Chicago Med Recap 10/06/21: Season 7 Episode 3 “Be The Change You Want to See”

Chicago Med Recap 10/06/21: Season 7 Episode 3 "Be The Change You Want to See"

Tonight on NBC their medical drama Chicago Med airs with an all-new Wednesday, October 6, 2021, episode, and we have your Chicago Med recap below. In tonight’s Chicago Med season 7 episode 3 called, “Be The Change You Want to See,” as per the NBC synopsis, “Dylan and Will deal with a dishonest patient whose lupus is in remission. A wealthy donor makes inappropriate advances toward Stevie. Vanessa, Crockett, and Charles try to convince a young woman to have life-saving surgery.”

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Chicago Med begins tonight with Dr. Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss) interrupting Dr. Matt Coopers (Michael Rady) who is chatting to the cashier at the cafe. Will comments on the upgrade on his watch, and how he lost everything at the huge poker game. Cooper admits he has been there but is doing all right at the moment and finds that Will is desperate and promises to think about it and will see him later. Meanwhile, Dr. Stevie Hammer (Kristen Hager) walks into a diner where her mother, Terri Hammer (Bonita Friedericy) is being told to leave by the waitress unless she orders something; Stevie intervenes, places an order, and joins her. When the waitress leaves, she hands her mother a few months’ worths of her medications but she tells Stevie she will only take them if she gives her $1200, for the van so she can get it running again, but she wants to give her a roof over her head. Terri feels she only wants her to give her the money and only call the shots. She refuses breakfast and saying she doesn’t want to stay where she isn’t wanted.

Dr. Dylan Scott (Guy Lockard) meets up with his cousin, Kevin Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins), and his sister at the basketball courts, where they make fun of him; talking about a bust they just did. Suddenly they hear gunfire and Kevin calls it in, both with guns drawn and Dylan following close behind, his sister saying he needs to stand down as he is no longer the police. A child walks down the stairs and Kevin chases after him so Dylan chases behind his sister Sora who is tending to another young child, his name is Michael Peckham (Kenny Rasmussen) who says they were just playing around with the gun, and his friend was only pretending to be a supervillain and the bullets were only supposed to bounce off him; the ambulance is 10 minutes out, Dylan pleads with him to stay with him.

At the ER, Michael is told him his parents will come after his surgery, he will sleep the whole time, and if there is time he will tell them about some superpowers inside him; his sister praises him for his good work. Dr. Dean Archer (Steven Weber) greets everyone, informing them about the new system and how they are to be deliberate and tactical with their patients and the more patients they can see, the more they can see; he adds a bonus to whoever had the highest turnover rate will enjoy and the executive suite and see a Black Hawks game of their choosing. Maggie Lockwood (Marlyne Barrett) notices Dr. Daniel Charles’s (Oliver Platt’s) expression and he admits he is a huge fan of the hawks, just not about incentive medicine. They both joke about the new slogan and what it actually means.

Sharon Goodwin (S. Epatha Merkerssen) calls over Maggie and Stevie, informing them that Elaine Foster, a patient is on her way in after a minor fall, and her husband, Jim is driving her in. Maggie explains how they are big-time “money bags” to the hospital as Sharon explains that she really likes them and wants the two of them to personally take care of them. Stevie isn’t thrilled about VIP treatment but doesn’t have much choice as they are have arrived. Jim and Elaine are bickering as she says Jim couldn’t smell the burning pizza and wonders if that is a sign of covid and he says he isn’t sick, calling her a “klutz”. He then complains that they have donated a small fortune to the hospital and he is hungry and it would be nice if they offered a snack, his wife tells him to go to the cafeteria and he goes as she apologies for him being out of sorts. Maggie finds it is odd that because usually, Sharon is a great judge of character but Stevie feels maybe that is only at donor events.

Will and Dylan take on the next patient, Candace Mason who was a pedestrian hit by a slow-moving vehicle. A volunteer recognizes her and says her website has inspired her to see a doctor and she is on her own journey about lupus. Candace says she is having a flare-up but she was in a minor accident. She admits to the doctors she is not taking any medication and not on in any flare-up and truthfully she is in remission and has been for almost 5 years; expecting it to stay as patient-doctor confidentiality.

Dr. Crockett Marcel (Dominic Rains) sits with Dr. Vanessa Taylor (Asjha Cooper) who shows him her ten-year plan, admitting she wasn’t always like this. She confesses she was adopted and when she felt she wasn’t going to get any answers she focused everything on the future. He said he was the opposite and chose to ride the waves, as planning leads to expectations and expectations could lead to disappointments. They are interrupted when a patient is refusing to take anyone until she sees someone and Vanessa is permitted to tag along.

They meet with Gina, who is given permission to take off her scarf now. Crockett reminds her that there is nothing to be ashamed of as they have seen everything. She removes it revealing a huge tumor on her neck.

Will meets with Sharon about Cooper who finds shell companies when it comes to Cooper. He reveals that he played broke with Cooper, but he isn’t sure he took the bait. He is about to say more when Daniel barges in and Will excuses himself. Daniel learns they don’t know anything more than anything else about the shell companies than what was shown and Daniel says he knows it is important but he is more concerned about her stress levels. Sharon promises she is taking herself but he demands to know about her sugar levels and she says it is under control.

Dylan informs Will that Candace’s WBC is slightly elevated but everything else looks good. Will looks at her website, saying everything on there is unreal as she is also soliciting funds. Dylan doesn’t seem too concerned but Will looks more angrily at their patient.

Stevie informs Elaine that Maggie is bringing her up to radiology for her ankle as Jim just watches. He says he is just going to wait there, demanding to know how long it will take as he needs to take food out of the freezer still for dinner.

Crockett informs Gina that her tumor is non-cancerous but it has developed into her neck muscles and coming off her heart. Vanessa explains how they will perform it. Gina says she has learned that sometimes it can be treated with medication and that is the route she would like to take; Marcel offers to give her some time and they will check back and leave. Vanessa is confused as Marcel says they need to tread lightly and they need to get Dr. Charles down for a consult.

Dr. Scott informs Candace that her WBC is up slightly but that is pretty normal following trauma and that is probably from the stress. She tries to explain her website and the only reason she hasn’t tried to post her remission is that the message is giving people hope; Will is trying to get her to be honest as Dylan doesn’t want to get involved. She claims to be having a headache as Will asks if she is sure she didn’t hit her head. Dylan requests a CT scan.

Stevie comes to see Jim saying his wife will be back soon as she has only a sprain. He knows Stevie is a runner as a woman of her age ends up getting padding in certain areas and when he grabbed her she pushed him off of her and Jim falls just as Maggie returns with Elaine who is immediately concerned for her husband. Maggie looks at Stevie very worried.

Stevie meets with Sharon and Peter Kalmick (Marc Grapey) who questions her about the events which transpired with Jim Foster. Sharon finds the situation confusing and assures her that she will be supported and should she decide to press charges; Peter stops her and suggests Stevie settle this. Sharon feels they cannot settle this just because Jim is a donor to the hospital. Sharon wants her permission to speak to Jim and excuses herself before Peter can object.

Dylan learns from Nancy that the OR requested them to stop asking for updates about Michael and they will let them know when surgery is done. Will returns, thinking they should call Candace’s charities to see if they support her claims but Dylan cuts him off saying neither one of them are a cop and Will should stop “getting off” acting like one.

Gina is surprised she is being visited by a psychiatrist, but Dr. Charles assures her that no one is going to try to change her mind. He just wants to know when she first noticed the growth and she admits it was when covid first started and she wanted to stay away. She confesses that at that point, she still hoped it would go away when it got bigger and was still afraid of what it could be a felt it was easier to not think about it at all. She begins to cough profusely and it is blood. She is hooked up to oxygen and given pain medication.

Jim feels he paid Stevie a compliment and keeps telling Sharon that Dr. Hammer assaulted him and he should be pressing charges. He says his donations are done and he will no longer be supporting their hematology wing; he is getting the car and meeting Elaine out front. When he is gone, Elaine informs Sharon that he was accused of misconduct at the school where he teaches and she feels this might be a mid-life crisis.

Dylan tells Candace her results and she says this is not about feeding her ego and he thinks she is telling the truth but he knows she is giving hope, but it’s the rest of it he is not so sure about it. She reveals the disease gave her a community and if they find out she is in remission she will be an outsider again. He agrees but he tells her that hiding this will put her on the outside too. Nancy tells him that Michael’s surgery is done and he rushes off to find out what happened.

Elaine is being taken out of her room and would like to speak to Dr. Hammer. Sharon calls her over and Elaine apologizes for her husband, with no excuses, saying he has never been like this and has no idea what has happened to the man she married. Sharon promises to be in touch. Stevie reveals that Elaine said Jim was out of sorts lately and had lost his sense of smell and when she pushed him away he couldn’t seem to find his balance and she freaks out saying they cannot let them leave the hospital.

Dylan sees Michael who remembers Dylan. He worries that he is in trouble, but the nurse assures him that his parents will just be happy that he is okay. Michael reminds him that guns are not toys and reminds him also that no superhero has a gun as they don’t need them. Archer tells Michael had he not been on the scene the kid would have bled out and he saved his life.

Vanessa and Marcel inform Daniel that Gina still wants to wait as he explains that humans have a bizarre tendency to disassociate themselves from their future selves. They are told they have to make her future self believe she can do this. Meanwhile, Stevie and Sharon discover that Jim has a tumor on his brain, as Sharon explains how she had a patient in her early nursing days who had a total personality change; Stevie feels this kind of news is best coming from a friend.

Gina is shown a future photo of herself from Daniel, but she doesn’t want to picture a future self as she hasn’t thought about the future in a really long time, worrying that she doesn’t have one. Daniel questions what she would want one to look like and she sees herself with kids, living someplace warm with an outdoor book shop. Crockett says if she keeps delaying surgery she is denying herself of a really great future and she holds onto the futuristic photo for a moment before she looks at Marcel and agrees to the surgery.

Will finds Dylan in the locker room, who reveals that Candace came clean to her followers. He tells Dylan that she is wrong as her Lupus is active again and she is no longer in remission. I Will shares with Candace how there are signs pointing to swelling on the brain. Dylan reminds her that she laid out her truth and those who went in the trenches with her will come around and she needs to give them a chance.

Dean finds Daniel, questioning if he is having a problem with the portal. Daniel says he will not use the portal as it makes no sense for psychiatry as they cannot assess a patient in 3 minutes. Dean thinks he is right, saying giving the necessity of time for psychiatry, maybe it doesn’t belong in the ED. Sharon passes on Jim’s apologies to Stevie who admits her guard was up the second she said they were donors. Stevie asks Maggie if she can take off early and is granted.

Vanessa finds Dr. Marcel seeing a future portrait of himself, where he says maybe she is on to something about where he might want to end up. She pats him on the shoulder and walks off. Meanwhile, Jessa Rindaldi from the Tech company Cooper represents meets with Will Halstead, singing his praises. She wants to talk to him about the vas com; he’s familiar with the product. Sharon catches the conversation and smiles at him as he says he is interested; she gives Will her card.

Stevie arrives at the homeless tent encampment calling on her mom. She gives her the money she requested and begins walking away. Her mother asks if she is okay using it on the van. Stevie says she prefers to use it on an apartment but she can use it on what she wants. Stevie wants them to have dinner, doesn’t care if it’s in a restaurant on back at the tent and her mother agrees.