TLC 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Recap 08/03/20: Season 1 Episode 7 “B90 Strikes Back! Who’s Crying Now”

TLC 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Recap 08/03/20: Season 1 Episode 7 "B90 Strikes Back! Who's Crying Now"

Tonight on TLC their popular reality show 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days B90 Strikes Back! airs with an all-new Monday, August 3, 2020 episode and we have your 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days, B90 Strikes Back! recap below for you. On tonight’s 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days B90 Strikes Back! season 1 episode 7 “B90 Strikes Back! Who’s Crying Now,” as per the TLC Synopsis “Darcey and Tom relive their NYC showdown. Big Ed’s Mom joins him to watch the show.

Stephanie reveals a dangerous side effect from the bobby mold. Yolanda reveals details on the photos she send Williams. Avery does her best Ash impression. 

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Couples as well as former couples from this past season are rewatching old scenes of themselves. They’re also watching scenes from the Pillow Talk version and reading what was said about them on social media. However, not all of it was a great or even happy memory to remember. Ed and Rose are no longer couples and Rose actually detests her old boyfriend. Like she really hates him. She, therefore, was not enthused to see her first kiss with Ed play out again for the small screen. Rose gagged when she saw it and so Ed was the one he was remembering their past more fondly. Ed was a perfectionist when he dated Rose. He wanted to make every moment perfect and it sometimes came across as creepy.

Ed even adapted a voice he called his seduction voice back then. It annoyed everyone on Pillow Talk and the only one who sided with him on the “voice” was his mother. His mother also didn’t like seeing Rose’s reaction to Ed’s request for a kiss. Rose made a face like she always makes face and it was clear she wasn’t into it or for that matter into Ed. Ed realizes that now after rewatching everything. He said Rose wasn’t into him and his mom assured him that he’ll meet someone else. Ed also can laugh about the whole thing now. He wasn’t upset with Rose. He didn’t lash out at her. He now laughs at himself for all that he did to make everything perfect. And out of everyone, no one took rewatching their old scenes as well as Ed did.

Both Darcey and Tom were angry. Tom hated how everyone called him out on his crap. They all said that Tom used Darcey and that he tossed her aside after losing weight because he suddenly thought he was better than her. Tom couldn’t bother to break up with Darcey until he believed himself in love with someone else. He then broke up with Darcey after cheating on her and he was nasty about it. He accused her of gaining weight when she didn’t just take his whole spiel about how he never meant to hurt her. Darcey knew she had been used and she didn’t care for his excuses. She was giving him RBF when Tom threw out the weight thing. The whole of social media and Pillow Talk began hating on him after he did that.

Darcey liked how people sided with her. She knew she wasn’t crazy back then for being happy to get rid of Tom and so she was happier after reading messages on social media. She especially had a good laugh after she watched a TikTok video someone had did on Tom. In it, there’s this guy who pretending to be Tom and he’s following in love with his own reflection. Darcey enjoyed the video. She liked hearing people say they would have beaten up Tom and so what she’s really struggling with is the rewatch itself. She got angry every time she saw how much Tom was playing her. Tom kept stringing her along for months. He barely acknowledged her on her birthday and she had to find out about this other woman from someone else. She didn’t hear it from Tom until after the fact.

Stephanie and Erika were a little more generous with the rewatch. They broke up and it wasn’t pleasant when they saw each other again for the reunion special. A lot was said. Stephanie also accused Erika of being a narcissist and so there’s no way they’re getting back together. Only they weren’t as bitter about rewatching their old scenes as others were. They more or less laughed about the things they did together. They did this weird thing with nipple sculptures. It had been Erika’s idea and she surprised Stephanie. Stephanie wasn’t as thrilled about and so it was great hearing how other people thought it was weird too. They even had the same expression on their face as Stephanie did with the nipple sculptures.

Stephanie also revealed some behind the scenes details. She said that taking the plaster off her breasts really hurt because it removed her chest hair and so it was like she was waxing herself when the plaster was removed. Stephanie had hated the whole experience. She had a very good reason for it and the only one who liked it was Erika. Erika knew the lady who ran the shop. They were rewatching the scenes. They also read some of the tweets and they laughed when someone said they should have made ashtrays because they actually do make ashtrays at the store. In hindsight, they should have stuck to that rather than do nipple sculptures where their partners massaged on the plaster in a very public place.

The former couple wasn’t even that upset with rewatching their first fight. The fight was about Erika maintaining a profile on a dating app in spite of being in a relationship with Stephanie and Stephanie had been angry at the time. She was now smiling if not laughing seeing other people agree with her. They all thought Erika’s excuse for using the app for business was pure crap. No one using a dating app did so for business and so Stephanie liked people agreeing with her. She was just upset when they began calling her a prude. Stephanie got into a huge fight with Erika and naturally, the audience took sides. Some sided with Stephanie and some sided with Erika. Erika also confirmed that she wasn’t on the app anymore. She ditched it after the fight and never went back.

Another former couple that wasn’t rewatching from a place of hurt was Ash and Avery. This time they got to see that old scene of them having a picnic and they both remembered it very differently. Ash thought he was being respectful towards Avery when he tried to reassure her. He didn’t realize he sounded like a customer service representative with his way of saying a bunch of words that meant absolutely nothing and so he was a little shocked to see people calling him out for that. Ash said that he would be great in customer service. He also implied that he was trying to have fun with Avery and she was the one bumming him out. He said that he put together a picnic for them to enjoy themselves and nothing he said was right for Avery.

Ash didn’t say that maliciously. He just said that he constantly felt like he had to defend himself against accusations of being fake and that it grew tiresome after a while. Avery meanwhile was still complaining about Ash. She said that he never said the wrong thing and he sounded like he rehearsed a bunch of words to say to her. Avery knew he was feeding her lines. She became annoyed all over again watching it and she liked how others called that thing he did frustrating. They all thought Ash was disingenuous. They knew Ash was saying crap.

And both Ed and Rose rewatched the first time Ed met Rose’s family but again Ed was laughing the whole time people were making fun of him for his face during the encounter.