TLC 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Recap 07/05/20: Season 5 Episode 4 “She’s A Wolf”

TLC 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Recap 07/05/20: Season 5 Episode 4 "She's A Wolf"

Tonight on TLC their popular reality show 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs with an all-new Sunday, July 5, 2020 episode and we have your 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way recap below for you. On tonight’s 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way season 5 episode 4 “She’s A Wolf,” as per the TLC Synopsis “Elizabeth’s new discovery threatens the wedding. Colt finally comes clean to his mother.

Karine discovers more about Paul’s America. Angela is desperate for a witness. Larissa makes a surprising call. Kalani and her mother go head-to-head with Asuelu.

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Michael is younger. He’s in his early thirties and he was with an older woman. He was with Angela. The two of them met after starting an online relationship and its been almost three years since they got together. Michael and Angela seem to be happy. They’re getting married soon and they’ve already talked about children. It’s very important to Michael that they have children. He wants a child of his own and his family wants him to have a child of his own. Michael has told Angela how important it was for him. She agreed to see a specialist to see if she could “tote” a baby for Michael and so far she’s been told the odds are nearly impossible.

Angela thought those odds had increased when she recently had her period. Only this was the first period after almost two years and her doctor later told her that this could be a worrying sign. It could even be a sign that she has cancer. Angela had to get tested and she waiting to hear back on her results. Angela told Michael everything that happened. He quickly realized how hard it might be for them to get married and so he told a close family member. He had just needed someone to vent to. He didn’t think this family member was bringing up their culture again and suggest he take a second wife.

It was fine in Michael’s culture for a man to take two wives. He was from Nigeria and it was fine there along with the concept of concubines. Michael has already talked about this with Angela. Angela likes to remind him that she is an American and that extra wives aren’t part of her culture. She considers him sleeping with anyone else to firmly be cheating. She doesn’t like the idea of it and she shut that down. She’s forbidden him from taking on extra wives. Angela won’t have that in her house or her marriage and so she had pretty much stunned his family with her actions. They thought she should be realistic about her fertility issues. And they kept suggesting a second wife.

They even did so tonight. Michael was talking about how hard things have been with Angela because she had freaked out when she heard his second phone and she wanted to know who was calling him. He had tried to downplay at the time, but does Angela actually know he has a second phone? She was asking about the ringtone because she had never heard it before and so she was talking about his main phone. She wasn’t talking about no second phone. This second phone seemed like a secret phone. Michael was taking calls from people on a second phone and it seemed suspicious. And that’s why Angela reacted the way she did.

Angela’s reaction was normal. It shouldn’t be taken as justification as why Michael needed a second wife and so his family really needed to stop with all of that. Michael and Angela have talked about it. They’ve ruled out him using another wife to have a baby and so they just have to accept that things are going to be different from his marriage. Again, he’s marrying an American. He plans on living with her in America and there is no way he can have a second wife there. He would be arrested if he tried. Michael shouldn’t have turned to a member of his family to vent because he knows how they get about Angela and it doesn’t help in the long run.

Colt had finally talked to his mother about his new girlfriend. He told her he was dating someone named Jess and that she was Brazilian. Colt believes Jess is the complete opposite of his ex-wife Larissa. She wasn’t as combative as Larissa and she truly wanted him to be involved in her life. Jess had invited Colt to Brazil to meet her family. She wanted to introduce him to everyone she loves and Colt hadn’t wanted to take the trip without telling his mother. His mother Debbie hadn’t known he was in a relationship. She just found out about it tonight and she did not seem pleased. Debbie doesn’t think Colt should get involved with another foreigner while they wait for Larissa to be deported.

Debbie was also looking for excuses for why she didn’t want Colt to be in a relationship. She technically doesn’t like sharing her son and she’s been trying to hold him back for some time now. Debbie also didn’t like hearing about this new relationship. She kept trying to tell Colt it was too soon and the only one who could really decide that is Colt himself. Colt was ready for a new relationship. He had put Larissa behind him and he knew that she wouldn’t be around for much longer. Larissa was going to be sent back to Brazil. She tried finding another American and it hadn’t worked out for her.

Jess was different. She was here in the States on a visa. She worked as a live-in nanny and her visa was good for another six months. Jess didn’t need Colt to marry her. They can get to know each other at their current pace and they’ll get to know each other even more after his trip to Brazil. Colt had never met Larissa’s family. Larissa had kept him away from her children and her parents. Larissa was very secretive about herself. She had never invited Colt to meet anyone from her life down there and so that’s another way Jess was different. Jess had introduced Colt to her group of friends when he came out to Chicago to see her. And she couldn’t wait to meet Debbie.

Debbie knew she was being unfair by painting all Brazilians with the same brush. She knew intellectually that not all women from that country were like Larissa and so she was just choosing to be difficult. Debbie likes having her son to herself. She doesn’t like sharing him and she sure helps torpedo his first marriage. She’ll probably do the same again if he were to ever remarry. Debbie was already proving to be difficult by wanting to come to Brazil with Colt. She was concerned because he proposed to Larissa after two days and she didn’t want a repeat of that with Jess. She also didn’t want Colt thinking about moving down to Brazil to be with Jess after her visa is up.

Colt now has to worry about his mother in addition to making a good impression on Jess’s father. He later called Jess and told her that his mom wants to come with him. She wasn’t all that enthusiastic about it. She also didn’t shut it down and so Debbie might end up going to Brazil after all. Colt was still figuring it all out when his ex-wife got her revenge. He and Larissa had been horrible together and so he revoked her green card when he filed for divorce. She now can’t stay in America. She would have to marry another American to stay and so far she’s proven to be not that good at dating. And so now she wanted revenge.

Larissa got a hold of Jess’s number. She called Jess and she “warned” the other woman about Colt. She told him how horrible Colt was to her. She said Colt wasn’t a good guy. He had acted as a good guy in the beginning and it had all been for show. Larissa basically tried to ruin Colt’s relationship with his new girlfriend. She even accused of him being shady by hiding his phone whenever it rang and so Larissa told Jess that he was a player. A geek player. He was still talking to other women during his marriage to Larissa and Larissa tried to tell Jess that Colt hadn’t changed. This was typical Larissa. She lives to annoy Colt and tonight was no different.

Elsewhere, Asuelu was unfortunately turning out to be an issue. He was pretty horrible to his wife Kalani who he chose to belittle tonight after she decided on them not going to Samoa. There was an outbreak of the measles there and one of their children was not vaccinated. They could have gotten him vaccinated, but he was in the recommended age group and so the doctor advised against it. Kalani chose to follow the doctor’s orders. She was going to wait to vaccinate her younger son and so it was Asuelu that had a problem with it. He was willing to risk his family in order to go back home for a visit.

Asuleu was homesick. He missed Samoa and so he didn’t care about the outbreak there. He just wanted to go back home. He was looking for any excuse to make it back and he initially claimed his family should at least meet both of his children. He had talked about it with his sister. His sister didn’t think he should come with the current outbreak and so Asuelu was just doing whatever he wanted. This was usual for him. He doesn’t really help out at the house or with the kids. He goes from his part-time job to playing video games. He also plays volleyball with a group. Asuelu doesn’t really have responsibilities and he was a jerk to Kalani about her supposed responsibilities.

He thought it was the woman’s job to take care of the kids. He also said American women had it easy because they had all the machines and so he doesn’t see why Kalani is always claiming she needs a break. She two kids under two. She’s taking care of them with some help from her parents and none from her husband. Asuelu was very misogynistic. He didn’t even want to listen to the doctor because the doctor had been a woman and so Asuelu likes to lash out women when he doesn’t get his way. He did that with the doctor. He also did that with his wife after she put an end to any possible trip to Samoa.

Asuelu complained about her parenting. He asked why she couldn’t keep the kids quiet during the car ride and so she had him sit in the back with the kids. He went on and on about her. Only he didn’t know what to do with them either. Asuleu wasn’t a very good father and coming down Kalani the way he did had been a breaking point for her. She told him to cut that manipulative behavior out. She didn’t like nor was she going to stand for it. Kalani demanded that he treat her with respect and not that long after she did so – Asuleu chose to walk out. He packed a bag and he left. He even gave back all the recording devices to the production team because he didn’t want to be followed.

Paul and Karine were meanwhile adjusting to their new lives in the States. They had lived together as a married couple in Brazil and so living elsewhere was going to take some time before it began feeling like home. They were even at a house. They were staying at a hotel and Paul was trying to introduce her to American life. He grabbed some water from the tap for her one day. Paul said water in the Brazilian tap couldn’t be drunk because it was all slimy and so he had wanted to show Karine how things were going to be different now. And she had refused to drink the water because she’s always going to feel like water from the tap is toxic.

There was also the problem with Paul’s car. He had left his old car at his parents’ place and so he collected it tonight. He thought Karine would be happy that they have a car again. Instead, she was disgusted. She thought the car was filthy. She told Paul that she and the baby weren’t getting into the car until he seriously cleaned it. He promised he would clean it. He had to throw all the junk that was in his trunk away and he had to clean out the backseat. Paul clearly had not cleaned his car in years. He had hoarded what turned out to be garbage and so Karine probably won’t want to get into the car once it’s cleaned.

Angela also had to go back to her doctor. She was told she was going to have to do another test. They were going to have used a needle down there and so Angela had needed to be drugged before the test could be carried out. They had tried it without the drugs and she had screamed bloody murder. She, therefore, needed drugs. She was a much better patient with it and soon she’ll have her results about whether or not she has cancer.

Then there was Larissa who went in for a meeting, but it came with the risk of her being arrested and deported.