TLC 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Recap 07/20/20: Season 1 Episode 5 “B90 Strikes Back!: Our Lips Are Sealed”

Tonight on TLC their popular reality show 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days B90 Strikes Back! airs with an all-new Monday, July 20, 2020 episode and we have your 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days, B90 Strikes Back! recap below for you. On tonight’s 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days B90 Strikes Back! season 1 episode 5 “Our Lips Are Sealed,” as per the TLC Synopsis “Stephanie addresses her sexuality.

Yolanda explores a new dating pool. Ash dishes on his and Avery’s first night. David explains a special skill. Avery relives an awkward dinner with Ash’s brother and Ed looks back on a disastrous conversation with Rose.

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Ed is back. He is back and he’s still ride or die for pedicures. Ed saw that guys were calling him slick online. He showed off his feet tonight and he said he hasn’t had a pedicure since the whole quarantine was put into action. He misses his regular pedicures. He said there’s no feeling like having his foot dipped in hot wax. Ed will defend pedicures till his dying day and so he remembers his time overseas much more fondly than Rose did. Rose rewatched the old footage of herself on a date with Ed. She saw the face she made and others saw the face she made. Rose said anyone would make that face if they were on a date with Ed.

Ed and Rose weren’t the only former couple with different memories of the same event. Ash and Avery were another ones. They had rushed into bed together and so far that remains the only thing they didn’t regret. They both had a great time. They didn’t mind people knowing that they had a great time and so they defend themselves against the Pillow Talkers. The Pillow Talkers thought they had rushed into things. They did, but they held no regrets and so the regrets didn’t come in until they talked to each other the next morning. Avery had asked Ash why his brother didn’t want them to spend the night there.

She had been worried because she thought that meant the brother didn’t like her. Avery had needed reassurance and Ash’s brand of it sounded fake as all hell. He sounded like a life coach, not a boyfriend. He said all the semi-right things without seeming like he genuinely believed in what he was saying and so that was the start. His behavior then had Avery questioning if Ash never said a bad word or the wrong thing. He had come across as perfect and that just made her feel imperfect. The only thing Avery misses is the sex. She hopes to find that kind of experience with the right man one day.

Then there’s poor David. David made the right decision when he chose to get a fake diamond for his girlfriend Lana. He had never met her before because she has always canceled their meetings at the last minute and so David getting her a cubic zirconia ring was perhaps the smartest thing he did all season. Everyone said so. The whole of twitter came together to say the fake ring was the best choice for David because they were pretty sure his girlfriend was fake too. They turned out to be wrong about that last part and so David using that to justify their legitimate concerns about Lana. He said if they were wrong about that, they were wrong about her.

Stephanie and Erica were more realistic pair. They had known each for a year and they dated for four months. They should have used that time to get to know each other more. They instead wasted time on stuff that didn’t matter and then both were in a surprise for when they actually met. Erica thought Stephanie was more of an extrovert because of her YouTube videos. She saw the low tops and she heard Stephanie talk about her boobs. She thought that was who Stephanie. She didn’t listen to full thing and so she didn’t hear the part where Stephanie said she’s pretty shy. She wants to make an intellectual connection before she takes relationships to the next level.

Erica dated Stephanie for four months without really knowing that. Nor did she know much about Stephanie’s condition and do research on her own time much less ask about it. Stephanie went into the relationship knowing a ton of stuff about Erica. Erica barely knew her when they met and so she was thrown when she went in for a kiss on their first meeting and Stephanie rebuffed her. Stephanie wasn’t going to kiss someone or sleep with someone when they first meet in person. She wasn’t like Avery. Avery rushed into a relationship and she soon found out there was a whole bunch of reasons why she and Ash wouldn’t work.

Ash’s brother was a problem. He didn’t approve of Avery and he let her know that right off. He didn’t want Avery at his house. He was curt with her when they did finally meet over lunch. The brother made Avery feel stupid for merely trying to break the ice and so Avery was not prepared to meet him. She couldn’t have been. She should have gotten some warning from Ash. Only Ash probably didn’t think his brother would be that rude. Ash had tried to make Avery feel comfortable by drinking the same thing she was drinking and he later said that it had him experiencing an out-of-body moment. He normally doesn’t drink. So, he really shouldn’t have agreed to vodka.

Ed meanwhile was watching the old footage of himself with Rose. It was the moment he asked her to take the STD test. Ed said he was being very reasonable when he asked Rose to do it because he wanted to be safe and he would have asked anyone he was with to do it. Ed also said he had valid reasons for not wanting to do the test himself in the Philippines. He said he didn’t trust the doctors there and he wasn’t going to let them use a needle on him. Ed came up with plenty of reasons why he couldn’t do the test, but he angry at Rose for wanting to get away from him. Rose had been hurt by what he did.

Rose even told him that he hurt her. She told him she was upset and she wanted to go home. She told Ed he didn’t have to follow her back. She wanted to go on her own. She was even displaying crazy eyes and the Rose watching this old footage said that’s how you know she was upset. She said does crazy eyes when she’s upset. Rose ended up giving Ed lots of side-eye.

The Ed in quarantine commented on them. Ed noticed a lot of things now that he didn’t back then and he realized he had slammed the door when he helped her to the car. Ed said he shouldn’t have slammed the door. He admits h was upset and that he didn’t mean it. He said the last time he had been that upset was almost thirty years ago. Which implies with his ex-wife.

David was enjoying himself a lot more during that time than Ed was. David had flown to Ukraine and he had met up with his old friend Anya. He actually went on a date with Anya and there was no connection. They went to become friends instead. Anya was a good friend because she was there to greet him at the hospital and she tried telling David that she didn’t trust Lana and he refused to listen to her. David refused to listen to everyone.

And Yolanda was still watching herself be delusional about the Williams.