Days of Our Lives Spoilers Update: Wednesday, January 13 – Huge Break in Missing Twins Case – Deveraux Family Deals with Gwen

Days of Our Lives Spoilers Update: Wednesday, January 13 – Huge Break in Missing Twins Case – Deveraux Family Deals with Gwen

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers update for Wednesday, January 13, teases that Gwen Rizczech (Emily O’Brien) will remind Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn) of her recent threat.

Chad needs to change Abigail DiMera’s (Marci Miller) mind about letting Gwen stay at the DiMera mansion or else Gwen will blow up their marriage.

Gwen has the perfect ammunition since she’s keeping that hot night at the Salem Inn under wraps. There’s already been plenty of tension in Chad and Abigail’s relationship due to Gwen’s manipulation.

Gwen made Chad think Abigail was cheating with Jake DiMera (Brandon Barash), so the trust in “Chabby’s” marriage took a serious hit.

Gwen will be prepared to completely shatter that trust by revealing she slept with Chad, so she’ll remind him that the pressure’s on. Chad will hate the idea of hurting Abigail with this devastating betrayal, so he’ll turn to Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow) for some guidance.

Before Chad can speak about this privately with Kate, he’ll spot her with Jake in the town square. That’ll bring some awkwardness since Chad would prefer another romantic partner for Kate.

However, Kate is certainly preferable to Abigail! Chad has no business telling anyone who to sleep with at this point, so he’ll likely just grumble and let it go.

Once Jake leaves Chad and Kate to talk, Chad will confess to cheating with Gwen on New Year’s Eve. Days spoilers say Chad will be full of excuses, including the fact that he was drunk and Gwen misled him.

Kate may not know how much those excuses will matter under the circumstances. Chad still betrayed his marriage vows, so Kate will think time is of the essence.

Knowing Gwen and her penchant for causing chaos, Kate will encourage Chad to find Abigail and come clean ASAP. If Chad waits too long, Gwen could break the news for him.

Days of Our Lives spoilers say Chad will determine that Kate’s got the right idea. It won’t be long until Chad’s headed back to the DiMera mansion to give Abigail the full scoop.

In the meantime, Jake will face off with Gwen. He may argue that Gwen’s caused more than enough drama in the DiMera household and push her to leave.

Nevertheless, Gwen’s not leaving until she’s hurt Abigail as much as possible. While Chad’s busy deciding to confess, Gwen will make the same decision.

At the Horton house, Abigail will rant to Jennifer Deveraux (Cady McClain) and Jack Deveraux (Matthew Ashford) about what a menace Gwen is. Abigail will still feel like a fool for letting Gwen dupe her, but Jack and Jennifer won’t think Abby should blame herself.

Days of Our Lives spoilers say Abigail will compare notes with Jack and Jenn at a family meeting. More of Gwen’s motives will start coming into focus, but the whole story won’t come out just yet.

Julie Williams (Susan Seaforth Hayes) will drop by and speak with Jennifer at one point on Wednesday. That could bring another clue since Julie has consistently recognized Gwen from somewhere; she’s just not sure where exactly.

DOOL viewers will remember that Gwen was the drugging culprit that night at Julie’s Place. Julie undoubtedly recalls seeing Gwen lurking – at least in the back of her mind. It’s just a matter of when that bombshell will rise to the surface and help Julie solve the mystery.

Speaking of mysteries, Bonnie Lockhart (Judi Evans) will help crack a big case soon enough. After Bonnie fills Justin Kiriakis (Wally Kurth) in on the tense lady with twins in the park, Justin will realize Bonnie saw the double baby snatcher.

He’ll wonder if Bonnie could describe what the woman looked like, and Bonnie will indeed remember her well.

At Justin’s urging, Bonnie will take a trip down to the Salem PD and explain her earlier encounter. She doesn’t know Dr. Amanda Raynor’s (Victoria Platt) name, but she’ll give a detailed description to a sketch artist who’ll draw the doc perfectly – at least within the next episode or two.

In the meantime, Lani Price-Grant (Sal Stowers) will be on cloud nine as she’s reunited with her babies in her dreams. Sadly, Lani will have to face the horrifying reality once she awakens. She’ll deal with heartbreak all over again as she recalls Carver Grant and Julia “Jules” Grant are missing.

Eli Grant (Lamon Archey) will wrap Lani in a tight embrace and repeat his promise to locate their newborns. This is one task that Eli simply can’t fail at! Of course, Lani will intend to do everything she can to help – and so will Julie when she stops by to offer her assistance.

If there’s anything Lani and Eli need, they shouldn’t hesitate to ask!

Once Eli and Lani arrive at the police station, they’ll get updates on Bonnie’s new lead. It’ll be the first sign of real hope for these worried parents. Lani will be a mess as she talks to Bonnie, but Days spoilers say Bonnie will work hard to make sure this “Elani” family reunion happens.

Back with Justin, he’ll spot Jake and Kate together outside the pub. Since Kate and Jake recently decided to go public with their relationship, Justin may feel they’re entitled to pursue happiness. Justin likes a pretty complicated gal himself since he’s into Bonnie, so he probably won’t pass judgment.

Finally, Days of Our Lives spoilers say Chad’s good intentions won’t pan out. He won’t be able to gently explain the cheating fiasco to Abigail like he wanted. Gwen’s about to reveal her steamy session with Chad to Abigail, so that should happen around the end of Wednesday’s episode.

Gwen and Abigail have another fierce faceoff on the way, so DOOL watchers are in for a treat! CDL will have other great Days of Our Lives spoilers, updates and news for you, so be sure to visit regularly.