TLC 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Premiere Recap 06/14/20: Season 5 Episode 1 “What Goes Around, Comes Around”

TLC 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Premiere Recap 06/14/20: Season 5 Episode 1 "What Goes Around, Comes Around"

Tonight on TLC their popular reality show 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs with an all-new Monday, June 14, 2020 episode and we have your 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way recap below for you. On tonight’s 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way season 5 episode 1 “Home Is Where The Heart Is,” as per the TLC Synopsis “Colt visits a new love in secret. Angela is urged to seek legal advice about her relationship with Michael.

Larissa’s future in the US is in jeopardy. Andrei makes a sudden announcement to Elizabeth’s family. Kalani asks Asuelu to change his priorities.”

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Life in Las Vegas has been good for Colt. He still lives with his mother Debbie and he seems to be getting over his divorce. Colt was married to Larissa. They spent five days together when he decided she was his dream girl and he brought her over from Brazil. They had 90 days together once they were reunited. They decided to get married and they did. They were married for a short while before the problems began. They argued all the time. They especially argued about his extremely close relationship with his mother and so eventually they split after he called the cops one too many times on her.

Colt tried to get back together at the reunion show. Only Larissa had moved on by then and she was with her new boyfriend. It was the boyfriend that convinced Colt to move on. Colt gave up on getting back together with Larissa and nowadays he’s thinking about dating again. He wants to get back out there. His mother doesn’t necessarily want that to happen and so Colt kept his dating life hidden from his mom. He didn’t tell his mom that he’s been talking to a woman named Jess. Jess is an Au Pair here on a visa. She’s originally from Brazil like Larissa and Colt is really interested in her. She currently lives in Chicago. She visited Vegas with some friends and that’s when she met Colt.

Colt and Jess hit it off. They’re planning another trip to meet up and this is happening without Debbie knowing about it. Debbie is a little too involved. She doesn’t think her son should date again because she thinks he’s still broken-hearted and so Debbie is operating on some old information. Then there’s Angela and Michael. This relationship was rather turbulent as well because Angela and her fiancé Michael are constantly fighting and breaking up. They fought on their first trip in which they met. They fought over him being too flirtatious with other woman and they even fought about money that went missing from Angela’s bank account.

The missing money turned to be a bank error. It wasn’t Michael’s fault and so they quickly got back together. They still fought over other things. They broke up again and got back together again. They were now dealing with some fertility trouble. Michael wants a child and Michael’s family thinks he should be allowed to take other wives if Angela couldn’t give him a child. Angela of course said there weren’t going to be any more wives. She was never going to sanction that and she promised him that she would look into having a baby. They saw a fertility specialist in Nigeria where Michael is from.

Angela also saw someone back in the States. She knows that her eggs aren’t good and she tried asking her adult daughter for one, but Skyla turned her down on that and Skyla was also refusing to go to Nigeria with her mother. Angela and Michael were getting married in Nigeria. They tried to apply for a K-1 visa and they were denied. They now were going to get married and imply for a spousal visa. Angela and Michael were going to get married in his home country. She doesn’t really know the laws there and what marriage would entail in that country. Her daughter Skyla wants her to do some research and speak with a lawyer before this marriage occurs.

Its just so that her mom would be safe. Skyla was even refusing to go to Nigeria if her mom didn’t see this lawyer and so that forces Angela’s hand. Angela doesn’t like that her daughter is thinking in terms of a divorce before she’s even got married. Angela thinks her daughter is being a killjoy. She doesn’t want to think about a potential future in which she gets a divorce and so her daughter is protecting her by thinking about it for her. But then there are relationships like Andrei and Elizabeth. They’ve been married for three years and they just had a baby eight months ago. They should be the happiest they’ve ever been and they still have problems because of Andrei.

Andrei went to trucking school. He can now drive a truck and help support his family and he chooses not to. He decided to change career paths. He did this on a whim without talking it through with his wife and put them underneath financial strain. Elizabeth is the breadwinner. She was the only one working and she had to cut back on her hours for a while back when she was pregnant. She was just now getting back to a fulltime schedule. Elizabeth works for her dad and the family just moved into a new house. Andrei is now a stay-at-home dad. He takes of baby Eleanor and the couple was just now making peace with their new normal when once again Andrei starts something with her family.

Elizabeth’s family is concerned. They knew there have been financial problems and they were worried about Elizabeth. They tried to talk about it with Andrei. He didn’t want to hear it and if anything it made him more defensive. Andrei thought her family was too involved in his marriage. He told them to butt out and he does best to ignore them now. The only time he pays attention to them is when there’s a family occasion in which they all meet. Andrei and Elizabeth usually arrive late to these occasions and they blame it on the baby in spite of everyone else also having babies. And on this latest occasion, Andrei managed to upset everyone by bringing up the second ceremony.

Andrei promised his father that he would have a second marriage ceremony in his home country of Moldova. He and Elizabeth have been talking about it. They were in the early stages when he suddenly announced to their family that they were getting married again and that they were all invited to the ceremony in a month’s time. The family was surprised at their invitation. They didn’t know why it was so last minute and Elizabeth was upset with her husband because nothing was set in stone. They were still in the early planning stages. She doesn’t know why he suddenly announced it as he did or why he chose her father’s birthday and so she grew upset with him because she hates when he does stunts like this.

On the flip side of the Colt and Larissa’s marriage, there was Larissa’s point of view. She’s now working. She’s a cleaner and she lives with her friend Carmen. Larissa had also broken up with her boyfriend Eric. She said Eric treated her like a friend. He wasn’t interested in her sexually and so they lost that spark. Larissa is now single. She wants to find a man who will be interested in her and she even misses Colt some. She misses how Colt always wanted to have sex. Larissa wanted that again and she also needs to find another way to stay in the States because Colt retracted his affidavit of support for her green card.

Larissa can now be deported. She needs to find another way to stay in the country and so far its been difficult for her. Larissa is otherwise happy. She likes spending time with her friends and she isn’t lonely. Larissa has things she does for herself. Kalani wishes she had some of it. Kalani was married to her husband Asuelu who was Samoan. They met on a trip to Samoa. Kalani gave him her virginity and they got pregnant right away. Kalani wanted her baby to have a father. She applied for the K-1 visa and Asuelu soon came to the States. They didn’t really hit it off when he got there. They were struggling with parenting a young baby and a language barrier.

It also didn’t help that they got pregnant again so soon. Asuelu now works and so he gets to leave the house. Then when he comes home, he goes right to the video games or he goes to play volleyball. Asuelu doesn’t really concern himself with childcare. He thinks that’s more Kalani’s domain and its been harder now that she has two children under two. Kalani had needed extra help. Her parents were there for her and they later moved in with the young couple. Kalani received help with the kids. She just wasn’t connecting with her husband. Kalani wanted some time for herself like what Asuelu has and she wasn’t receiving the support from him to find that. And it was difficult whenever she tried to talk to him.

Asuelu doesn’t understand how hard it is for Kalani. He assumes she has an easy time of it because she goes out and does it, but he doesn’t see how she’s breaking under the strain or that he should step up. Asuelu didn’t even assist with taking kids out of the car. He left it all up to Kalani and he didn’t bother with holding the door open for her. It was like he checks out after work. He just does what he wants and Kalani is on her own. Kalani tried to tell him that she needed something outside of the house for herself. She told him how much she needed this. He listened to her and all the while it was like he wasn’t really taking it in.

He was merely humoring her. Asuelu and Kalani, therefore, have their own issues to work out. Asuelu doesn’t like having his in-laws live with them. He’s had problems with his father-in-law in the past and so it was just Kalani that believed the confined space would be good for their relationship. So far, there remains an awkwardness between them. His father-in-law wants him to work more. Asuelu is only working part-time because he dropped out of control and he doesn’t have that much experience. This apparently wasn’t good enough for his in-laws. His father-in-law wanted to see more from him.

Andrei managed to make his father-in-law’s birthday all about him. He didn’t tell his wife what he was planning and he let his in-laws know how little he cares about them. He didn’t want them at the wedding. He invited them knowing that none of them would be able to make it in a month. His father-in-law also knows how much Elizabeth earns because she works for her dad. Her dad knows she can’t afford an extravagant wedding and he doesn’t want to pay the bill for it. Not with Andrei acting like a jerk. The father-in-law wasn’t going to pay for this second wedding. He decided on it right as he heard what Andrei had to say and so he was going to leave it up to the couple.

Andrei managed to mess up by upsetting the one person they as a couple truly needed. Andrei and Elizabeth later talked about it. Elizabeth had told him how upset she was with him for how he handles things and he ignored her. He didn’t care what she had to say. He also explained to her that traditionally it was the father of the bride that paid for the ceremony. He expected his father-in-law to pay for the second ceremony in Moldova and he expected Elizabeth to make that demand of her father. And so the father-in-law had been right to think he was going to be foot with the bill. He knew Andrei better than Andrei thought.

Everyone has been struggling financially. Larissa’s job wasn’t enough for her or her legal fees and so she called her dad asking for five thousand dollars. She called him after she went out. She was actually drinking from a hot chocolate she had purchased when she called her dad and asked him for money. He agreed to send her some, but she has to learn to cut back. She’s got fillers in her face. She’s going out to buy treats and she can’t afford any of it. Larissa has to live on a budget or she risks running out of money.

Larissa’s ex-husband Colt was finally spending the night with his new girlfriend Jess.

Angela and Michael also later talked and she realized she doesn’t trust him. She’s now glad her daughter suggested a lawyer.