Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Jake Is Charlie’s Killer – New Evidence Shows Philly Mob Connection Murder Details?

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Jake Is Charlie’s Killer – New Evidence Shows Philly Mob Connection Murder Details?

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers reveal that we should take a closer look at the Charlie Dale (Mike Manning) whodunit and perhaps examine a suspect that’d be unexpected. After all, it’d be a dull story if any of the Charlie haters they’re focusing on killed Charlie.

Would anybody really be surprised if the killer was Sami Brady DiMera (Alison Sweeney), John Black (Drake Hogestyn) or Tripp Dalton (Lucas Adams)? What about Lucas Horton (Bryan Dattilo), Claire Brady (Isabel Durant) or Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow)?

All of these characters and even a few others connected to them would be expected culprits. It’s not hard to buy any of them being driven to their breaking points.

That’s exactly why none of these people should be the real killer. If DOOL picks any of those suspects for the big reveal, the audience will yawn and it won’t be much of a big reveal at all.

What Days needs is a shocking culprit that can also fit with the facts. The point of a good twist is for everything to fall into place and give you an “aha” moment.

With all that in mind, we want to consider a suspect that you might not be thinking about. Perhaps the true killer is someone who hasn’t been in Charlie’s story at all.

Let’s mull over some crucial facts about Charlie’s life. Charlie grew up in Philadelphia – and that’s where the Vitali mob family is primarily stationed. Where did Jake DiMera (Brandon Barash) work for the mob organization he referred to as “The Family”? That was in “Philly” as well.

We should also remember that Jake crossed the boss big time when he stole that book of names. Gabi Hernandez DiMera (Camila Banus) was kidnapped and nearly killed because Gwen Rizczech (Emily O’Brien) intercepted that book.

It created a delay in returning it, but Jake finally resolved the matter – at least temporarily. However, Jake was given a warning that it may not be so easy to walk away.

After the explosion happened at Ciara Brady Weston (Victoria Konefal) and Ben Weston’s (Robert Scott Wilson) wedding, Jake briefly worried it was a move of retaliation against him.

It wasn’t, but the point is Jake still feared the mob and knew they still posed a threat.

Of course, we know Ava Vitali (Tamara Braun) is part of the Vitali mob family and also had a motive for wanting Charlie dead. Would Ava really want to shoot her own son in cold blood though?

Wouldn’t it be easier for Ava if she hired a hit? It’d explain why Ava’s acting guilty, but it’d also bring a twist since Ava wouldn’t be the one who actually pulled the trigger.

What if Jake was ordered to kill Charlie to settle the stolen book drama from before?

If Jake’s mob family was the same as the Vitali family, it all makes sense. Jake believed his boss was a male, but that may have just been a cover story while Ava was pretending to be dead.

Brady Black (Eric Martsolf) got shot by mistake after someone put a hit on Philip Kiriakis (Jay Kenneth Johnson), who was the latest person to cross the Vitali clan.

These are people who mean business – and Days of Our Lives spoilers suggest Jake would know that.

What if Kate and Gabi were threatened – or even Arianna Horton (Sydney Brower)? Jake would no doubt rather see a dirtbag rapist like Charlie die than any of them.

In other words, the story we’re imagining here is that Ava needed someone to kill Charlie for her, so she forced Jake to make up for stealing the book and leaving the mob.

If it wasn’t Ava running the show, it might’ve been Angelo Vitali (Angelo Tiffe) behind the hit. Nevertheless, Ava makes more sense considering the immediate threat to Tripp’s life.

If Jake carried out a forced hit on Charlie, that would be an excellent big reveal for this murder mystery!

As luck would have it, the week of March 15-19 will reveal that Kate’s gun was the murder weapon.

That presents the possibility that Jake used his girlfriend’s gun to commit the crime. Jake could easily fit as Charlie’s killer if that’s the story Days wants to tell.

We’ll bring you updates as other news becomes available. Days of Our Lives spoilers say this whodunit will bring more twists and turns, so stay tuned to DOOL. CDL will have all the sizzling Days of Our Lives spoilers, updates and news you need, so stop by again soon.