Tommy Recap 04/09/20: Season 1 Episode 8 “The Swatting Game”

Tommy Recap 04/09/20: Season 1 Episode 8 "The Swatting Game"

Tonight on CBS their new crime drama Tommy returns with an all-new Thursday, April 9, 2020, season 1 episode 8 called, “The Swatting Game,” and we have your Tommy recap below.  On tonight’s Tommy Season 1 Episode 8 recap as per the CBS synopsis, “Tommy and the LAPD race to find an online “swatter,” a digital criminal targeting the LAPD and a rising online gamer by making dangerous fake 911 calls.

As Tommy deploys the department’s full resources to the search, the perpetrator threatens to reveal private information about members of the police force.”

Tonight’s Tommy season 1 episode 8 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it.   While you’re waiting for our Tommy recap make sure to check out all our TV recaps, news, spoilers & more, right here!

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West Adams District: Cops storm into a residential home, a man comes out of his room and it looks like the police shoot him. They go into a room and find a girl there, she is playing video games, she asks who they are and where is her dad.

It’s the middle of the night, Tommy gets a call, an officer-involved in a shooting, she gets up.

One the scene, Tommy is told that 911 got a call from a young man who said his father had shot his mother and he was hiding in the closet with two younger siblings, he gave the officers the address. When they arrived, they heard something yelling from inside the house, they entered. An adult male emerged from one of the rooms holding what appeared to be a weapon, officer Gregory Wayne identified himself and ordered the man to drop his weapon. When the individual didn’t comply, officer Wayne shot him twice killing him. He was the homeowner, 53 years old and he was holding a baseball bat. The only child in the house was his fifteen-year-old daughter. Crystal and she was playing video games, and that was the yelling that they heard. The whole thing was a prank. The mother had died a few years ago. Social Services is now with the daughter.

A reporter walks up to Tommy and tells her that she needs to talk to the press. Tommy tells them that they have begun an investigation and will reveal the results when they become available. And, will also reveal the names of everyone involved. In the meantime, she says she is very sorry about what happened, they are going to everything in their power to get the person responsible.

Blake has the recording of the 911 call for Tommy, she plays it. Doug asks her why she said she was sorry for what happened, she was asked not to do that. She says she says she was sorry about, not for. He says good when the family sues they will win because she claimed responsibility. He continues to say that she added a whole bunch of zeros on to the settlement that they are going to have to pay that family. Doug leaves, Blake tells Tommy that she agrees with him.

Tommy tries to Kate, she says that if she wants to, she can give her a call because they haven’t spoken since she moved into the hotel.

It appears that the daughter, who is a gamer, was the target. She is getting up high in her ranks, and a swatter pranked her. Tommy says she wants this swatter and Crystal can help ID him. Donn tells her that she is a minor, so they should maybe wait until her sister arrives in town. Tommy disagrees, if they wait, the sister might get her to lawyer up.

Donn goes to question Crystal, she says whoever did this was after her. Kim is there too, she says that she used to be a hardcore gamer and she knows, the better you get, the harder the comments get. Crystal gives her a list of 375 users she blocked from her stream, only in the last month. Just then, Crystal’s sister, Alyssa walks in and asks what they are doing. Alyssa turns to Donn and Kim, she tells them they have nothing to say to them and asks them to go.

Officer Wayne goes to see Tommy, she tells him that she cannot discuss the events of the shooting. He says he is resigning, he wants out. She tells him that shooting is hard, there is nothing easy about taking a life. She urges him to give himself time. He says that he got hacked, someone posted all his personal data, address, social security, email; his wife has been getting all these abusive messages, plus some medical information – he is HIV positive, only his family knew, now his friends, his unit knows. He feels so horrible about the shooting and now this, he can’t. She tells him to take a breath and do nothing today.

At the Davenport School Fling, Kate leaves to get something in her car. She sees two officers giving a boy a hard time. She tells them she knows the boy and they end up arresting the two of them. She advises the officer she is in the car with that her mother is the chief of police. He makes a joke about her mother being Michelle Obama and he has royalty in the back seat of his car. He says nice try, the chief is white and gay.

Ken goes into Blake’s office and says Tommy wants to see them in her office and she is not asking. Kim is there, she believes they found their swatter, but they more info. They need to know who the real users are and a company named Stream Conekt is stonewalling them. The owner is Ethan Gleb.

Kate is put in a jail cell. Kiley calls Tommy just to check-in, she tells her she will call her later.

Tommy asks Mrs. Gates to gather any news reports on Stream Conekt.

Tommy and Donn go to see Ethan Gleb, he doesn’t want to give up the information. Tommy pulls up some news reports about his company how it is associated with a lot of different violent incidences. She tells him that if he gives her the names, he will be the guy who helped the police and people love those kinds of stories.

Kate gets to make one call, she calls Henry and she gets his voice mail. Officer Gray is only supposed to let her make one call, but she lets her try someone else, she calls Abner.

Tommy is back at the station, Ken tells her they went through the names that Steam Conekt provided and they found him. Last week Crystal exchanged messages with a guy named Arthur Stray, it got creepy fast and she blocked him. He offered her $2000 to complete an “Amsterdam” mission dressed up as Lara Croft, he is fifteen years old and lives in LA.

Blake is in the liquor store and calls Ken for advice on buying bourbon. All of a sudden, police storm into the store, Ken asks her if she is ok, but she has to put the phone down and put her hands up.

Donn tells Tommy they have a situation, several emergency calls came in at the same time from all over. Active shooter, a hostage is taken, armed robbery in progress, all at once.

Blake is back on the phone with Ken, swat was looking for something in the liquor store that wasn’t there. Turns out nothing was going on at any of the locations that they got the calls about, Tommy says they have been swatted.

Abner shows up at the police station and asks which officer arrested Kate Jones. Officer Nelson turns around and asks Abner if he has a problem. Abner says he is not the one with the problem. Obviously Abner has more than a little talk with them because he and officer Parker bring him to the cell where she is located. The officer opens the cell and tells Kate it was all a misunderstanding. She says she just wants to know where Davis Jacobs is, the boy they arrested with her. Officer Nelson says he is the central juvenile hall.

Altogether there were ten false alarms all within a quarter-mile of police headquarters, no fatalities this time. Blake reads a message that was just posted online, “hey lady chief, this coward sure made swat scramble.” Blake says he is looking for a response, they shouldn’t do it because that is what he is looking for.

Abner is with Kate and tells her that he is really sorry for what happened to her. He says he knows that she tried to tell them who she was. Davis is brought down the stairs, he is beaten up, they put him in a cell with a crazy dude.

Arthur Stray is called into the station, he is not 15, he is a 37-year-old Securities Trader. He says he didn’t pose, he assumed an alternate identity. Donn asked if he got ticked off when Crystal blocked him. Arthur says some guy picked a fight with him when he was messaging her, he said he was wasting his money on an “E” girl. The guy’s user name was ReadyMa05. Problem is, he used a ghost name and fake ID. Donn and Kim had an idea if they bid on Crystal they can maybe fish this guy out, but they would need her permission.

Tommy goes to speak to Crystal and her sister, explains the situation to them and tells them that they both have been victimized and need to find this guy. Crystal wants to help, Alyssa doesn’t want her to but reluctantly gives in.

Crystal is live, the cops are watching. They give her a $5000 donation and ReadyMa05 takes the bait. They have his address, his name is Steven Mist, Tommy sent a team out to pick him up. Alyssa tells them she is happy they got their guy, they are still suing.

Tommy has Steven in an interview room, she shows him a photo of Cyrus, Crystal’s father. She also shows him photos of Crystal and Alyssa. He tells her that he didn’t do anything but try to take his elite fighter out of missions. She tells him that he is going to prison for the real lives that he is ruined, the man that he got killed. She says two times now, he got beat by a girl.

Tommy finds out what the two officers did to Kate, she wants them in front of her. Donn tells her that she can’t because the union will be all over her.

Tommy is in a room with the two officers and asks them what happened. They say the boy was trying to break into the school and her daughter was interfering. She asks them if this would have taken place if they were white. The president of the union is there, he brings up her saying she was sorry for Crystal’s dad’s murder and ends the meeting.

Tommy goes to see Kate and asks her why she didn’t call her. She says if she interferes it will make things much worse. Tommy says this is not the same, she is her daughter. Kate says the officers didn’t believe them because they were black and nothing can change that. Kate tells Tommy to come home and she doesn’t care what Henry thinks. Tommy says ok, she will see her tomorrow.