laid out everything that’s wrong with Lisa. She was too old, too foreign, and she began her relationship with Usman over the internet. The mom doesn’t think such a relationship with so many differences could work. She refused to give the couple her blessing to get married and the couple wasn’t going to go ahead without it.

Lisa and Usman claim to love each other. They said they would follow each other to the ends of the earth and so they just have to prove that to his mother. His brother understood. He didn’t at first. He had some concerns as well. The brother only seemed to come around after Lisa expressed to him how much she loves Usman. This changed the brother’s mind. He said he could see how much they love each other and so he agreed to help them get married. They just need the mother’s blessing. The mother had shut down the couple once she realized they were together and so she might not be as understanding as the brother turned out to be.

David finally got in contact with Lana. Lana started messaging him. This was the first time she’s reached out to him since he was in the states and so he was hoping this meant she was willing to meet. David and Lana have been in a “relationship” for seven years. He’s sent her money. He’s tried to meet with her several times and each and every time she’s failed to show up. Lana tends to leave him hanging because she didn’t really care to meet him. She was fine with taking his money and flirting with him online. It was the reality of the relationship itself she doesn’t like dealing with. Lana has pushed David away and he could have easily ended the relationship months if not years ago.

Only David seems to believe her. He believes she loves him and that’s why he’s fighting for the relationship. David flew to Ukraine in spite of Lana suddenly ghosting him. He went there and he had no idea how to get into contact with her or track her down. David wandered aimlessly until she finally decided to message back. Lana acted as if nothing happened. She was all sweetness again and so David asked her to meet him. He asked her to meet him at a restaurant. She appeared to have agreed to this and then she doesn’t show up. She left hanging him again. David waited for her for hours and she never showed because she never planned on showing.

Ash and Avery were spending a few days together to do activities. They went snorkeling. It was something they both wanted to do because they were by the Great Barrier Reefs and it was one of the seven wonders of the world. Ash was hoping to use the time they had together to remind her of how great their chemistry is. They’ve had a few problems since meeting in person because he has a tendency to sugarcoat things and she wasn’t feeling like she was getting to know the real him. She still had questions. She wanted to know how his life-coaching job is actually going to work out because she saw his phone and there were about sixty messages from women.

Avery needed to know if these women thought he was single. She wanted to know what it is he tells them and how does he manage to coach them? Avery wanted specifics. She thought if she asked him that he would tell her the truth and in reality he became defensive. He was first very vague about what he does for his clients. He didn’t go into any details and so he ended up telling her that she doesn’t have a right to question him after she pushed too hard. Avery felt she had every right to ask. She flew half a world over to pursue a relationship with him and that alone means she can ask about his clients and how well he treats them.

Yolanda is a little naïve. She thought she was dating a man named Williams from the UK and then his account changed. His account changed to show he was from Nigeria. Yolanda asked Williams about it and he ghosted her. He stopped replying to her messages. He put an end to all contact and then not long afterwards there were threatening messages from a third party. This “third party” got a hold of Yolanda’s nude pictures. The ones she sent to Williams back when they were dating and so Yolanda came to believe that Williams was hacked. It was the only explanation Yolanda was willing to accept.

She had to believe he was hacked. She couldn’t comprehend that Williams wasn’t who he said he was. He couldn’t be Nigerian and he couldn’t be conning her. Yolanda had talked to her daughter. She told how she was being threatened over these nude photos and her daughter tried to wise her up. Her daughter knew what was going on. She knew that Williams was behind the blackmail attempt and that he didn’t sound like himself because he was finally showing his true face. The daughter tried to Yolanda that her relationship with this Williams was never real. He got blackmail material on and he’s going after the only thing he’s ever wanted – money.

Darcey has never had much luck with love. She’s been on the show before with a different guy and the guy hadn’t treated her. Jesse had been a jerk to her. He liked making Darcey doubt herself and feel small. He got off on playing mind games with her. Darcey thought she was moving past that when she ended the relationship with him and took up with Tom. Tom was supposed to be different. He was around her age and not a younger man. He was supposed to be an adult. Darcey thought he’d be mature and that she had found someone who could love her. She never thought Tom would put her through the same crap as that other guy.

Tom had played a different set of mind games. He would tell Darcey that he could come to love her and that he would make her feel bad for doing things or just being herself. Darcey was constantly what she did wrong with him. Tom also never stopped seeing other people. He was photographed with another woman and so Darcey confronted him about it. She thought he would be apologetic. He wasn’t. He said this other woman loved him the way he wished to be love and he was also nasty to Darcey about it. She told him she never wanted to see or speak to him again. She wanted him out of her life and his parting words were to call her fat.

Stephanie spoke with Erika’s friends. She spoke with Adam. Adam and Erika were best friends and sometimes they make-out. This was weird to Stephanie. She already has trust issues and so she needed to know what the relationship between Erika and Adam was really like. Did they have feelings for each other? Stephanie wanted to know and she later asked Adam. She asked him how he felt about Erika. He said that he was just his friend and that he cares for her. He said it was nothing beyond friendship which Stephanie didn’t seem to believe. She asked several questions. She wanted to know every detail and she embarrassed Erika.

Erika’s friend Adam even spoke up in her defense. He said that there should be a level of trust between Stephanie and Erika and that Erika should have been believed when she explained the situation between them. Stephanie had shut that down. She said its normal to have questions and that Erika would have questions herself if the situation was reversed. Stephanie was so sure she was right that she began yelling at Erika for no reason. Erika got upset and she walked off. She does that whenever it gets to be too much between them. She walks off and Stephanie remembers their conversation differently the next day.

Varya took Geoffrey to see her mother. Her brother came as well. He came for a visit because he doesn’t live nearby and he had wanted to meet Geoffrey. He wanted to know if Geoffrey was treating his sister right. Varya was close to her brother and it was a good thing he was there because Geoffrey revealed his secret. He told them about going to jail. He told them about the drug charges and that he had been a kid at the time. Geoffrey tried to explain how he’s moved since then. He’s turned his life around and so it was up to Varya to translate this to her family. She did the best she could. She told them what happened and they promptly freaked out.

Her family did not like him having a record. It had even changed their opinion about him. They now thought he was some bad guy and they didn’t want Varya following him to America. The brother had said men don’t change. He truly thought Geoffrey was a criminal and that he’ll always be a criminal. Her mother, on the other hand, had told Varya that she wasn’t going to America. She told her daughter that she was staying with her and so it took Varya a while to calm her down. Her mother had done a complete 180 on Geoffrey. She went from liking him to not wanting him to be around her daughter.

Usman and Lisa went back to see his mother. Usman really wants to go to America. He has said it several times now and he doesn’t really connect the trip to his wanting to be with Lisa. She’s sort of left out of the equation. Its as if she doesn’t matter to him unless he suddenly remembers her and Lisa has no idea. She thinks she and Usman are in love. She loves him so much that she went to a mosque with him. Lisa has never been to a mosque. She’s a Christian woman and she doesn’t know anything about the Islamic faith. She also couldn’t follow Usman because men and women were separated. And so she followed his mother.

They went to the mosque to get his mother’s blessing. Lisa followed his mother through her prayers and she did her best to follow along, but it made no difference to Usman’s mother. She still refused to give her blessing. She said Lisa is too old and that she doesn’t want her son to become a servant. Usman’s mother was probably thinking about grandchildren. This could be why she’s harping on Lisa’s age and why she was saying no to the marriage.

David meanwhile had tracked down Lana’s address and he went there expecting to meet her.