90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Recap 10/24/21: Season 3 Episode 9 “Fish or Cut Bait”

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Recap 10/24/21: Season 3 Episode 9 "Fish or Cut Bait"

Tonight on TLC their popular reality show 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way airs with an all-new Sunday, October 24, 2021 episode and we have your 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way recap below for you. On tonight’s 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way season 3 episode 9 “Fish or Cut Bait,” as per the TLC Synopsis “Jenny is stunned by an admission from Sumit; Alina exposes Steven’s lies; Ari starts to question Bini’s commitment; Kenny struggles with homesickness and missing his kids; Corey fights for Evelin’s love, but Evelin discovers more lies.”

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In tonight’s 90 Day Fiancé episode, Corey has moved back to his old place. He and Evelin have not been speaking much. He is trying to give her space. She has agreed to have dinner. She comes over. He makes her burgers. She has come over because she cares. She notices he has dressed up. Thye talk. She doesn’t trust him. He mentions therapy. She agrees they should go. He will pay.

Alina and Steven bring her mom to the airport. Alina has decided to stay and give Steven another chance. She hopes he will show her how he is a good person. Steven tells her mom he wants to show her how serious he is. Alina’s mom wants to see action. After her mom leaves, Alina is sad. She has to figure out so many things.

Ariela is in New Jersey with her daughter who needs hernia surgery. Bini has been going out a lot and this is upsetting her. They have been fighting over this and the fact that Bini shuts off his phone. He finally answers. They Facetime. She is annoyed he does whatever he wants. He tells her how much he loves her. He promises to keep his phone on. She knows he is doing something wrong.

Sumit’s parents have arrived. Sumit’s mom and Jenny cook in the kitchen. Hi mom is saying rude things and Jenny smiles. She doesn’t understand her at all. She is getting a good vibe.

Sumit really hopes they can be friends again like they were in 2013. Sumit’s mom thinks Jenny is useless.

Kenny speaks with his family by Facetime. He is really missing them. Espresso since Cassidy has shared that she is pregnant. Hey doesn’t want to miss any of it. He begins to cry. He is homesick and really hasn’t told Armando. He feels alone. He knows Armando wouldn’t move to the US.

Alina and Steven go to a Turkish bathhouse. He thought this was a great way to relieve stress and start over. She hopes she can trust him and he is worth it. He tells her he wants to do right and make her feel right. She wants him to delete his social media. He did offer first to do this but regrets saying he would.

Sumit and Jenny sit and eat with his parents. Sumit’s mom doesn’t think Jenny is in to cooking. She also needs to care for the whole house. His mother then warns they will be taunted Jenny is so much older. Jenny wipes her nose with a tissue. She puts it on the table after. Sumit’s mom is upset.

Corey picks up Evelin for therapy. They meet with a therapist outside. Evelin discusses how Corey spent time with another woman. She is very angry and upset. She cries. She had a car accident last year and she was hurt. He stayed with the woman. He didn’t care enough. He tells her he loves her and knows he did wrong.

Alina and Steven sit and spend time. He asks her how she is feeling. She tells him disappointed. His social media accounts are still open. She confesses to setting him up. He flirted with someone she knows who purposely messaged him. He comes up with a number of reasons he was just being nice. She tells him to delete his accounts right now. He tells her he wants to save some photos. She tells him they need to go home and he can do that. She wants action.

Sumit thought this visit was going to go well. But his parents are really picking on her and she is done with it. Jenny wants to be respected. She doesn’t want to fight. Sumit’s dad tells her he isn’t fighting. They then discuss living all together. Jenny didn’t know this was the ultimate plan. She does not want to live with them.

Bini celebrates Meskel. After he drinks with his friends. He tells them how Ari was mad at him for clubbing. He thinks she is jealous. His friends think she is difficult. He is worried she won’t return.

Armando and Kenny head to do laundry. They sit and talk. Kenny tells him how he is very homesick and feels like he is missing out on Cassidy’s pregnancy and a lot more. He begins to cry and then Armando, who doesn’t want the kids to be upset with him. Armando wants to know what Kenny plans to do.

Jenny and Sumit talk after his parents go to bed. She doesn’t see herself living with them now or in the future. She didn’t know this is what he wanted. He tells her since covid he has wanted to live with them again one day. She doesn’t see that happening.