Coroner Finale Recap 10/21/21: Season 3 Episode 10 “Christmas Day”

Tonight on the CW their new character-driven drama Coroner airs with an all-new Thursday, October 21, 2021 episode and we have your Coroner recap below.  In tonight’s Coroner season 3 episode 10 called, “Christmas Day,” as per the CW synopsis, “Jenny and Donovan reach a unsafe location while looking for the person behind the Browning murders.”

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In tonight’s Coroner episode, a woman cleans up blood and dances around the Christmas tree after it appears she murdered someone. Later, Donovan enters a home looking for Caleb. He finds the woman who was dancing dead on the floor.

Jenny stands outside in front of the fire, crying. Her mom comes out to talk to her. Jenny is mad she disappeared after her sister’s death. Liam shows up. Things are awkward. Clark shows up to tell her Caleb escaped from the hospital.

Jenny heads to the murder of the woman. Her name is Flora and she was victimized by Caleb. They discover she has a tape worm. Jenny also learns that someone in Flora’s family also had a tapeworm. Donovan calls Jenny. He has a lead on Caleb. Jenny wants to go. On her way she gets a flat tire.

Liam hangs out with Jenny’s son while her parents rekindle their relationship. Jenny sees a sign with an angel. She has an idea. Donovan scopes out an area where he thinks Caleb is hiding.

Jenny finds Caleb first and tries to tell him that he might have a tape worm too. Flora had one. He doesn’t listen to her. She tells him Flora is dead. He freaks out. Jenny puts it together. Its Caleb’s brother who killed Flora and another. She tells Caleb this and he pulls a knife. His brother wouldn’t do that.

Donovan is out in the woods when Caleb’s brother attacks him. Later, Caleb comes to on the ground in the snow in the dark. Meanwhile, Jenny sits with Caleb. He asks her memory questions. She confesses she lost her memory once. She pushed her sister down the stairs when she was young and then hid it deep from herself to cope.

She tries to Caleb to use his panic and sit and maybe his memories will come to him. He sees Flora dead on the floor in front of the Christmas tree. He cries. He sees his brother stab John. Liam comes in. Caleb freaks out. He has a knife. Liam and him fight. He stabs Liam. He then forces them into a room and locks them in.

Jenny looks over Liam. He talks to her. He is mad at himself for rehab and drinking and everything. They hold hands and wait for Donovan.

Caleb’s brother shows up. Caleb confronts him. His brother tries to manipulate him. Liam gets worse while Donovan finally gets up.

Liam tells Jenny he loves her as she tries to keep pressure on his wound. She bangs on the door. They open the door. She needs an ambulance. Caleb tells his brother to do it but he says no. They fight. Jenny grabs a poker and hits the brother. Caleb calls the ambulance. Donovan arrives.

Donovan is in the hospital. He is safe and smiling. Jenny arrives home. She looks in shock. Her mom is there to comfort her. It seems maybe Liam died.


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