Days of Our Lives Spoilers Update: Monday, March 22 – Allie Murder Night Flashbacks – Rex Heartbreaking Blow – Goodbye Sarah

Days of Our Lives Spoilers Update: Monday, March 22 – Allie Murder Night Flashbacks – Rex Heartbreaking Blow - Goodbye Sarah

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers update for Monday, March 22, teases that Sami Brady DiMera (Alison Sweeney) will worry Allie Horton (Lindsay Arnold) could land behind bars.

Allie has already been through a nightmare due to her assault – and now she’s got little Henry Horton (Jayna and Kinsley) to take care of. The thought of Sami’s daughter going to prison is more than this mom can bear.

Sami will freak over the murder weapon being Kate Roberts DiMera’s (Lauren Koslow) gun. As Sami gets updates from Rafe Hernandez (Galen Gering), she’ll realize Rafe’s indeed considering Allie as Charlie Dale’s (Mike Manning) potential killer.

Sami may plead with Rafe to protect Allie, but he won’t feel like there’s much he can do if Allie’s guilty. It’ll explain a lot about Sami’s behavior once Rafe really thinks about it.

However, Sami will refuse to let Allie get locked up for murder. Although Sami has been insisting she didn’t kill Charlie, she’ll suddenly change her tune and lie that she did.

Rafe may not be the brightest cop around, but he’ll know Sami’s lying to keep her daughter out of trouble. Even so, Sami will give this bogus confession and hope it’s enough to stop Allie from ending up at Statesville.

Rafe won’t be on board with what Sami’s doing here, but he can’t stop her from confessing to the crime.

Across town, DOOL fans will hear a different admission from Allie herself. Lucas Horton (Bryan Dattilo) will go to Allie and gently encourage her to share her version of events. Lucas knows his daughter awfully well, so he’ll sense that Allie hasn’t been honest.

Since Sami could go to prison for this, Lucas will at least want to know she’s got good reason to. Lucas doesn’t want to see Sami land in a jail cell if Allie wasn’t even to blame.

It may take some convincing, but Allie will eventually come clean about stealing Kate’s gun again and marching over to Charlie’s apartment.

That’s where Allie entered and pulled that gun on him, but she’s not the one who pumped the fatal bullet. It’s possible Allie suddenly came to her senses and bolted – or maybe she heard someone coming and got spooked enough to run.

Either way, Allie likely dropped the gun as she was leaving and put in the prime position to be picked up by the actual murderer.

As Allie recounts her side of the story through flashbacks, Lucas will listen and realize Sami’s making a big mistake. Once Lucas visits Sami again and realizes she’s actually confessed to killing Charlie, it’ll be even worse than he thought!

In the meantime, Days of Our Lives spoilers say Rex Brady (Kyle Lowder) will look forward to a new chapter with Sarah Horton (Linsey Godfrey). What Rex doesn’t realize is that Kristen DiMera (Stacy Haiduk) posed as Sarah and duped him with a realistic mask.

On Monday, Rex will continue his conversation with Kate about reuniting with “Sarah” – and Days spoilers say Roman Brady (Josh Taylor) will get brought up to speed, too.

Although Kate and Roman will find this shocking turn of events rather odd, they should be happy if Rex is happy – and Rex is indeed happy!

Unfortunately, Rex won’t be on cloud nine for much longer. In the DiMera cellar, Kristen will struggle with the real Sarah over the syringe, which was apparently left there after Abigail DiMera (Marci Miller) held Gwen Rizczech (Emily O’Brien) captive.

Sarah’s hoping she can use this syringe to fight her way to freedom, but her plan’s destined to fail.

After Kristen yanks the syringe out of Sarah’s hands, she’ll force Sarah into a huge trunk and transport her somewhere. That could lead to Sarah being flown to and dropped off on the deserted island Kristen mentioned.

No matter where Sarah lands, it’ll be off canvas since Monday marks the official end of her run. Linsey Godfrey still has an appearance in the works for March 29, so DOOL fans might catch a glimpse of her on the deserted island or locked up somewhere a bit more comfortable than the cellar.

As for Kristen, she’ll carry out the last phase of her mission with the Sarah mask on. Kristen already broke Xander Kiriakis’ (Paul Telfer) heart as “Sarah,” but now it’s Rex’s turn.

After “Sarah” lies about what’s in the trunk, she’ll stun Rex by doing a total about-face on their future together. “Sarah” will ditch their plans to leave town together and insist she’s leaving on her own instead.

Rex will be dumbfounded as “Sarah” presumably argues that she can’t keep looking back. “Sarah” may claim that Rex hurt her like Xander – albeit in a different way. Maybe “Sarah” will contend that she has to do some soul-searching on her own and concentrate on a clean slate.

Once Rex faces his heartbreaking blow, there’ll be nothing left for him in Salem. Days of Our Lives spoilers say Rex will leave town again and wonder what the heck just happened. We’ll keep you posted as other Days news becomes available.

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