American Idol Recap 05/16/21: Season 19 Episode 18 “My Personal Idol/Artist Singles”

American Idol Recap 05/16/21: Season 19 Episode 18 "My Personal Idol/Artist Singles"

It’s another exciting night of American Idol on ABC tonight with an all-new Sunday, May 18, 2021, season 19 episode 18 called “My Personal Idol/Artist Singles” and we have your weekly American Idol recap below. On tonight’s American Idol season 19 episode 18 as per the ABC synopsis, “Artist FINNEAS mentors the finalists, who are grouped to perform two of his songs; the top four perform two additional songs each; FINNEAS performs with Ashe; the top three finalists are revealed.

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In tonight’s American Idol episode the show begins with the final four; Chayce Beckham, Casey Bishop, Grace Kinstler, and Willie Spence on stage. Host, Ryan Seacrest welcomes our judges, Luke Bryan, Lionel Richie, and Katy Perry. Ryan announces that Caleb Kennedy will not be continuing in the competition, so America will be voting for only four contestants. Producer and artist Finneas will mentor the finalists who will be grouped to perform two of his songs, “Break My Heart Again,” and “What They’ll Say About Us.”

Chayce Beckham sings, “Colder Weather,” by Zac Brown Band.

Judges’ Comments: Katy: “Oh my gosh, you were born on American Idol, I knew you when. Obviously, you decided to play the guitar, against your own advice. I think it looks good on you, it’s your ammunition, how you use it, how you look at it. You live on this stage now.” Luke: “You need to realize that you are here because you are real. Everything you give is so real and that can take you so far. In fifteen years if I see you do something that isn’t real, I am going to say, you better be real. Being genuine and authentic, people love that and that is why you made it to this point.” Lionel: “Point well said, I think what happens a lot of time, you spend most of the time questioning if people like you, the answer is, they really like you. You earned that right because they fell in love with your voice and who you are. That is a genuine quality of a star.”

Casey Bishop sings, “Wish You Were Gay,” by Bille Eilish.

Judges’ Comments: Luke: “That was crushed, I mean you just crushed every aspect of that whole thing. In my opinion, it was your best, it was the perfect song to sing. Great job.” Lionel: “We have been pushing, what is your persona, now you own it. You were in a moment that made us wonder what is she going to do next. You killed it, my dear.” Katy: “You found your stardust completely and you are rolling around in it. You found that instant identity, you look up to Billie Eilish and no matter if you win or not, you are going to be your next hero honey.”

Ryan welcomes Laine Hardy to the stage who has a new single that just dropped, “Memorize You.” As well, Laine is presently working on an album that will drop in the fall.

Grace Kinstler is singing, “A Moment Like This,” by Kelly Clarkson.

Judges’ Comments: Lionel: “You waited a lifetime for a moment like this and it shows. I couldn’t help but use that. You thought of yourself as trying to be something unique, and I am going to say something to you, you are your normal. It is totally fresh to everything else in the world and that is what makes a star. You are bringing not only who you are, but your sound, your ability, and your confidence. There are so many women out there right now that just someone to tell them just to be you.” Katy: “It is always a pleasure when you grace us with your voice. I had a chat with my cousin the other day, and he was like who you want, I asked who you want, and he said, Grace. So, if you want Grace to win you just need to vote right now. That was a really cool song choice. You are a lot like Kelly Clarkson, and she is a Bonafede star.” Luke: “I like the four people sitting over there, you are all massive stars and superstars. You conduct yourself with this confidence and it is so amazing to watch. You have the eye of the tiger.”

Willie Spence is singing, “Glory,” by Common & John Legend.

Judges’ Comments: Katy: “I am so glad you took us to church. It was amazing, connected, spiritual, it was, I am so glad it is in God’s hands now. I don’t want to choose. I am speechless.” Luke: “I can’t have thirty seconds to tell you what that performance just did to my soul. You are literally going to save people’s lives, you are going to bring people back from the dark, out of stuff. They are going to walk up to you one day and tell you that you saved their lives.” Lionel: “You have such a presence, an aura, stellar. You are uplifting. When you move us to that next place, and you uplift us, and we have chills. Congratulations.”

Ashe and Finneas perform their hit, “Till Forever Falls Apart.”

Chayce Beckham sings his original song, “23,” and “You Should Probably Leave,” by Chris Stapleton.

Judges’ Comments: Luke: “How do we create another way of saying a great job, OMG. I love the way you worked some of the production on your original. I feel like the pandemic is over and we are in a concert.” Lionel: “Who have you turned into. From the beginning to now it is a complete transformation, you have stepped into your light to the point that I now know exactly who you are. I know your sound, I know your demeanor, everything is lining up for number one show business.” Katy: “What number is your song on the country channel right now? (it is #1) You are a Rockstar.”

Casey Bishop is singing her original song, “Love Me, Leave Me,” and “Live Wire,” by Motley Crue.

Judges Comments: Lionel: “What was that? Forget about everything, you can be so whimsical, then you drop the bomb. I loved it. Stardust all over you, I want front row seats and backstage passes.” Katy: “My favorite song right now is Love Me, Leave Me. That was a great, great way to pick and contribute to a first song right off the bat. I can’t believe that you can sing somewhere over the rainbow a couple of episodes ago and now, down on your knees for Live Wire. You check all the boxes, you are ready to party.” Luke: “We are two doors away from some 80’s bars, lets kick the door open and take Casey there.”

Grace Kinstler and Willie Spence are singing, “What They’ll Say About Us,” by Finneas and inspired by Amanda Kloots as she documented her husband Nick Cordero’s time in the ICU while in a coma after being admitted for COVID-19.

Luke Bryan performs his newest single, “Waves.”

Ryan welcomes Michael J. Woodard to the stage, he was on season 16 of American Idol. Shortly after the show, he worked with his mentor Katy Perry and he is grateful for it every day. He has written over 130 songs, and his first single ever is coming out, “Why You Texting Me.”

Grace Kinstler singing her original song, “Love Someone,” and “Father,” by Demi Lovato.

Judges’ Comments: Luke: “Rendered speechless once again. On the Demi song, way to use it right now, I loved your melody on your original. Great performance.” Lionel: “I guess it is just the realization to us that all of our birds are about to leave the nest. It is very clear to all of us that you have taken every bit of instruction. You came here being you, we just gave you your platform. Artistry – check, star power – check, your future – check.” Katy: “Grace what a great way to pick a great song for your first song off the bat. Way to represent as an artist. Hearing you sing that song really touched me, I felt you, I felt that and it was beautiful.”

Willie Spence is singing his original song, “Never Be Alone,” and “I Was Here,” Beyonce.

Judges’ Comments: Lionel: “We have created, I want to see this tour, as far as I am concerned this is it. You are a giant of a voice and a giant of a presence. You handled it so well, your ability to be so calm, but all your expression is coming out of your God-given talent, God Bless you my friend.” Katy; “Every time I get chills, tonight I got chills on my face that I thought I had frozen. Great song, you have that connection to that next realm, and you are using it. You are stepping into your power and walking in the light. Keep it with you, keep going and never forget.” Luke: “You are a teddy bear, sweetheart and tender, but when the lights come on you turn into beast mode. You are ready for this business.”

Casey Bishop and Chayce Beckham are singing “Break My Heart Again,” by Finneas.

The three in the finale are Chayce Beckham, Willie Spence, and Grace Kinstler.

Eliminated: Casey Bishop