Big Sky Recap 04/13/21: Season 1 Episode 11 “All Kinds of Snakes”

Big Sky Recap 04/13/21: Season 1 Episode 11 "All Kinds of Snakes"

Tonight on ABC their new thriller by David E. Kelley, Big Sky airs with an all-new Tuesday, April 13, 2021 Spring premiere episode and we have your Big Sky recap below.  On tonight’s Big Sky season 1 episode 10 ‘Catastrophic Thinking,’ as per the ABC synopsis, “Right as the women of Dewell and Hoyt seem to be getting used to the new normal, Jenny gets an alarming call from an old flame; leading her and Cassie headfirst into a new case, a new jurisdiction and a whole lot of new trouble. It’s time to meet the Kleinsassers.

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Tonight’s episode of Big Sky, the episode begins with Mark, who is with Cassie, and asks her about the case. He tells her that he hopes she will use him as a resource, the more they know each other the better. They are in a junkyard and find Ronald’s old rig. It has been painted, but he missed a spot and etched are the words, Help Me, Kelli.

Arthur is fixing the plumbing in the kitchen, Scarlett walks in, she has the taser in her hand and asks him what it is. He says he doesn’t know but it looks dangerous. She says she found it in the bathroom, then she asks him if he has a secret he wants to tell her. She says if he tells her his, she says she will tell him hers. She says her secret is that she steals things, it makes her feel powerful, like a God. He says they shouldn’t be speaking about this. She tells him that if he wants the taser, he is going to have to kiss her. He does and she demands a better kiss.

Cassie and Jenny are walking towards the prison, Cassie asks her if there is anything she wants to tell her about Blake before they do this, she says don’t let him charm her. She says she is following her lead on this one. Reynolds, Blake’s council meets them outside and gives them his file. He says people around there are not going to take kindly to them poking around. Inside, Blake and Jenny say hi, then she introduces him to Cassie.

He says he returned because his father had a stroke, he thought he would help with the transition of the ranch. Jenny shows him a photo in his file of a woman named Rosie that he is accused of beating up, he says he didn’t do it. They met at a bar, drank, and he left the bar with her.

They were going to the cabin. His father fired her old man, 25 years of service to the ranch, ran him off, and put a lock on the caretaker’s cabin. He was going to sneak her in so she could get some things that belonged to her dad. He thought he saw some lights in a tree, he headed over there, he must of fell. He can hold his liquor, but not that night. He woke up, he was all scratched up, and told he beat her up. As a firstborn son, he is to inherit his father’s ranch and his brothers don’t exactly like that.

He looks at Cassie and tells her that she is the only person that can help him. Outside, Cassie says he didn’t do it. Jenny tells her that maybe Blake is not the same guy she knew. Jenny sees Rand Kleinsasser, Blake’s psycho little brother drive up and she doesn’t look pleased. She tells Cassie to get in the car, they are going.

In the Kleinsasser home, JW tells Rand they are not telling dad about this yet, meaning Jenny and Cassie. Once inside, their mother asks if they saw Blake, they say no. It is game night, and Horst is waiting to play with them and Cheyenne. They are playing snakes and ladders, Cheyenne tells the boys that if Blake was there he would beat them. Horst gets mad at the boys for coming in with his shoes on, Rand says he quits, he is tired of these games. Horst takes out his gun and tells Rand to sit down, they finish what they start. Rand says the gun isn’t loaded, Horst shoots a dear on the wall showing it is, Rand sits down to finish the game.

Mark is in the office enjoying a coffee, he is talking to Jerrie and she says he can ask her anything about Ronald if he wants to. She tells him that he told her to wash up, she took off her clothes and she could tell that he wanted to look. She told him to turn around, she felt safe with him, she doesn’t know why, just a feeling. That with her, he was looking for something, maybe love, but that’s weird. He thanks her for telling him that.

Cheyenne goes to the bedroom, her mother is in there taking a breather from the men. She tells her she needs a pill, Cheyenne gives it to her but tells her to promise that she will eat something. Then she tells her it will be ok, it won’t be long now.

Jenny pulls up to the Grey Cliff Inn, she goes inside and asks for a room, two beds. The man at the desk starts asking her a lot of questions and Jenny looks annoyed. He gives her the room key, she leaves. Meanwhile, we see Horst catching JW going through his desk, he tells him to sit down. Then he says that he always thought Blake was going to take over the place, but that doesn’t look like the case now.

Then Horst tells him, the ranch is going to him, he is going to have to make decisions and change the damn letterhead, he asks if he can handle that. JW says yes. Most important, Horst tells him that he will have to take care of his mother, his sister, and his brothers, including Blake. JW says that is going to be hard, Jenny Hoyt, the private investigator met with Blake. His mother walks in, she says Jenny is a good girl. Horst says she has no business out there and they don’t need anyone poking around in their business. JW tells Horst that he will take care of it.

Arthur is in bed with his wife, she keeps talking and he tells her to shut up and that “Ronald” tone that we are used to. She turns over, he puts his hand on her shoulder and tells her that he is sorry.

Cassie arrives at the motel, Jenny answers the door with her gun, she tells her that the guy at the front desk is a creeper. Jenny says she called Sheriff Wagy and got the runaround. Cassie says they should visit him in the morning, they need to find Rosie. Then they hear a noise outside, they see someone driving away, and blood has been poured all over their vehicle.

In the morning, Jenny and Cassie go to meet Sheriff Wagy and don’t get a warm welcome. Cassie tells him that someone poured blood on their truck and slashed their tires, he smiles and says he can open an investigation, but folks don’t take too good to strangers. They ask to meet with Rosie, he says no, she has been through enough. As they are about to leave, a girl who was inside the station runs after them and looks like she wants to tell them something, but a deputy comes out and she doesn’t have a chance.

JW comes back after a ride and tells Rand he didn’t fix the fence he was supposed to. The two get into a fight, Rand tells him to kill him. JW tells him they need to do something about Blake’s old girlfriend nosing around. Rand has a knife in his hand, he massages it and says Jenny is pretty and her partner. JW tells him to get his head straight, he knows what he is doing in that trailer and if the old man finds out, he is going whoop his ass. JW takes the knife out of his hand.

Jenny stops by the Kleinsasser house, the mother answers the door, they smile at each other and she invites her in for a cup of tea. Jenny says the place hasn’t changed. Jenny tells her that Blake reached out to her and she knows that he didn’t do this. She says she always hoped she and Blake would end up together. Horst walks in, he asks Jenny why she is there and why she couldn’t call. She says she wants to look at the caretaker’s cabin. He tells her that she is trespassing and she knows what happens when people trespassing. He tells her to drink up her tea and git, don’t come back. She finishes her tea, smiles, and nods goodbye.

It’s late, we see Ronald drive into the garage. He then unlocks some chains that were on a barn door. He has flowers in his hands, sits down, and lights a candle on a cake. He says he met someone, someone special, and not likes her. He wants to feel her one more time, he knows what they had wasn’t real, but it could have been. They say light a candle and make a wish, he is not going to tell her his wish, this is goodbye. He blows out the candle.

Horst is talking to his stuffed dear and apologizes to him for shooting him. His wife gives him his pills and asks him if he has something that he wants to tell her. He asks her what happened, they had the best farm and the smartest kids and now his life is lackluster in his final days. She tells him to sit down, he starts choking, she hands him a glass of water. She rubs his back, then takes the glass from him. She tells him that she wants to talk about Blake, she can’t stand him sitting in a jail cell for one more night. He taps her on the face and says he is taking care of it.

Cassie is in the bar, where Blake and Rosie were the night she was beaten up. She speaks to the bartender, he says Blake was pretty drunk and he left with a bottle of whiskey. Cheyenne walks in and she sits beside Cassie, she introduces herself and says she heard about her. Then she asks where her partner is. Cassie says she is working on something. Cassie asks her if she thinks Blake did it, she says she doesn’t know, she hasn’t seen him in years.

She says it is despicable what he did to Rosie, she doesn’t know him anymore. Cassie asks what her brothers think, she says JW thinks he is going to get the ranch with daddy passes, she is supposed to shut her mouth and know her place. Cheyenne tells Cassie that her brothers are not enthusiastic about strangers asking questions. JW walks in, he tells Cassie to have a drink with him, and she says she is good and walks out.

Mark has a lead, footage of Ronald at his mother’s grave, he slept there all night. Mark says he has mother issues, he thanks his captain for giving him the footage. Mark goes to the grave, he writes a note that reads, “I am always with you,” with a heart and puts it on the gravestone with a rock on top of it.

Jenny is at the cabin to nose around, Cassie is on the way to meet her when she is pulled over by the police. It is the deputy from early in the day, he asks her to do a breathalyzer and she says she has the right to refuse. He asks her to get out of her vehicle, she does. He grabs her and throws her in the back of his car, tells her that it is better that she doesn’t fight.

Blake is out of jail, Horst is there to pick him up and tells him to get in the car.

Jenny finds a cabin in the woods, she peeks inside and sees a girl, she tells Rand they have a visitor. Jenny starts to run, Rand runs after her. Jenny falls over what looks like dead carcasses, he stands on the cliff overlooking her with an ax in his hand and tells her it is dumb that she came out there alone. . Meanwhile, Jenny is being driven, they passed the sheriff’s office and she asks the deputy where he is taking her, he doesn’t answer.