TLC 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Recap 06/28/20: Season 5 Episode 3 “Seeds Of Discontent”

TLC 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Recap 06/28/20: Season 5 Episode 3 "Seeds Of Discontent"

Tonight on TLC their popular reality show 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs with an all-new Sunday, June 28, 2020 episode and we have your 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way recap below for you. On tonight’s 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way season 5 episode 3 “Seeds Of Discontent,” as per the TLC Synopsis “Elizabeth’s family confronts her about Andrei’s actions.

Jess extends an exotic invite to Colt. Skyla impedes Angela’s wedding. Larissa finds out shocking news about Colt. Kalani and Asuelu’s upcoming trip is threatened.”

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Paul and Karine took their first trip to the United States together. The couple was moving to the country with their young son because Paul struggled to find a job in Brazil and he felt the move would give him as well as his family better chances at earning a living. Paul was from the U.S. He doesn’t mind moving back because that’s all he knows and so the only one struggling with the move is Karine. Karine is Brazilian. She’s never lived any other place and she was leaving behind the rest of her family. She was basically moving to the country where the only person she knows is her husband.

The same husband that she has been fighting with for the last couple of seasons of their hit show. Paul and Karine have always gotten into it. He accused her of cheating on him with other men and he made her take a pregnancy test once to prove her fidelity. He even demanded a DNA test each time she became pregnant because he said he wasn’t sure if the baby was his. Paul treated Karine like an untrustworthy girlfriend and she was his wife. They got married in Brazil. Karine married in spite of the way he treated her and he still couldn’t trust her. He questioned everything she did. He was now moving her away from her family and so she was concerned.

Karine wasn’t sure what the future would hold for her. It also didn’t help that Paul wasn’t being as understanding as he could have been. The couple got into a fight literally moments after landing in the U.S and it was over foolishness. Paul got angry at Karine because she took the baby out of the car seat. She doesn’t know its illegal to do that in the States and Paul hadn’t taken the time to explain himself. He merely got upset with her for no reason. He didn’t tell her how different things were now that they weren’t in Brazil. He was there when her mother held the baby in her arms on the way to the airport and so he knew for a fact that Karine was treating the baby like she’s always treated the baby.

It’s not her fault that things are different in the States. Karine and Paul’s fight ended the way it normally does with Paul storming off and so not much has changed since they moved. Colt, at least, was in a better place with his new girlfriend. Jessica was upset with him after they got into an argument and she felt like he was trying to control her, but Jessica came around in the end and the couple seems to be moving forward. They talked about him meeting her family. She meeting his. Jessica also said she would try to find other visas if her current one expires. Jessica has a work visa because she works as a nanny and so she told Colt she could try out for her study visa.

Jessica also laughably suggested they could use the K-1. He had considered it when she said that and he did say that their relationship was doing much better than the one he had with his ex-wife Larissa. What he had with Larissa didn’t go that deep. Colt never met Larissa’s family. He said she had constantly kept herself distanced from him and he wasn’t the only one that felt Larissa wasn’t being genuine. She went on a blind date the other day. She met this nice and cultured man who was everything she wanted on paper. She just didn’t make an effort in winning him over. She didn’t want to talk about her kids and she even mentioned her three arrests.

Larissa also let the new guy know she was looking for a visa. She laughed about looking for citizenship in a man and the date didn’t find it all that funny. He later said he couldn’t get a read on her. He wished she would have gone deeper into what’s happening with her kids and Larissa didn’t leave him with that good of an impression. Maybe it was nerves or it could even have been self-sabotage. Larissa needed to find a man willing to marry her and so it made no sense to put on the best impression. She ruined her chance at a good guy. He was the complete opposite of Colt and most importantly he doesn’t live with his mother.

Larissa also had to start thinking about money. She doesn’t have any and she needs some. The same was said of Syngin and Tania. The couple was living on their savings and one of them needed to get a job. Tania was injured. So, that left Syngin. Syngin pursued a job in bartending because he does have some experience in it and so he later went to an interview. He was pretty nervous at the interview. Syngin openly talked about his relationship with Tania and he said more than he should. He talked about the K-1 visa. He talked about how hard it was to get married within ninety days and so he said a lot. Syngin was luckily a very nice guy. He came across as someone who could be friendly and his potential boss liked that.

Syngin was tested. He had to pour out some Guinness and he wasn’t really good at it. He said that type of beer wasn’t really popular in South Africa. He also didn’t really know how to make cocktails. He would need to be taught how to truly bartend. Syngin’s personality mostly carried the day. He was such a nice guy that the bar owner bought him a drink and they both drank a pint together. Syngin probably went a little too far when he also added a shot to that, but his potential boss didn’t seem to mind and hopefully, he’ll get the job. Syngin needs some type of employment. He didn’t care if it was full-time or part-time.

Asuelu works part-time. It wasn’t much and so he didn’t have enough to send money back to his family in Samoa. He wanted to make up for that by visiting them. He wanted to take his wife and his two kids to visit his family. Only there’s been a measles outbreak in Samoa. Asuelu also only has the one child that’s been vaccinated and his wife Kalani wasn’t sure if they could vaccinate their youngest. She told them they would have to ask a doctor. Asuelu wanted to be able to vaccinate his youngest son if he can and he still wants to go to Samoa in spite of the danger. He said his family is vaccinated. He thinks his sons will be safe around them no matter what and so he has his mindset on visiting Samoa.

Then there’s Angela. Angela was advised by a lawyer and she believes now is the best time to write her will. She was going to marry Michael pretty soon. She wished to eventually bring him over to the States and so she wanted him to be protected just not at the cost of her grandchildren. Angela wanted her grandchildren to be provided for if anything were to happen to her and hence she needed a will drawn up. She wanted her assets to be divided amongst her family members. She also needed one family member to come with her to Nigeria. She needs someone to stand in as a witness for her in the marriage ceremony with Michael.

Angela asked her daughter to come with her. Her daughter Skyla refused to as long as her mother didn’t know her rights in Nigeria and so she was the one that convinced her mother to see a lawyer in the first place, but now that Angela has, watch her daughter for another excuse for why she couldn’t fly to Nigeria. Skyla doesn’t accept her mother’s marriage to Michael and she probably never will. Angela’s relatives are a bit like Elizabeth’s. Elizabeth’s family was still upset about the second wedding. They felt that Andrei purposely planned the wedding at the last minute to cut them all of the ceremonies.

It worked with some of them. Elizabeth’s sister and sister-in-law couldn’t go to Moldova because they still have small babies and they have to stay home. They were therefore very upset with Andrei. If he had given them more time, then maybe they could have gone. Elizabeth’s female relatives were all upset and they let their feelings known when they later went with Elizabeth to go dress shopping. Elizabeth was finally going to have her dream wedding. She got the dream dress and she was just so happy about this second ceremony that her family felt like again they were missing out on a special moment.

Paul eventually calmed down. He was soon fine and he and Karine both moved past what happened in the car. Everything was fine by the time they made it to the hotel. Paul and Karine weren’t going to be staying with his family in the States because his parents thought he should stand on his own and so they offered to pay for a week’s time at a hotel for his family. Paul has to make his own arrangements once that week is up. Paul also had to explain to Karine why they weren’t living with his parents because she thought that was the plan and so he was caught out a little. He originally did plan to live with his parents. It’s just that they didn’t want him around.

Paul and his mother bicker all the time. She said he’s annoying and so she didn’t want to put up with his behavior and that’s his own mother saying that. There really must be a problem with Paul. Paul is the only common factor in all the fights and he’s always pushing everyone’s buttons. Paul was a trial. Everyone could see that coming and so what them by surprise was Asuelu. Asuelu wanted to go Samoa. He wanted to take his family with them and it wasn’t safe for his kids because there was an outbreak of the measles in Samoa. Asuelu took his kid’s doctor. The doctor told him that he could vaccinate his youngest child now.

Although, the doctor did suggest that they wait to vaccinate baby Kennedy. The doctor didn’t think someone so young should be vaccinated and Kalani agreed with her. Kalani thought they should wait on taking the kids to Samoa. They could wait a few months and Kennedy could get the shots when he’s supposed to. Kalani tried to tell Asuelu this. He refused to hear it and he tried to dismiss the doctor because the doctor was a woman. Asuelu was very misogynistic. He didn’t want to hear what the women were saying because they were women and he apparently respects his wife enough to listen to her either.

Tania meanwhile visited her own doctor for a check-up. She had injured herself some months back and her recovery wasn’t as fast as it could have been. She was told she needed more time to heal. This meant she couldn’t go back to work and that it fell on Syngin to support their family. Syngin didn’t get the job at the bar. He also stayed behind to go drinking and so he came home all drunk. He was even smiling all the time, but the smiles died the moment he realized Tania couldn’t work because it seems like he wants to be taken care of.