TLC ’90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?’ Recap 07/19/20: Season 5 Episode 6 “Ultimatums and Ugly Truths”

Tonight on TLC their popular reality show 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs with an all-new Sunday, July 19, 2020 episode and we have your 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way recap below for you. On tonight’s 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After season 5 episode 6 “Ultimatums and Ugly Truths,” as per the TLC Synopsis “Tension runs high when Angela meets Michael’s friends. Colt is torn between his mom and his girlfriend. Cultures clash when Andrei’s family challenges Elizabeth’s role as head of household. Larissa is given an ultimatum. Kalani’s dad confronts Asuelu.

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Colt made a mistake. He shouldn’t have gone on vacation with his mother. He even realized he made a mistake by bringing his mother with him to Brazil when they landed and she met Jess. Jess wasn’t like Larissa. She didn’t bark back. She didn’t automatically see that Colt and his mother were too attached. Jess had given Debbie a chance in the beginning. She greeted Debbie and Debbie got an attitude with her. Debbie couldn’t stop herself from comparing Jess to Larissa or thinking that Jess wanted a Green Card. She saw everything Jess did in a negative light. She was rude to Jess and she swore at her as well.

Debbie used the fact she wasn’t feeling well to act like a jerk. Her behavior was so annoying that Colt had to get another hotel room for him and Jess because Jess refused to share a wall with her. Jess also tried to complain about Debbie’s behavior. She went out with Colt and she told him about her first impressions over drinks. He tried to claim his mother wasn’t herself at the moment. He also said that Debbie was yelling general and that she wasn’t actually yelling at Jess. Only that’s not how Jess remembers it. Jess is forming a negative opinion about Debbie. She thought about it and she thinks Larissa might have been right all along about Debbie.

Colt’s ex-wife Larissa had contacted his new girlfriend Jess. The two women talked from one Brazilian to another and they discussed both Colt and Debbie. Larissa basically called Debbie a snake in the grass. She said Debbie merely pretends to be a sweet old lady. Larissa told Jess all of this weeks ago and Jess hadn’t believed her. She thought Larissa was just trying to shift blame. She’s been told nothing but bad things about Larissa and so it wasn’t until she met Debbie that Jess learned Larissa could have been right about her mother-in-law. And if she was right about that, there was no telling what else Larissa was right about.

Larissa meanwhile was dealing with the ramifications of her domestic violence case. She still needs to face a judge over what happened with Colt and she might still be deported. Larissa was in a better mood when she saw her letter this time. She told him that she got back together with Eric and that her report against it wasn’t a big deal. Larissa filed charges after her first break up with Eric because she said he was using women to contact and harass her. She said that’s not happening now. She also wanted to move past it because she was back together with Eric and so her lawyer hadn’t judged her. He told her that her love life was her own business. He wasn’t going to judge her on it. He just wanted to help reduce her charges by the time she saw a judge.

Over in Moldova, Elizabeth and Andrei were still planning their wedding. The couple has been fighting nonstop about this wedding and they got into another fight after they had looked at a venue. The two of them went to go check out this venue. They were shown pictures of food rather than be able to taste it and so Elizabeth had been upset. She had wanted to taste the food. She was telling the production crew that she needed to be able to taste the food in order for it to be fit for her family and she was just gathering her thoughts as Andrei decided to rush her. He kept cutting in when she was speaking.

Elizabeth got annoyed. She yelled at him and he yelled back. Elizabeth got fed up with his attitude. She walked off and they didn’t talk for a while. Both of them had been very upset with each other. Elizabeth has been pushing back lately. She usually lets Andrei get away with anything and everything. Its why he thought he could be extra himself while they were in Moldova. Andrei was extra misogynistic. He implied Elizabeth should be more like a Moldovan traditional wife by taking care of everything and he still calls himself the head of the household in spite of Elizabeth being the breadwinner.

Elizabeth was the only one with a job. She paid for everything and Andrei was a house husband. He had to justify his actions to his friends who all asked him why he wasn’t working. Andrei has to justify his laziness to them as well as his own family and so that could be why he was lashing out at Elizabeth all the time. All she was trying to do was ask for food she could taste and he kept dismissing her by talking over her. Elizabeth was getting fed up with him. She stormed off and she’s going to continue to storm off as long as he was acting like that because it was all an act. Andrei thought he looked like a man speaking down to his wife. And so she just needed to ask him what will happen once he loses his cash cow.

Elizabeth and Andrei had traveled to the venue with his father. His father had stayed in the car to watch the baby and Andrei hadn’t wanted Elizabeth to let on to his father that there was a problem between them. He talked to Elizabeth. Andrei got her to calm down and they went on to the next venue. They liked the next place. They also got to taste the food and that plus the look of the place really had Elizabeth sold. She loved it there. She and Andrei were even nice to each other there and they flirted some. It was like they didn’t have the argument at all and Elizabeth wasn’t mad at him for the way he’s been acting.

Elizabeth and Andrei were a work in progress. They weren’t alone. Angela and Michael had a few problems as well. The two of them were planning to get married in Nigeria and they had everything prepared for the big day. Michael even did some research on his own. He found out from a few people what it was like living in America as a Nigerian and he learned a lot. He learned how difficult it was going to be a black man in the USA. Michael learned so much that he wanted his fiancé Angela to speak with these people and so he brought her along to a meeting. He thought Angela would understand that he was working on himself.

All she really saw was that he was talking to women. The group has a lot of women and it was them that Michael turned to for advice. Angela asked him why he couldn’t ask her. Angela as a white woman who was born in America has no clue what it will be like for Michael and, instead of admitting that, she chose to get angry with Michael. She told him she couldn’t believe him. She accused him of talking to those women to flirt. Angela also threatened to call off the wedding yet again. Angela said she was done with Michael and that she couldn’t stand him. She was being completely irrational.

Angela just kept saying that she doesn’t need anyone to tell her about her own backyard. She swears she knows everything there is to know about living in America and she dismisses the very valid reasons why she would be different from Michael. Again, Michael is a black man. He asked other black people and they told him how there’s still some form of segregation in the USA. Which is true. The police won’t treat Angela and Michael the same. The court system won’t treat Angela and Michael the same. There were probably people at church as well who won’t treat Angela and Michael the same. It was just Angela that thought everything would be good.

The same Angela is a Trump supporter. Angela thought she and Michael were going to be fine just because she said so and she, therefore, has no clue what it will be like for them as an interracial couple. Michael had gone to the experts for the truth. He heard what they had to say and he was concerned. He was genuinely considering living in Nigeria with Angela while they waited for their visa. He didn’t want her going back and still, she accuses him of flirting. There was just no reasoning with Angela when she gets into one of her moods. Michael had to let it ride out and only once it was done did Michael

Asuelu now was singing a different tune. He was a different man when he was in front of his father-in-law Low. Low scared Asuelu and rightfully so. Low wasn’t going to tolerate Asuleu’s behavior. Asuleu swore at his wife in front of his mother-in-law and his two kids. He also tried to skip his own son’s party by staying locked up in his room. It was Low that went there and told him to come out. Low was from Samoa too. He understands the culture that Asuleu is coming from and he’s also prepared to tell Asuelu that his misogyny is not welcomed. Low raised his daughter to be strong and take care of herself. He didn’t raise her to be dependent on a man.

Low later took Asuelu out on a hike. He spoke to Asuleu about what happened in the car and he told him that couldn’t happen again. Low wasn’t going to keep giving Asuelu chances if Asuleu kept messing up. His father-in-law told him to get his act together and Asuleu said that he would. Only Asuleu has been really meant lately. He’s been mean to his wife. He ignores his children. He just was mean. Asuelu still needed to grow up and nothing is going to change until he does. Asuelu was barely functioning as a man while Elizabeth was converting. She converted without telling her family and she didn’t know she was supposed to until the last minute.

Her husband Andrei didn’t tell her she needed to convert for them to be married in the Orthodox Church. He sort of sprung it on her at the last minute and she did it because she just wanted the marriage to go ahead. Elizabeth knows her family is going to say something. Its why she didn’t tell them beforehand and so Elizabeth was doing a lot for Andrei. The least he could do was tell her about the faith. Andrei didn’t tell her that she needed to wear the cross all the time. It was apparently a symbol to ward off evil spirits and her brother-in-law and sister-in-law told her it was very important to their faith.

The in-laws also talked about roles in the marriage. The couple wanted Andrei to go to work and for Elizabeth to stay home with the baby. Andrei told them that it was Elizabeth that he stay home. It actually wasn’t. She just didn’t want to stay home herself because she was very independent. She was taught to work for a living and that’s why she does. It was up to Andrei to stay home because he wasn’t working. He kept changing his mind about what job he wanted. There were simply no pleasing him. He wanted to be a trucker and that lasted right up until he had finished trucking school. And so Andrei knows how to do is waste money.

Then there’s Debbie. Debbie spoke to her son about her behavior and she tried to claim she was just tired. It was Colt that actually offered some pushback. He accused his mom of trying to sabotage him and she once again brought up Larissa. Larissa is out living her life. She’s with Eric and she’s trying to get him to pay for her new boobs. Larissa doesn’t care about Colt. Colt is a grown man and he should be allowed to make decisions for himself. If he wants to be serious about Jess, that’s between them. His mother has no place to object. Its none of her business and Debbie should know that. Debbie likes finding fault in the women’s Colt dates because she likes having him to herself.

Debbie even found fault in Jess. Jess who is sweet. She hadn’t done anything to Debbie and Debbie automatically assumed she was using Colt for a Green Card. She even tried asking Jess about her Immigration status when the two finally talked. Jess realized something was up with all these questions and she stopped talking. She said in her confessional that Larissa had been right about Debbie. Debbie is a wolf. Debbie pretended like she was going to give Jess a chance and the truth is so far from it. Debbie is playing nice now because she believes she’ll collect evidence to use against Jess down the line.

And Larissa ran into a problem. She got back together with her ex-boyfriend Eric and that upset her friend Carmen. Carmen was sick of all the drama. She thought Eric was just that and so she kicked Larissa out of her house.