90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Recap 09/12/21: Season 3 Episode 3 “Fight For Love”

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Recap 09/12/21: Season 3 Episode 3 "Fight For Love"

Tonight on TLC their popular reality show 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way airs with an all-new Sunday, September 12, 2021 episode and we have your 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way recap below for you. On tonight’s 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way season 3 episode 3 “Fight For Love,” as per the TLC Synopsis “Ellie heads to Colombia without a plan. Jenny hopes to get answers with the Hare Krishnas. Kenny has been keeping a secret. Bini confronts Ari’s ex-husband. Evelin drops a bomb on her sisters. Alina decides to test Steven’s faithfulness.”

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In tonight’s 90 Day Fiance episode, Jenny’s recent visit to an immigration attorney has opened up her mind to the possibilities. Before, she was set on marrying Sumit. She wanted to marry him because she’s in love with him and he did propose but things have changed. He’s no longer is in any rush to get married. He keeps finding a reason not to and so Jenny has found an alternative to stay in India.

She found out she could stay on a missionary visa. She found out that if she became a Hare Krishna that she could stay in India indefinitely and wouldn’t have to return to the United States every six months like she currently has to do. Jenny went to a temple for this religion and she found out how she could pray. She also learned a little bit more about the faith.

The faith has a bad reputation back in the States. People back home tend to think of the religion as a cult and so Jenny had some misconceptions but hearing from actual practitioners had helped clear her mind and she also felt the spirit while she was praying. Jenny needed to find peace anyways because of her relationship with Sumit. She knows that she may never get his family’s approval and that might mean they might never get married and so talking about it with someone was helpful.

Jenny doesn’t really have anyone besides Sumit in India. His friends and his friends’ wives have given her a wide berth. They’ve stayed away and that left Jenny with no support system. All of her friends and family were back in the States. And she did need someone to talk to besides Sumit.

Then there’s Ariela otherwise known as Ari. Ari was married for ten years and then they got divorced. They had broken up before in the past. Only this time was different because Ari was dating someone else and she got pregnant. Ari chose to make things with Biniyam. It put the final end to her relationship with Leandro and they decided to stay as friends. Leandro was even visiting her in Ethiopia.

Ari hadn’t seen him in a while and she had felt bad about the way she treated him. She did treat their breakup as temporary. She always thought she would go back to him if she ever decided to give up the adventurous lifestyle and instead she gave it up to be with Biniyam. Ari apologized to Leandro for keeping him on the line for so long.

It hadn’t been fair to him. Leandro had also thought they would get back together and so the end of their relationship had been drawn out for way too long. Things were over. They remained best friends and now Leandro was visiting her to see her new baby. Ari used the opportunity to apologize. He accepted her apology and told her it was okay but things remained awkward around Ari’s fiancé Biniyam.

Biniyam didn’t like Leandro. He didn’t see why Leandro was still a part of Ari’s life and he remained very jealous. Biniyam later found a way to take his jealousy out on Leandro. As that was happening, Ellie the American woman who was engaged to a man from Providencia had heard some bad news.

Victor’s island was hit by a Category Five hurricane. He and his family were seeking shelter and while they do, they were also cut off from the rest of the world. This meant Ellie. Ellie wasn’t in contact with Victor. She had no idea if he and his family made it to the shelter in time. She meanwhile was completely taken away from my worries.

Her mind couldn’t help going to the worst possible because she had already lost so much. Ellie has lost her parents, her husband, and good friends. She was desperately afraid of another loss and so her best friend came over to stay with her while she waits to hear from Victor. Ellie plans on moving to the island to be with him. Her trip was a few days away and until she sees him again in person, she’ll never be free of the doubts that something happened to him.

Kenneth, or Kenny as his fiancé likes to say, was later reunited with his daughter. He left his family and his home to move down to Mexico to be with his fiancé Armando. The move hadn’t been overnight. It had taken months and there had even been some delays. It had gotten so bad that Armando had questioned if Kenny was ever going to make the move. But he did.

He moved and then the pandemic hit. He hasn’t been in the same room as any of his children in over a year and so a visit from his daughter was just what he needed. He got to ask about his other children. How they’ve been doing? He also got the low down. His daughter was currently the one keeping the family together and the stress of it was getting to her.

None of the other siblings wanted to make as much of an effort as she does. She sorta had to take on Kenny’s role and that would never have happened if Kenny had stayed in the States. So, he does feel guilty. He also occasionally has doubts about moving to Mexico and yet he can never bring it up to Armando because he was afraid Armando would feel hurt and so Kenny just buries the feelings.

He makes sure to feel things when Armando isn’t around. Which isn’t great. Kenny talked about that with his daughter and she asked him outright if he regretted moving. He said he didn’t. He loves Armando and for the most part, he’s happy about finally living together. It’s just moments like when he missed a special moment in his grandson’s life or when his children need him that he has doubts.

Ellie later heard from Victor’s family. He was okay and so that was great for her trip. She flew down to Providencia two days after the hurricane. Her friend Hiromi also came around to Victor. She didn’t use to like him because she never forgave him for cheating on her friend and so the hurricane changed her mind about him. She was just so grateful that he survived.

For Ellie, especially! She just decided to give him another chance and hopefully, Victor treats Ellie with the respect she deserves. Ellie was flying down to the island when Biniyam convinced Leandro to go boxing with him. Biniyam claimed it was guy bonding when really he just wanted to see if he could take Leandro and it turns out he could.

At one point, Biniyam even put Leandro in a chokehold. He didn’t kill him but he came close and that was some reassurance to Biniyam. Not so much to Leandro. The two were still sparring as Corey decided to surprise his fiancé Evelin. He surprised her with a wedding dress. He asked his sister for her prom dress because he thought Evelin might like it and that they could save money and so he was being cheap.

He was being cheap. He was trying to cut down the price of the all-expensive wedding that Evelin was planning and the plan failed. Evelin hated the dress. She saw that it was dirty and therefore used and that made her hate the dress even more. She later got it from Corey that it was his sister’s prom dress. She also put together that Corey being cheap and so she told him no way in hell was she wearing the dress.

Alina was also up to something. She decided to test her boyfriend before they moved to Turkey to be together and how she tested him was with her very attractive friend. She and her friend Masha unfollowed each other. She also asked Masha to reach out to Steven and so they were waiting to see how he responded as Ari found out about Biniyam’s insecurities. Biniyam asked Leandro about Ari.

He asked Leandro if they slept together when Leandro stayed at her apartment when she was pregnant and he died and Ari also had denied it. She denied it days ago. There was no need to ask Leandro and it didn’t help any because Biniyam still mistrusts them. He still thinks something happened. He decided to test Ari’s patience by inviting his ex-girlfriend to meet Leandro. He did just to get on Ari’s nerves.

Ellie also wasn’t the only one moving. She was moving to a country that had been wrecked by a hurricane and ninety percent of the island had been affected but she at least knew the language and she wasn’t like Steven. Steven and his girlfriend Alina are moving to Turkey. They were using Turkey as a test to see if they should get married and if they really wanted to be together for the rest of their lives.

But neither knows the language of the area. There also wasn’t a lot of trust because Steven had originally wanted to date other people while still seeing her and so that’s why Alina was using her attractive friend to lure him into a trap. Both were giving up a lot to move together to Turkey and so that was another reason why Alina wanted to make sure of Steven. And steven meanwhile was ignoring advice from family to just stay home.

Biniyam’s revenge by the way was a poor attempt at riling Ari and it didn’t work. She saw through it. Ari and Leandro also used the chance to question the ex. They asked why the relationship didn’t work and it was revealed that Biniyam cheated. This is why the relationship ended. Biniyam was with this very attractive woman for five years when he went on a break and he met his ex-wife.

He brought the woman who became his ex-wife around the girlfriend. The girlfriend asked who this woman was and he told her that it was just casting for a music video. Biniyam definitely was playing both women. He has a proven history of breaking trust and so Ari thought it was hypocritical for him to question her when she did nothing. She didn’t sleep with Leandro when she was pregnant.

Ari doesn’t think there’s a future between her and Leandro. Not since she met Biniyam and so Binyam either has to accept it or not. Evelin meanwhile was trying on actual wedding dresses. She found one she liked but her doubts about Corey remained so she talked about it with her sisters and now they’re more against him than they were before.