Chicago Fire Recap 10/13/21: Season 10 Episode 4 “The Right Thing”

Chicago Fire Recap 10/13/21: Season 10 Episode 4 "The Right Thing"

Tonight on NBC Chicago Fire returns with an all-new Wednesday, October 13, 2021, season 10 episode 4 called, “The Right Thing,” and we have your Chicago Fire recap below. On tonight’s Chicago Fire season 10 episode 4 as per the NBC synopsis, “Kidd spreads her wings as a lieutenant. Chief Hawkins rides with Ambulance 61 to learn more about Brett. Casey takes a trip out of town. A Ritter date night turns into an emergency situation.”

Tonight’s Chicago Fire season 10 episode 4 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it.   While you’re waiting for our recap make sure to check out all our Chicago Fire recaps, news, spoilers & more, right here!

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Chicago Fire begins tonight with Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer) offering Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer) coffee before he heads out to the airport. She finds it silly that he doesn’t have any of his stuff at her place and offers one of her drawers for his stuff. She admits she is going to miss him, but he knows he is bad at goodbyes but he will see her soon.

Chief Wallace Boden (Eamonn Walker) meets Christopher Herrmann (David Eigneberg) at a local diner, where he complains about all the emails and meetings; wanting updates on Firehouse 51. Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) is on her way to Boston to arrange her Girl on Fire grew up there. Joe Cruz (Joe Minoso) had some sort of fall out from the accident and Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) handled it. Boden feels disconnected from 51 as Herrmann explains that some guy named Kenny Wamback is taking over for Casey while he checks on the boys in Oregon.

Randall “Mouch’ McHolland (Christian Stolte) and Blake Gallo (Alberto Rosende) run into Kenny, readily informing him of all the things they have prepared for the truck. Gallo and Mouch both think Kenny is awesome, as he is super excited when they get a call and rush out. Upon arrival, Severide jumps out of the truck at the car wash and finds out that the kill switch isn’t working. A customer has jumped out of his car and is stuck inside the running carwash. Severide finds him pinned under the car and about to get crushed by one of the brushes.

The attendant shows Severide where the emergency stop, it is jammed. He informs the crews what is happening as Kenny tells Mouch where to find the electrical components. Severide asks the crews to hang tight until they shut the power off and when they do, he calls out for Gallo to shut the water off. He orders Cruz were to lift the car as it is a very tight fit. Severide chastises him saying next time he should just get a new phone, they are able to get him on a backboard, Sylvie and Violet Mikami (Hanako Greensmith) rush him off.

Back at 51, Kenny sings his praises to Mouch and Gallo, saying it isn’t even lunchtime and he knows 81 is the best company in the whole CFD. Both love the praise and love Casey but enjoy someone who isn’t stingy with it. Severide takes a moment and gives Cruz credit for coming back and doing well. Meanwhile, Gallo sits with Darren Ritter (Daniel Kyri), discussing their beer company and Violet. Ritter admits he and Eric are not doing well as Gallo thinks they need to go out more because after the year everyone has had, maybe getting out would be a good thing. Ritter wants to return the relationship advice and says Violet should never let him make that face; Gallo denies him and Violet are not in a relationship, something Ritter laughs off.

Violet and Sylvie return to Firehouse 51, only to see Chief Evan Hawkins (Jimmy Nicholas) standing inside. He admits that a big fan of hers told him that he was too fast shutting down her proposal. He isn’t there to approve her proposal but he wants to know more about her and plans on observing her work in the field and is there for the shift; starting with an inspection of the rig. Violet says this is fun, he is cute and this is a second chance for her program.. Brett just feels he is terrifying.

Matt arrives in Oregon where he is greeted by Griffin Darden (Cameron Scott Roberts). Griffin is embarrassed that he didn’t clean up before Matt got there, who dismisses it, saying he is used to sleeping in a firehouse. He sees the house in complete shock and is unable to hide his shocked face from Griffin, who is profusely apologizing. Matt knows he is doing his best and tells him he admires him.

Matt says he is a kick-ass cook after Griffin says all he has been cooking is pasta and sandwiches and is willing to give him several firehouse recipes. Ben walks in, not caring that Matt is there, only asking for cash and to meet friends for food. Matt gives him money and he leaves without saying thanks. Griffin confesses that Ben seems so disconnected and hopes that he is using the money for food and not drugs, concerned about how much of a mess he is.

Sylvie and Violet are watching Hawkins when Ritter walks up, learning what they are doing. Violet pushes her in to speak to him and she offers him coffee, which he refuses. Brett sits beside him saying he is kind of young for being a chief, putting her foot into her mouth, saying she will just let him get back to work; both Ritter and Biolet give her a thumbs up.

Kenny comes out to see Mouch and Gallo doing some housekeeping on the rig. He suggests they do some drills, which Mouch agrees to; shouting out what they are doing as they do along. Mouch goes to change his shirt after sweating so much, finding Sylvie in the locker room. She confesses that Chief Hawkins is in the house, but all she has been able to show him is that she is bad at small talk.

The ambulance gets a call and Hawkins comes with them. Sylvie and Violet find a man on the ground, who other homeless are robbing. Sylvie explains that she is giving him NARCAN as she doesn’t have time. Hawkins questions whether she gave him the full dose and while Violet gives him air, she is about to give him another dose when he pulls a knife on Brett.

Sylvie tells Violet and Hawkins to back up as Violet calls, informing them that the patient just pulled a knife. Sylvie tells him that she is not the thief, she is there to help him. She tells him to put his head down and relax as she just wants to make sure he is okay. Violet calls back and says inform CPD they have it under control and they are heading to Chicago Med. Brett tells Hawkins that she did a quick look for weapons but given the severity of his condition she wanted to treat him as soon as possible. Hawkins says he will ride in the back.

Sylvie informs Matt, on the phone of everything that happened. He is happy that Griffin learned how to cook one of his recipes already but Ben never came home last night and he is concerned. Ben walks in as they are talking and Matt dismisses Sylvie and her news about the proposal. Ben has zero interest in what Matt is doing, admitting that he barely remembers him and doesn’t know why he is there as him and his brother are fine and don’t need saving. Matt reminds him that his dad was his best friend. He knows they are tough and independent like their dad but he is there to help any way he can. He serves Ben breakfast, who says he is going to eat in his room as he has homework.

Gallo and Mouch bring Kenny to Molly’s as Kenny offers to pay for the first round. Mitchell walks in and Kenny says that 42 is the best company in the CFD, giving Mouch and Gallo pause. Ritter and Eric are at Molly’s, who are arguing about the time they spend apart, both recognizing they need to enjoy this time together. When they kiss, 2 men at the bar complain, saying they thought this was a firefighter’s bar and not a gay club; causing everyone to turn around. Herrmann jumps out from behind the bar as Severide orders him to back up. Herrmann tells them to get out of the bar before they get their asses kicked by gays, firefighters and gay firefighters.

Herrmann apologizes, saying it should never happen there or anywhere but especially there and promises it will never happen again. Ritter and Eric leave as Eric says he has great friends; a car suddenly rumbles behind them and Ritter tells him, “Heads up Eric!” The man throws a bottle at them and squeals off but he crashes immediately afterward. Eric shouts after Ritter, who says they might be hurt but the car explodes and Ritter hits the ground hard.

Ritter orders Eric to get the other guys inside and runs to the car. The homophobic man is panicking in the car as Ritter cuts his seatbelt off, but the two become trapped inside. All the guys rush out of the bar and are able to put the fire out with extinguishers as Mouch calls 911. Ritter attempts to help the man but he shrinks away as Herrmann shouts that he couldn’t leave things alone and Gallo is furious that he can’t even thank him. Ritter gets up with Eric and leaves.

Matt is at the diner with Griffin and Ben, but Ben ignores the conversations saying he needs to go to school and he can walk but Matt says he knows school doesn’t start for an hour and he is meeting with the social worker and guidance counselor. Griffin worries that they know their aunt is still living with them so they don’t end up in foster care. Matt has some ideas that might help and wants them to be home later before he heads back to Chicago.

Sylvie and Violet talk about what happened at Molly’s, nice to see cosmic justice for a change. Hawkins returns to the firehouse, bringing a “gift”, saying their work impressed him. He is donating an old ambulance for her program and she has 6 months to prove it works and informs her that it was McHolland’s confidence that brought him there. She had no idea it was Mouch that spoke to him.

The Counselor and Social worker inform Matt that the state is putting the boys into separate foster homes. Matt says he wants to bring the boys back to live with him, as they used to live with him before, but they feel this is the worst thing he could do for them now as they have been bounced around most of their lives and they finally have a place to call home. Matt is frustrated with this news and saddened.

Gallo is talking to Mouch about how at least Casey is always the first person in action at a scene but Kenny never sets foot into anything; they are interrupted by Kenny who continues to chime that 81 is the best company in CFD. Mouch shouts at him and then takes a minute as Kenny tells Gallo he loves how passionate Mouch gets.

Chief Boden comes to see 51 when Gallo walks in, saying things are better when Casey is there and learns he will be back next shift. Meanwhile, Matt talks to Griffin while learning that Ben avoids anything that has to deal with human emotions, like goodbyes; so Matt decides to write him a note. As Matt sits in his room he finds the CFD badges he had given the boys when their dad passed away and sits at the bedside staring at the photo of him and Andy and the firehouse crew. He recalls the moment Ben gave him the GI Joe doll, saying for Matt not to forget them.

Mouch sits on his bunk and whips his boots off as Sylvie joins him, revealing she knows it was him going to Hawkins and thought it would only be Matt who would go to bat for her. She feels he has a bigger heart than people give him credit for. She thinks he has a very empathetic soul and wants to know if he will help out with the Paramedicine thing. He knows everyone else said no but he agrees anyway. She tells him he is the best and he takes the praise.

Ritter is getting something out of the rig when Eric comes into the firehouse. He isn’t there to argue but he says he is very proud of Ritter watching him in action the previous night. He loves the “all in” mode he has with 51, but it hasn’t been like that between them in a very long time. Ritter wants to fight him on that and make it work but they have done that a lot and it always brings them back to this moment. Ritter tears up, feeling it is crazy when doing the right thing and it hurts.

Matt arrives back at the firehouse, where he quietly comes into the bunk room. He sees Sylvie sleeping and just watches her for a few moments before he heads to the dining area. He finds Herrmann, glad that he is up; they sit as Matt explains how the boys are not doing well in a whole new world without anyone to help lift them up. He knows they always said every firefighters’ child and he thinks he needs to move to Oregon to take care of the boys. Herrmann nods and says he has to be honest, as it breaks his heart because he knows that means he is leaving 51 but it would have been what Andy wanted. Matt smiles.