General Hospital Spoilers: Brad Returns, Britt Reunites with Bestie – Gets Jason Love Advice Following Grim Diagnosis

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that Britt Westbourne (Kelly Thiebaud) will reunite with Brad Cooper (Parry Shen) back in Port Charles, so she should get some Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) love advice as well as support following her grim diagnosis.

GH fans know Brad is Britt’s bestie, so they’ll need the opportunity to catch up soon. Britt is currently on the run with Jason, but this phase of the storyline will wind down before long.

General Hospital spoilers confirm Britt and Brad have some scenes coming up, so Britt should return to Port Charles and hopefully find a way to wiggle out of any trouble she’s landed in for helping fugitive Jason.

Britt already has enough on her plate since she’s dealing with growing feelings for Jason – and the news that she indeed has the genetic marker for Huntington’s disease. Of course, Britt will no doubt confide in Brad down the road.

Although Brad may express surprise and even disapproval over Britt’s romance with Jason initially, there’s a good chance he’ll get on board in the end. Brad may see that Jason makes Britt happy – and that’s something she really needs right now.

Britt will have to navigate this new chapter knowing she has the Huntington’s marker, so Brad may be all for anyone who can stay by Britt’s side and help her. Naturally, Brad can offer a pep talk as well and deliver some sweet friendship scenes in the process.

Plenty of viewers enjoy watching Brad and Britt’s unique bond. They’re great pals who understand each other despite their mistakes, so it’s always a treat when they’re able to come together once again.

It’s possible Britt will land in prison for a while due to this fugitive fiasco, so that could bring a chance to cross paths with Brad at Pentonville.

On the other hand, Britt may avoid charges and simply visit Brad for guidance. Since Britt can always count on Brad for comfort, she may turn to him for some – even if she has to get it in the prison visiting area.

Whatever the case, General Hospital spoilers say Britt and Brad will have a heartfelt reunion as friends in the months ahead.

It could bring the opportunity for Britt to get a nudge toward embracing happiness with Jason for however long she can still live a normal life.

As other details become available, we’ll deliver updates. It sounds like some fantastic romantic developments are still to come, so make us your number one source. CDL will have all the hot GH spoilers, updates and news you’re looking for, so stop by regularly.

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