Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Thursday, August 19 Recap – Ciara’s Surprise Visit to Make Amends – Claire’s Job in South Africa

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Thursday, August 19 Recap – Ciara’s Surprise Visit to Make Amends - Claire’s Job in South Africa

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers recap for Thursday, August 19, reveals that Claire Brady (Isabel Durant) scored a social media job in South Africa – and Ciara Brady (Victoria Konefal) decided on a surprise visit to make amends. Here’s how it all played out on Thursday’s Days episode.

At home, Allie Horton (Lindsay Arnold) woke up to the sound of her alarm and looked stunned to see Chanel Dupree (Raven Bowens) in bed with her along with Tripp Johnson (Lucas Adams).

After Allie woke up for real, she realized it had been a dream and told Tripp she didn’t want to be late for her morning meeting with Chanel.

Tripp suggested showering together to save time, so Allie teased him about being environmentally conscious – though he pointed out he had other reasons in mind.

Meanwhile, Chanel exchanged flirty messages with Johnny DiMera (Carson Boatman), who sent her shirtless pics of himself in bed.

After Allie showed up in the town square, she hoped Chanel didn’t feel like she blew her off last night.

Allie didn’t ever want Chanel to feel like a third wheel, but Chanel pointed out there might be a fourth wheel soon and explained her “meet cute” with a hot guy at the bar.

Chanel also talked about the thirst trap the guy sent this morning, so Allie was curious and grabbed the phone to see what he looked like.

However, Chanel didn’t screenshot the message that had already disappeared and ultimately had to rush off to the bank.

Allie was frustrated since she didn’t even get the guy’s name.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ DiMera (Dan Feurreigel) filled Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn) in on Johnny’s filmmaking career plans and how he wanted him to join the family business instead.

Since Johnny looked up to Chad, EJ was hoping his brother could make more progress than he did.

Chad wondered what was in it for him before Johnny walked in and gave his uncle a hug. However, Johnny had no hug for his old man since EJ canceled all his credit cards without telling him.

Johnny said he was mortified since he was with someone when his card got declined, but EJ thought his son could avoid that by earning his keep.

Johnny wanted EJ to hear him loud and clear that he didn’t want to work for his father.

EJ thought maybe Chad could mentor Johnny, but Chad felt like Johnny could make decisions for himself. After Johnny insisted he’d work odd jobs and support his passion on his own if had to, he stomped off.

EJ scolded Chad for how he handled things, but Chad pointed out they never settled on what was in it for him.

Chad also reminded EJ of how he tried to screw him over by taking the CEO position for himself, so he warned his big brother not to try it again.

Back with Johnny, he approached his twin sister and just barely missed Chanel walking away.

“Yo, Allie Cat!” Johnny shouted before Allie got up to give him a huge hug.

In Kayla Johnson’s (Mary Beth Evans) office, Tripp confessed that he thought he was falling in love with Allie.

Since Tripp had previously mentioned someone else being in the picture, he assured Kayla that Allie’s friend was nothing more to her. Tripp planned to stay cool about it and hoped they could all coexist as friends in time.

Tripp was uncertain of whether he should tell Allie how he feels or wait, but Kayla suggested Tripp should trust his instincts. She noted that love was always a risk, but she hoped things worked out like Tripp wanted.

At the cabin, Ciara Brady (Victoria Konefal) knew Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson) was probably wondering if she slept with Theo Carver (Cameron Johnson).

Ciara admitted they were going to wait until after the wedding, but now she thought maybe her old self was telling her new self she only wanted Ben.

Ben also confessed to kissing Claire Brady (Isabel Durant) and urged Ciara not to blame her for what happened. Ciara took the news in stride and agreed Claire had always had their back.

Ciara knew she needed to patch things up with Claire now that she remembered all the good stuff, but Ben pointed out the limo still wouldn’t start.

On Thursday’s DOOL episode, Ciara argued that Ben was a mechanic and she was Bo Brady’s (Peter Reckell) daughter.

Ciara felt confident they could get the engine going between the two of them, so Ben decided Ciara was right – that they could fix anything together. Ciara was ready to help Ben up since his ankle was still sprained.

Later, Ben was on crutches as he looked at the framed “Cin” wedding photo back in his apartment. He pulled out the old wedding rings and gazed at them in his palm.

At the pub on Thursday’s Days episode, Claire apologized for her role in the wedding drama and the pain it brought Theo Carver (Cameron Johnson).

Theo ranted about being humiliated, but he eventually softened since it was a matter of when he’d get hurt – not if. He now understood that his heartbreak was inevitable.

Theo said he had a work crisis back in South Africa on top of everything else. Their social media person quit right before a big launch, so Claire suggested herself for the job.

Claire had already been hyping Theo and JJ Deveraux’s (Casey Moss) business anyway and was practically an influencer.

Theo admitted that Claire’s ability to attract an audience was unparalleled and thought it was a huge plus that she was already up to speed.

The only problem was the job couldn’t be done from Salem – and Theo needed someone who could start right away.

Claire decided there was nothing keeping her in town and thought she could come home for visits with her family. She wanted to talk to her parents before she fully committed, but she seemed sure she was going to take the job.

Theo was relieved he wouldn’t have to take the flight back to South Africa alone. He was also glad to still be friends with Claire, so she said she was glad about that, too.

Afterward, Theo headed off to say his goodbyes – starting with Chad at the DiMera mansion. Chad hated to hear about Ciara reuniting with Ben and gave his sympathy to Theo before offering a chess game.

As for Claire, she went home and was shocked to see Ciara standing in the living room. We’ll keep you in the loop as other Days updates come in.

Days of Our Lives spoilers say Claire’s new adventure is about to begin, but she’ll make amends with Ciara before she goes.

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