Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Wednesday, November 24 Update – EJ in Grave Danger – Johnny’s Clue for Steve – Marlena & Paulina Face Off

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Wednesday, November 24 Update – EJ in Grave Danger – Johnny’s Clue for Steve – Marlena & Paulina Face Off

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers update for Wednesday, November 24, teases that EJ DiMera (Dan Feuerriegel) will be in grave danger while Johnny DiMera (Carson Boatman) has a clue for Steve Johnson (Stephen Nichols). Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall) and Paulina Price (Jackée Harry) will also face off, so there’ll be plenty of hot Salem drama going down.

DOOL fans know possessed Marlena has big plans for that dagger she just pulled out of her purse.

Marlena wants to kill two birds with one stone – and the two birds in this case are John Black (Drake Hogestyn) and Susan Banks (Stacy Haiduk).

Of course, the devil will want to have a little more fun first. That’s why possessed Marlena will demand John’s death at Susan’s hands.

Susan is a gentle soul who certainly wouldn’t want to hurt a friend like John, so she’ll stand guard and insist no harm will come to him.

Susan will refuse to kill John or let Marlena do the deed either. However, Marlena will practically roll her eyes at Susan’s resistance.

Susan should know by now that she’s not the one in charge here – at least that’s how Marlena will feel about it!

Days spoilers say Marlena will deliver an alarming ultimatum on Wednesday’s DOOL episode.

Marlena will vow to murder EJ and drag him down to hell unless Susan stabs John to death with that dagger. This will put Susan in a tight spot since she absolutely can’t let her son suffer such a horrific fate.

Susan will seriously consider killing John as a result, but she’ll eventually come up with a crazier, less lethal solution and hope it’ll work.

Meanwhile, Paulina will have a tense discussion with Chanel Dupree (Raven Bowens) back at her apartment. Chanel and Paulina will likely find they have more in common than they realize.

Paulina never felt good enough for her mom and even suggested she always lived in Tamara Price’s (Marilyn McCoo) shadow.

That’s something Chanel should be able to relate to since she feels like a screwup compared to “perfect” Lani Price-Grant (Sal Stowers).

Once Chanel and Paulina open up to each other, they’ll be able to find a path forward. Chanel will even end up smiling with Paulina by the end of the show, so peace will happen rather quickly for these two.

Over with Johnny, he’ll think back to Halloween and that weird moment with Marlena by the DiMera crypt.

Johnny will share how the Ouija board led him there and mention how Marlena didn’t want him to go inside. Throw in the devil’s costume and Steve will definitely pick up on some warning signs in this conversation.

After Steve thanks Johnny for the help, he’ll decide to check out the DiMera crypt for himself.

Marlena will leave Susan to finish John off in private, so that’ll give Steve a chance to break in and see a shocking sight.

Susan’s odd murder alternative will catch Steve off guard, but the point is Steve will come to Susan and John’s rescue!

Speaking of rescues, Doug Williams (Bill Hayes) is finally out of isolation and back home for Thanksgiving. Since Doug is still out of it due to meds, Julie Williams (Susan Seaforth Hayes) will try to help him remember the old vibrant Doug he used to be.

Once the drugs start to wear off and Doug gets comfortable in the Horton house again, he’ll be feeling more like his usual self.

Back with Paulina, she’ll confront Marlena about blabbing the secrets she told in confidence. Paulina never dreamed Marlena would break doctor-patient confidentiality by spilling all her business to Chanel.

Marlena may argue that she had to do something to comfort Chanel in her time of despair.

Marlena might try to pass blame on Chanel since she warned her not to tell. However, Paulina may accuse Marlena of wanting the wedding to blow up – and Days viewers know that’s exactly what possessed Marlena wanted.

Marlena may feel like Paulina should be glad all her family secrets are out in the open.

Marlena might point out that Abe Carver (James Reynolds) and Lani deserved to hear the real story, but Paulina will maintain that Marlena shouldn’t have poked her nose where it didn’t belong.

After Marlena wraps up her fierce faceoff with Paulina, she’ll get updates from Bayview on Doug’s temporary release.

That’ll send Marlena into panic mode since Doug could rat her out for being possessed.

Marlena will rush over to the Horton house in hopes of dragging Doug back to Bayview, but her plan won’t go exactly like she expects!

Days of Our Lives spoilers say Wednesday’s episode will bring several heated confrontations, so don’t miss all the hostility that’s looming.

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