TLC 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Fall Premiere Recap 10/11/20: Season 2 Episode 15 “Ready Or Not”

TLC 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Fall Premiere Recap 10/11/20: Season 2 Episode 15 "Ready Or Not"

Tonight on TLC their popular reality show 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs with an all-new Sunday, October 11, 2020 episode and we have your 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way recap below for you. On tonight’s 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way season 2 episode 15 “Ready Or Not,” as per the TLC Synopsis “Sumit pleads with his parents to accept Jenny. Brittany arrives in Chicago hoping to finalize her divorce. Melyza reveals her secret. Armando is reluctant to tell his family about his engagement. Ari and Bini are shaken by unexpected news.

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It’s been a few weeks since Jenny moved back to India. This is her third time back in the country and the others two times hadn’t exactly gone well. The first time she went there was for Sumit. He wanted to marry her and she had even gotten the chance to meet his parents. His parents had believed at the time that she was merely a friend. They didn’t think she would be interested in their son romantically because of the huge age difference. Jenny is nearly twice Sumit’s age and that’s not what his parents wanted for him. They want him to be with someone his own age. They also wanted grandchildren and so they put an end to Jenny and Sumit’s relationship the first time around.

Sumit stayed in contact with Jenny. He just didn’t let his parents know and so they believed he was a free man when they arranged a marriage for him. Sumit even married this other woman. He was hoping to still live with Jenny and be with Jenny and his marriage eventually came to stand in the way. Jenny didn’t want to be with a married man. She didn’t find out about until after she moved to India that second time and so she wanted him to either get a divorce or let her go and he chose divorce. Sumit was in the process of getting his divorce from his wife. He needed his parents’ help to sponsor the divorce because it was quite expensive and they agreed to do so because they love their son. They just didn’t want him with Jenny.

Jenny is back in India now. She’s awaiting Sumit’s divorce so that the two of them can finally be married and so Sumit tried one last time to reach out to his parents. He wants them in his life. He wants them to accept Jenny and so he went over to their place by himself. He spoke with them alone because he thought he could get them to understand how much he loves Jenny. He’s proven that he can’t let her go and its been years now. Sumit wasn’t going to suddenly change his mind now. He wanted to be with Jenny and his parents were still against it. They were giving up a lot to facilitate his divorce. They didn’t want to do so if Sumit was just going to go running back to Jenny.

Back in the States, Brittany was visiting her family. Her sister lives in Chicago and Brittany was visiting her when she first sought a divorce. She contacted a lawyer. She told them she wanted a divorce from her husband because they no longer had any relationship and she was ready to move on. Brittany then left it up to the lawyer while she went back home to Florida. She didn’t hear anything from that quarter about her divorce and so she thought maybe it wasn’t going through. She contacted a new lawyer while in Florida. She found out her divorce will take her months through the proceeding with the Florida lawyer and it was therefore great news when the original lawyer contacted her.

Brittany was living in Jordan by then. She moved there to be with her boyfriend Yazan. She was also being pressured into marriage by her boyfriend and his family who were very traditional. She even got into a big blowout with them because they hated almost everything about her from her social media page to her not being of their faith. They pretty much demanded that she convert. She was told she had to convert if she ever planned on marrying Yazan and by then she wasn’t too sure about their relationship. Brittany had grown tired of some of the demands his family was making of her. She said she wasn’t in a relationship with them and so she didn’t want them butting in on every decision.

Brittany expressed some of her frustration with the family once she was back in the States. She mentioned how she didn’t know how hard it was going to be living in Jordan and so the divorce came at the right time. She got to come back to Chicago. She got a breather from her future in-laws and Yazan too should take this time to reflect. He wants a Muslim girl. He wants a girl who knows how to put on a hijab to meet his parents and who didn’t have sexy photos of herself online or wore too much makeup. So, he really should take this time to analyze if Brittany was going to change that much for little old him.

Heading south, Kenneth or Kenny as he’s known as taking a trip with his fiancé Armando. Armando is from Mexico. He’s also gay and it was hard on him to be an openly gay man in a country that still has certain issues against the LGBTQIA community. They call it being traditional. Only hatred isn’t really a tradition. Kenny and Armando couldn’t hold hands out in public because there was a risk of them being gay-bashed and they were just eating dinner together one night out when someone called them a horrible name in Spanish. Kenny hadn’t known what was happening at the time. He moved to Mexico to be with Armando and he was still just learning the language.

Armando on the other hand knew the slur for what it was. He knows his country hasn’t come that far in gay rights and its one of the reasons he now lives in a gated community with his fiancé. It’s also why he’s taking his time with letting his family know he’s engaged. His family only knows that he’s living with Kenny and so they didn’t know the couple planned on making it official. Armando seems to believe his family will not support his upcoming marriage. He figured that after he tried to tell them he was gay years ago and they all got upset with him. Armando then went back into the closet. He didn’t reveal if he was dating anyone or if he was in love and so the last relationship they knew about was the one he had with a woman.

Kenny is the second person Armando will be bringing home with him. He was also the only guy to be introduced to Armando’s family and so Armando was nervous enough. He thought they should wait to tell everyone they were engaged. He was shooting towards a later trip and so this trip was just to get the introductions out of the way. They also were there to pick up Armando’s daughter Hannah. Hannah will be living with the couple and she was staying with her grandparents while the guys got the apartment ready for her. Hannah knows Kenny. She loves the idea of having Kenny as her second dad and so she was the one person they didn’t have to worry about in Armando’s family.

The couple made it to Armando’s parents’ house. His daughter came running out to greet them along with a niece who was excited about seeing Armando again and so the children weren’t the problem. It was the adults. Armando’s father stayed in the house when they came and at first, Armando wanted to wait and see if his dad would come out to greet them. He never did. Armando and Kenny had to go to the house to meet with Armando’s dad. It was a quick meet and greet with the dad going back inside the house the second it was over. He didn’t seem to care about getting to know Kenny and so he missed out on the big news.

Armando ended up changing his mind about announcing their engagement. He was seated around a campfire with Kenny and his family and he told them. He wanted them to be excited for him. They were instead left speechless. They all just stared at the ring and Armando’s mother felt he should have told her alone. She hadn’t wanted to be told in front of her sisters and so she just stared at the ground. Kenny spotted her doing that. He knew she was ashamed of the engagement and it hurt him. He was hoping to be accepted into the family. His own family had been there at the proposal because they wanted to support him in his decision and yet Armando didn’t have that. He had family that wished they were somewhere else.

Over in Ethiopia, Ariela and Biniyam were moving into their new apartment. The couple met less than a year ago when Ari went to Ethiopia on vacation and their relationship because serious after they found out they were pregnant. Ari wanted her baby to have its father in its life. She then moved to Ethiopia because she thought she could make her relationship with Biniyam work out and so far it been a little rough. The two didn’t really know each other that well. They were on a fast track with their relationship because of Ari’s pregnancy and so they were still figuring each other out. They also were very different people. Ari was a free spirit before all of this and so normally she would have been excited about moving to a new country. Except she wasn’t this time.

Ari broke down the moment she realized she would be living in Ethiopia with a total stranger. She admitted that she didn’t know him and he didn’t know her. She also said she wanted to go home. She was living in a foreign country without friends or family. She considered going back home and so Biniyam convinced her not by spending time with her. He gave up his full-time job in order to be around more. They were now living on Ari’s savings and that’s what they used to get a new apartment. It wasn’t the super expensive apartment that Ari wanted. She downgraded to an apartment that could be made perfect with some paint and TLC. It was also more affordable.

Ari and Biniyam still needed things for the baby. They were sending over a list to Ari’s mom because her mom is coming back to Ethiopia to be there when the baby is born and so her mom could bring things like a bassinet and bottles. Those items were expensive. Ari couldn’t afford to get everything she needed while paying for their lifestyles and so her mom’s going to be a big help. Ari also was cutting corners when she can. She and Biniyam needed a car of their own and so they went looking at cars. It turns out cars are another expensive item in Ethiopia. One car was almost twenty thousand dollars in U.S. money and Ari found that crazy.

Ari has been noticing the huge price uptick from American to Ethiopian items. Ethiopia is landlocked. There are also huge taxes on items and so her boyfriend Biniyam is actually getting tired of having to explain this over and over to her. He complained about it in his confessional. He thought Ari should get it by now and he was also asked if he minded that she was paying for everything. He didn’t seem to mind. He happily gives up his job if it meant Ari was staying in Ethiopia and there’s a reason for that. Biniyam was married once before. He was married to an American woman and they have a son together. She left him. She took their son with her back to the States and so Biniyam didn’t want that to happen again.

In Colombia, Tim had given up his whole life to live with Melyza. He packed up his stuff and he moved there because he wanted to make things work with her. Melyza was still holding his affair with another woman over his head and it’s been more than a year. She still hasn’t forgiven him. She also keeps mentioning this affair and so it was surprising tonight when Melyza admitted in her confessional that she started to date someone else. This was at a time when she was most angry with Tim. She wasn’t sure if they were exclusive anymore in spite of them not breaking up and so she slept with someone else. She got her revenge and now she feels bad about it.

Things were different between them now that Tim lives in Colombia. He was also going to give up his job back home in order to please Melyza and so around this time she began feeling guilty. She talked to her friends and her brother. She asked them if she should tell Tim she was seeing someone else and, while they were all for her keeping mum, she feels like she has to tell Tim. She didn’t feel this way before because she said she didn’t owe him any answers. She said she was her own person and her sex life was no one else’s business. And so the shift seems to have happened because of all the guilt and animosity Tim has been receiving from her family who all thought he should never have cheated on her in the first place.

Brittany also found out she was still married. She’s going have to refile and that meant staying in the States longer than she originally planned. Brittany had told her boyfriend Yazan that she was only visiting Chicago to meet her sister’s baby. He’s now going to have questions about why she’s staying in the US and so she couldn’t hide what she was really doing from her boyfriend anymore. She was going to have to tell him the truth.

And Armando’s mom agreed to let Armando and Kenny spend a night in the house and so baby steps were being taken.

And Ari’s baby was going to be delivered a week early by C-section because the baby was a breach.