All Rise Winter Premiere Recap 01/04/21: Season 2 Episode 6 “Bounceback”

Tonight on CBS their new series All Rise airs with an all-new Monday, January 4, 2020, season 2 episode 6 Winter Premiere called, “Bounceback,” and we have your All Rise recap below. On tonight’s All Rise season 2 episode 6 “Bounceback,” as per the CBS synopsis, “It’s a new year and Lola’s baby is due any day. She learns the jury was going to deliver a “not guilty” verdict in a case in which she pressured defendant Leon Parsons to take a plea deal.

It forces her to decide whether to let the plea stand and protect her reputation, or reveal what she knows to Leon. Also, Mark’s in the midst of an intense negotiation with DA Louis Bravo.”

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A new year, a new beginning. It was a new beginning for Lola. She was about to become a mother. Lola has two more weeks on duty before she takes her maternity leave and she couldn’t wait. She’s made plans. She was going to clear out her desk and she was finally going to finish her birth plan. Her baby is due soon. She truly did leave certain things to the last minute. Only there was a reason for that. Lola has to spend most of her pregnancy alone and she wants her husband to be there as they make decisions for the baby. Her husband was on his way back. He worked in D.C. He flew back and forth throughout the duration of the pregnancy and thankfully for everyone he put in a transfer.

Robin was transferring back to LA. He was going to be there permanently and he was going to help with the baby. Lola didn’t have to worry about doing that part alone. She was going to get help in her personal life and she had both Sherri and her new law clerk to help with her professional life. Sherri and Ness tended to handle things on their end beautifully. Lola has never had to complain about them and she wouldn’t think they would find problems, but Ness came across something and she couldn’t throw it away. She instead brought it to Sherri’s attention. Ness was clearing out a jury room when she found a verdict form and it indicated that the jury was about to acquit. This was problem for their team because they all though the defendant was going to lose. And they convinced him to take a plea deal.

The defendant wasn’t in jail. He was put on parole and he now has a record. Leon Parsons was convinced to take a plea deal by Lola. She thought she was acting in his best interests because he was a black man who got into a fight with another man over that man making passes at his daughter and she didn’t think the jury would be on his side. Lola underestimated the system. She stepped in and she convinced him to take a plea deal which has now blown back into her face. This wasn’t Lola’s first misstep. She was going to get flak if this came out and Benner for one thought she should leave it alone. Benner was the one who nominated Lola to a judge’s seat. She has her own bosses and they’ve been coming down on her for Lola’s mistakes.

There were also the trolls online. Lola was going to get dragged by everyone for convincing this black man to take a plea deal when the jury would have found him innocent and so Lola had a choice. She could ignore what she found. Or she could go through proper channels to find out if the jury really was going to acquit him. Lola chose to go through the legal channels and she met the foreman who personally blamed her for Leon Parsons taking the deal. He said if she had just kept her mouth shut that the jury would have done its job. The foreperson wasn’t even the only person thinking this. Emily informed her client and Parsons wanted Lola to lose everything. He had to lie in court by saying he willing got into a fight and he blamed Lola for making him lie.

Parsons told Emily he wasn’t going to stop until Lola loses everything. Like he lost everything. Parsons didn’t even care that his case could be retried or that he could get off without charges. He was still angry. He later made sure the whole world knew what happened and so Lola’s own mother came looking for her. Roxy wanted to give her daughter a piece of her mind. She went to Lola’s office and she didn’t find her daughter nor did anyone know where Lola went. Roxy ran into Benner. The two of them got to talking and they both realized how bad it was for Lola. There was even a rumor that some people wanted to remove her judgeship from her. The two ladies were speaking about that as Ness found Lola.

Lola was hiding in the courtroom. She had needed a moment alone and there was no better place for it than the courtroom. Lola knew she made a mistake. She shouldn’t have pressured that man into taking a plea deal and her own record was now under scrutiny. Lola was found by Ness. The two of them got to talking and Ness revealed why she held onto the verdict form. She said it would have felt wrong to have thrown it away. Lola understood that and she didn’t blame Ness for the fallout. The only person Lola thought was at fault was herself. She should have been impartial during the trial and she should have had faith in the jury. Lola later talked to Mark about it. Mark said she had been drunk on power and Lola said it happened because of the lack of power.

Lola used to be Deputy District Attorney. She was used to seeing the jury as an ally and now that she was judge she didn’t see it that way anymore. She has had to watch as lawyers and witnesses and juries kept getting it wrong. Lola thought the jury was going to rule against Parsons. She stepped in and now Emily was using that against her to get Parsons’s guilty plea stricken from the record. Emily went after Lola in court. She said Lola overreached and she made Lola so upset that Lola had to ask for a recess. She later came back and she ruled in Emily’s favor. It was now up to District Attorney’s office to determine if they were going to retry Parsons, but Lola was hoping they wouldn’t and unfortunately nothing she could have said would have gotten through to the DDA.

The DDA was Maggie Palmer. Palmer was known for believing Lola is a light touch on criminals and she prefers to play hardball. So, of course everyone assumed Palmer was going to retry Parsons. He either better hope he gets lucky with a new jury and a new judge or he risks going to prison for several years. Emily was going to do what she could for him. She got yelled at by Sherri and reprimanded by Luke who both though going for Lola was beneath her. Lola has enough to deal with. Lola, the DDA, and Emily were back in court later on and that’s when Palmer chose to surprise everyone by dismissing the charges against Parsons. He now gets to walk out with a clean record and he doesn’t have to go through another trial.

Before he was dismissed, Lola apologized to him. She said sometimes the best intentions didn’t always work out and that’s what happened here. Its also what happened with Mark. Mark own bosses didn’t want to pursue charges against Deputy Rashel for shooting an unarmed man. But then at the last minute, a recording showed up and this recording proved that Rashel willing try to kill a suspect for no other reason than he believes he can get away with. This recording forced the District Attorney’s hand. He told Mark to go ahead with the charges and so they had Deputy Rashel arrested. And now they have to put him on trial.

And Lola did finally hear her mother out and it turns out her mother supports her. Her mother may not always understand her, but she still supports her and the two eventually talked about ground rules. Lola doesn’t want her mom in her courtroom anymore. She said people see them as tied and she has to be impartial from now on. Lola also ended up going into labor early and so she has to take maternity leave early as well.


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