Welcome to Plathville 11/17/20: Season 2 Episode 2 “My Mystery Man”

Welcome to Plathville 11/17/20: Season 2 Episode 2 "My Mystery Man"

Tonight on TLC their reality show Welcome To Plathville airs with an all-new Tuesday, November 17, 2020, episode and have your Welcome to Plathville recap below.  On tonight’s Welcome to Plathville season 2 episode 2 called “A Family Divided,” as per the TLC synopsis, “Micah reconnected with model-friend Helena to do a somewhat raunchy modeling photoshoot.

Moriah went out on a date for the very first time, while Lydia spills the beans about her secret crush. Barry and Isaac have “the birds and the bees” conversation.”

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Micah is with Helena to do a hot and sexy photoshoot, and he is excited. He met her on his very first modeling job last year and can’t wait to show her his progress. She says she is surprised that he is being so flirtatious, he wasn’t like that a year ago.

Growing up, they had a lot of clothing restrictions, his parents thought it was immodest to show your body. Helena says she loves this hot and sexy man that is there with her. They start the photoshoot, it is really steamy. Micah always wanted to work on the farm when he was younger, but now he wants to model and travel.

In the new Plath family home, Barry and Isaac are both clearing trees to build a swimming pool. Only Isaac is left in the house, as one of the guys, so Barry is taking advantage of it. They just had a talk with Micah and Moriah and that is fresh on his mind. It hurt with what they told him and now he has an opportunity to connect with Isaac like he didn’t with Micah.

He asks him if he has spoken to Moriah or Micah about the change they have been going through, Isaac says no and feels really awkward about the whole conversation. Barry asks him if he has any questions about girls, Isaac is not ready for this, he thought they were just chopping down trees. You can cut the awkwardness with a knife, Isaac feels so strange in this conversation, he would rather speak to his friends about girls.

Back to the photoshoot, the two mess up the bed and the next shot is some pillow talk on the bed. Helena is very proud of Micah, he has so much confidence there and there is a lot of chemistry between them. Next Micah gets wet, in his underwear, and does a photoshoot in the shower.

At Ethan and Olivia’s house, it is morning and Olivia made coffee. The two have been couped up lately trying to work on their marriage and staying away from the family. She is a wedding photographer and is taking the time during covid to rebuild her website and rebrand herself. She asks him if he can make breakfast, he says he will try to make pancakes, and secretly, he is hoping it gets browning points with her. He keeps asking her questions and she is not getting any work done. She tells him that when he leaves he goes to the office and how would he feel if someone was talking to him all the time when he was trying to finish a project.

Olivia tells Ethan that everything he is doing is so irritating. Growing up, he wasn’t given any type of toolset on how to deal with relationships. He goes over to Olivia, gives her a hug, and says sorry to her. The two are working on their marriage and she really appreciates how he tried to make her feel better.

Back at the new Plath family home, Lydia is going over to Moriah’s to have dinner and she is so glad that her parents are letting her go. The family is trying to have a balance and let the children spend time with Micah and Moriah. This is the first time that Moriah has ever cooked a meal for anybody. Kim goes in with Lydia, Moriah didn’t know her mom was going to be there and feels a little awkward. Lydia politely hugs her mother who gives her a gift, a fashion book – then Kim leaves.

Moriah shows Lydia around the house, then they sit down to eat, they are having cereal for dinner. It’s a prank, they are having a nice salad, steak and macaroni and cheese. Moriah asks Lydia is if she has anyone that is more than a friend to her. There is a boy that she has known since she was thirteen and she still likes him a lot. Moriah says he really cares about her, he asks about her a lot. Lydia is coming to her for advice and Moriah is not prepared, she is different than Lydia. Lydia says she won’t do anything without telling mom or dad. Moriah says she can write him a letter and just let him know that she is thinking about him.

Micah is home, he tells Moriah that his photoshoot was fun. Moriah tells him that Lydia was over and she is into this guy, Micah says he is super lucky.

Ethan is outside, he starts working on his motorcycle and he just focuses on it and nothing else, it is an escape for him. He just wishes he was as good at fixing relationships. He and Olivia have had hard times, she is hurt by a lot of things that have happened over the last year. And, with covid, she had to cancel a lot of jobs. As well, they are in no contact with his parents. He knows that a lot of the arguments stem from him not standing up for himself. He is 100% confident that he will get the bike on the road, his marriage, he is going to keep working at it.

Moriah is getting ready for her first date. Growing up, dating was wrong, and she doesn’t know what her parents would think of her going on a date. Moriah’s ate arrives and picks her up with a motorcycle, he brought a helmet for her. This is her first date and the first time on a motorcycle. Moriah loves it, she feels free like she can fly. Her date’s name is Max, she finds him funny and he makes her feel comfortable.

He says when he first started texting her it took him twenty-four hours to answer, he is so happy to be there with her. She is reluctant to talk about her family, but she does get into it because she really likes him. She tells him there were a lot of rules and her parents are very religious. Her parent’s rule was that she couldn’t learn the outside world until she was eighteen. She knows it is a big gamble with her heart dating Max, but she is going to take one step at a time.